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  1. Hey Alilong, thanks for maintaining your mod list. I understand that it's probably not the most exciting thing to do in the world but it's very helpful and I think I speak for all of the community in expressing my gratitude.

  2. I don't understand why some of you guys have a problem with criticizing people's mods. If you don't criticize mods how will the creators ever know what to improve? How bad does a mod have to be before it warrants criticism? Should we all just say every mod is perfect because every creator is a perfect special autistic snowflake while we dance into sunset on a moonlit beach in lalaland?
  3. Looks like my best screenshot puts it at about 432. Now if only I were smart enough to calculate its trajectory in order to pinpoint its distance at its closest point.
  4. It seems like this pack is the only one with a bunch of adapters in it. Is there another pack with more adapters?
  5. Here\'s an idea. Ask people if you can download their parts, then put ponies on them. More ponies please.
  6. Without using a calculator or paper can you tell me how many feet there are in 452 miles?