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  1. Whoops, got distracted again for a few months there! Great replies everyone - this was fascinating, thanks. Still recognize some of you, actually! (@sal_vager @TheCardinal @White Owl, for example ). Yeah, I remember writing a long post about how I thought research and development should go (before there was even a Mun, I believe) and got a nice long response from HarvesteR who said he'd keep it in mind. Made my day haha! I feel like that part of the game, the campaign, could have turned out better, or at least I had bigger/impossible expectations of what it might become. How about you, @OtherDalfite? What did you think could have turned out better?
  2. I remember back then when I was more active in the forum I could recognize pretty much every user. As the game got bigger, the community got so huge I think I may have been overwhelmed, but at any rate I stopped really playing KSP. Are there any people out there who've kept it up since the earliest stages of the game? You know, when we didn't quite know for sure whether orbiting was possible. If so, what's kept you playing, and has the direction that game took in development surprised you at all?
  3. Hi all, I've been able to write a script to get me all the way to Mun orbit, but I'm having a bit of difficulty approaching the problem of landing. What ways are there with koS to land at a particular area on Mun? Any specific maths involved?
  4. I started with a clean version of 0.90.0 and the newest version of kOS and merged the two GameData folders but when I open the console it is still half transparent and I can't type anything, only close it. I tried moving the plugins to the plugin folder, and turned my computer on and off again. Still not working, and this happens every update with me. Any suggestions?
  5. Ah, thank you! I forgot how to access lists. Stupid me. I only have one problem now, though. I can get futurePatches[1]:periapsis just fine and it returns the correct number for both current orbit and orbit after a maneuver but when I print futurePatches[1] kOS returns "ORBIT of <unnamed>". Why does it do that?
  6. I just spent too long reading through the kOS github page and can't see anyway to find, when my maneuver node gets me into say Mun's SOI, the periapsis of that fly-by. It would be incredibly useful to be able to have a loop add a small number to node:prograde until that periapsis meets a certain criteria like less than or equal to. Is there any other way to find that periapsis for kOS to use as a variable?
  7. I definitely have v0.13.1 but the kOS console displays ~v12. Do I still have the newest version?
  8. I used to play KSP a lot. Too much, actually. It's been a long time since I last played it after getting a little bored of it and I need some ideas for things to try out and do in KSP that you guys think are fun.
  9. Seconded. Been trying to figure that out myself. Also, is there a way to use "OBT:TRANSITION" so that when it equals "ENCOUNTER", throttle is locked to 0?
  10. Sorry to interrupt the intellectual discussion here, but I have an idiotic question if that's alright. Can kOS actually execute a node, or can it only make them?
  11. Wow, I feel stupid now. I had no idea you had to specify. On GitHub, velocity seems to just be orbital velocity. I didn't know it was all types of velocity in vector form. After three pages of discussion in a different thread on the forum, it's only three posts down from my question here that I get an answer. Wow.
  12. I've asked all around, but it's hard to get an answer from anywhere. Could someone possibly explain why I can only print the vectors velocity, prograde and retrograde? If I try to print their magnitude, I get "Suffix 'mag' not found on object," and the same thing happens when trying to print the xyz values of it individually. All I can do is print the vector, nothing else, but if I make a vector myself, it's fine.
  13. The game crashes for me if I have it enabled, but when it's disabled, everything is fine. Oh, and Sido, what is the phase angle for Urania?
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