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  1. Hey, im new to D R-E, im using the realistic parachute mod (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/57988) and for some reason they bleed heat incredibly fast making them act as cheating heat shields when i replace them with the vanilla parachute. is there something i can edit to give it the same heat properties as the vanilla parachute? i did a test side by side going straight up from the ground, when vanilla parachute reached about 900 degrees, the realchute had reached about 178....
  2. hello, this is my first time using DRE ( and FAR), is it supposed to be this easy? in Scott manleys videos it looks like his ships break apart just by coming back from a low kerbin orbit, but I just returned from minimus with my Pe as low as around 30 km and nothing happened. ( remember I said I was using FAR)
  3. Ok so im using kerbal engineer mod for the first time to make more advanced and accurate required fuel calculations... what im trying to do in this example is find out how much m/s it takes to launch from the moon and get into orbit. http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/w/images/7/73/KerbinDeltaVMap.png can you use this and just read it backwards? or does this only work for starting off on kerbin? if not, please elaborate on how to properly know how much deltaV is required from any starting point.
  4. do you have to completely remove your KSP installation every time ksp updates that changes the file structure alot? (which is almost every update)
  5. >using le meme arrows outside our secret club.
  6. Career mode at this point is probably the only thing that will get me back into KSP, ive just done everything there is to do at this point in sandbox. also for the people whining about career implementation; REALLY? sandbox is still an option, why would you start a petition to limit the development of a game just because you dont like where its headed? ive never heard of something more backwards in my life. you people should be ashamed.
  7. ive been playing orbiter since i was around 12, ORBITER, NOT EVEN KSP that says something
  8. do you have a frame rate limiter on?
  9. NONE! on my second mission right now, first was duna and back, now its laythe and i really hope i have enough fuel. Edit: STATUS REPORT: yeah nah, they died.
  10. that's unreasonable, the SAS should have NO problem holding my perfectly symmetrical rocket using the reaction wheel and 3 fins i put on it, yet it doesn't, because its too weak
  11. i dont get it, its BARELY even trying to lock on to my heading,i have to do micro adjustments CONSTANTLY, and this really sucks when im doing a burn that's 6 minuets long in 4 times warp, really, this **** is impossible
  12. At first i thought everyone was complaining about nothing but as soon as i started KSP 0.21 for the first time i saw how bad the new ASAS was, it literally cannot even hold a heading on my perfectly stable rocket, what is this?
  13. The same reason you do literally ANYTHING in this games current state, challenge, fun, because.
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