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  1. EA wouldn't buy KSP. Get real! It's not a finished product. The circle, of people interested in this kind of games is too small. The amount of time, to finish this product is too high/cost intensive. Due to the lack of people playing this game, all future DLCs will not produce a lot of money.
  2. Hi, while I was successfully able to land with my rover, my mission to rescue the rover crew expirienced some setbacks. My problem so far is, that I want to get the whole rover back to Kerbin, not only Jeb, Bill and Bob. I was using the spherical tanks, but for what ever reasons i encountered a problem with saving and using the game itselfe, so I had to use a standard craft to bring in my lifter vehicle for the rover. Now we all know that there's no atmosphere at Eeloo, so I'm constantly running out of fuel, when I arrive there. Does anyone have some tips on how to be more efficient, without h
  3. Hi, My 3 ships are at 1, they just left the SOI of Kerbin. I now want to do the aligning and stuff at Nr. 3, but I'm unable to select Duna (2) I know, that I do have an encounter at 4, but without fine tuning, I will come out all over the place.
  4. Hm yeah thanks, but that doesn't help me in the current situation.
  5. Seriously, before implementing new stuff they should fix the old one first.
  6. Doesn't work for me. It's only choosing debris stuff.
  7. Is there no mod, where I can select a planet body directly through it?
  8. I tried that, didn't work. I can select every other fricking planet, but Duna. Haystack isn't a help in that case, since it doesn't show planets.
  9. I'm again having problems targeting other planets I want to target Duna, it gives me Ike. If I want to target Duna again, it might give me Ike or it gives me Debris. Is this So super annoying behaviour fixed anytime soon? i just flipped a game after 4 hours because I'm unable to select this Fricking planet!
  10. According to these rules your post was useless as well and spam. Or do you disagree, that you could also have submitted it via PM?.
  11. I find the camera control in the VAB even more frustrating...
  12. The picture actually looks so distorted, that it's hard to recognize it as a picture from a game and not a real one.
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