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  1. I sort of figured this was what's going on. It's hard to tell, but it also seems like exoplanets not be getting lit up properly for me, but that requires further research. Time to figure out what the conflict is. Edit* Getting the issue with nothing in my gamedata folder but modulemanager 2.8.1, modular flight integrator, koperniucs, and TBG. Going to try the latest modulemanager Edit again* Trying the newest module manager, and trying a previous version of kopernicus both did nothing to help.
  2. That's odd, I've got module manager 2.8.1. I'll have to see if reinstalling it helps Edit* 2.8.1 nor 3.0 are fixing the blinding issue. I was also really confused about not being able to focus the camera on any of the minor bodies, then I remembered that I have research bodies installed XD
  3. Saw a post stating this was fixed, so I assumed it was scatterer or planetshine causing the bug. Testing found that removing those had no effect. Any ideas? Did Kerbol go supernova?
  4. I've noticed that all the weather/wind mods are dependent on Ferram, so I'd like to request one which works with the stock aerodynamics if possible. Is there anyone who could give this a go? Thanks in advance!
  5. Nah, just like a brick wall. I'll make it look like water with a texture later. Still, any ideas on how to make it not-sideways? *Edit Ayyy! I got it to work! Thats not a mountain!
  6. I got an Mu working, the only issue: My 4,000 ft tall tidal wave is sideways! -Oops I gave away what the project is
  7. Alright, I'll give it a try. Thank you!
  8. I'm sorry if the answer to this question is already somewhere on this thread, but does my model have to be converted to a .mu in order to be loaded in as a static object? I'm mostly asking this because the blender .mu converter is misbehaving for me. XD
  9. nubeees

    Timewarp Rotation Fix

    I'm not sure I ever ran into that during the brief time I used it... What I did run into was ships rotating faster every time you slow down from timewarp, which was slightly frustrating. Still though, this was a beautiful mod. I wish someone would pick it up again.
  10. nubeees

    Stabilization thrusters

    Neat! Thanks!
  11. nubeees

    Stabilization thrusters

    These would be thrusters (or possibly a setting for our current thrusters) which adjust their throttle independently of the main thrusters based on the center of thrust and their distance from the center of mass. These would be incredibly useful for VTOL's, and if needed, I can model. (Though I can't guarantee a decent texture. XD) Would anyone be willing to make this a thing?
  12. nubeees

    Timewarp Rotation Fix

    Any chance of this being updated? For me it just caused my station to spazz out and spin madly when I time warped. XD I miss this plugin
  13. Are you never going to release this script? It seems great!
  14. nubeees

    [0.25] First Person EVA

    I am having the same problem. Installed it, and nothing shows up. Hullcam works fine though
  15. Fun little idea, how about a yellow gas giant?