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  1. Twitch page showing as being removed, do you have an alternate source for the interview?
  2. I'm going to have to bump this again. Playing with star luminosity and isolation is somewhat mitigating the issue but not eliminating it. I'm running out of ideas.
  3. Do tell the results! Edit: I tried that workaround using mechjeb; probably need to use TWP because Mechjeb's nodes did not behave when used with such parameters I think a modification of mechVal might be a promising solution, for something closer to my original intent. Also, thank you to everyone so far! Discussion on this thread has been several AU more productive than I expected! Someone mentioned a comparison of the deceleration burn to a suicide burn. I found this to more or less be true; except you must account for the gravity of the sun. Not entirely sure how to do that myself.
  4. Other considerations are vessel current/starting velocity and target object velocity. I found this out the hard way For paticularly large distances- such as a transfer from Jool to Kerbin- the target location upon arrival will be vary from when you started to the extent that the transfer simply does not succeed. ... Or maybe I'm just stupid and have been doing my brachistochrone trajectories wrong
  5. Entire reasonable velocities if its coming from an interstellar transfer
  6. Never heard of MechVal; regardless of applicability here I'll have to check that out edit: checked it out. That's really cool!
  7. I'm having an issue which seems to be linked to switching stars in map view. It causes my vessel to overheat and explode while sitting on the launchpad, often times displaying a temperature of infinity! Logs: My suspicion is this is somehow linked to ModularflightIntegrator, but I could certainly be wrong. Only mods installed are the most recent releases of: Module manager Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator To Boldly Go this is on a fresh install of KSP, as I've been trying to isolate this bug for a few days now. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Is ModuleFlightIntegrator still being maintained?
  9. Welcome! Here's a few good ones: (I don't know if planetshine still works actually...)
  10. I've been recently experimenting around with Interstellar mod's kerbstien drive and other ultra-high ISP engines which let you accelerate during timewarp, and I made a discovery: Eyeballing Brachistochrone trajectories is an absolute nightmare, especially if your target body is behind your starting location. I've seen a solar sail navigator addon before that plotted trajectories for solar sails. I'm not sure if it's still around or even compatible with the current version of KSP, but between that and seeing mods such as principa in action, I know it's possible to draw curves in map view that don't strictly adhere to orbital paths. Would it be possible to write a addon which at the very least assists with Brachistochrone trajectory plotting? I'd be willing to assist in writing it, but I really don't know where I'd even start, especially when it comes to the math. (Bonus points if it lets you schedule a kerbal alarm clock alarm to tell you when to start your deceleration burn!) One very fortunate thing is I'd imagine KSP's simplified single-point gravity system will simplify the math dramatically.
  11. Oh yeah! I love that mod. Definitely worth having a look at their code.
  12. I noticed in one scene this engine shows only a sort of smoke effect, then in the next scene as its landing it has an engine flame This could be a SFX thing in the cinamatic trailer or it could be that this engine has two modes.
  13. Link? Not sure I've ever heard of persistantmotion Is it like the outdated persistantthrust mod?