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  1. Are there any good sources from which to learn how to add buttons to a part's (in my case, an EVA'd kerbal) right click menu? I've been searching and digging through other mods for the past few hours and cannot make sense of it.
  2. nubeees

    Münwalk - Walking in Artificial Gravity

    I have figured out how to entirely disable drag on Kerbals. This means, with a little bit of coaxing, I could get my kerbal to stand and walk on a moving airplane!
  3. nubeees

    Münwalk - Walking in Artificial Gravity

    Looking through that mod's sourcecode makes me feel like a complete noob lol Thanks for the link! I think a complete overhaul of how I'm handling walking is now in order
  4. nubeees

    Münwalk - Walking in Artificial Gravity

    Will try. The centrifuge especially looks promising. My current test centrifuge is more of a 'dumbbell' style, but it doesn't curve as it should so it can be difficult to work with.
  5. nubeees

    Münwalk - Walking in Artificial Gravity

    I might take you up on that offer lmao
  6. nubeees

    Münwalk - Walking in Artificial Gravity

    This sort of space opra-like artificial gravity could be done pretty easily if I can get acceleration-based kerbal movement working. Simply have a 'gravity field' that pulls all kerbals in the ship's relative 'down' direction, and perhaps inertia dampeners which impart a force to counteract acceleration from the parent ship. It would be a separate mod from this, but its entirely possible.
  7. nubeees

    Münwalk - Walking in Artificial Gravity Looks like I might need some sort of "kerbal clamber" function. Maybe a raycast and a teleport?
  8. Pictures and information coming soon. This is my first C# plugin for KSP, so progress has been pretty slow. What works so far: Button that orients kerbal based on acceleration Animations Very buggy and difficult to use movement Todo (Before release): Create a partmodule for kerbals so munwalk options can be enabled and disabled via rightclick menu. Eventually create a side-bar menu. (Might actually happen post-release) Add "airplane mode" (Disable drag when close close to and/or inside airplanes. Find better buttons to for turning left and right. Make sure current toggle button doesn't cause problems with anything in vanilla ksp 10/3/18 Update I've entirely overhauled the code to not be such a mess, experimented with applying the "walk" force at the kerbal's feet (still working on that), and have now averaged acceleration across five calculation frames (every other frame calculates acceleration, so forces aren't applied at the same time acceleration is calculated). 10/9/18 Update Animation-based movement proved to be futile; for whatever reason I could not get the foot colliders as I'd hoped. Fortunately, with a bit of tweaking moving by applying force to the kerbal seems to work perfectly fine! Aside from the fact that a kerbal can't walk backwards without tripping... Little bit of tweaking needed there. I've removed the debug acceleration arrow and will soon be looking into fixing it up for a public release!
  9. nubeees

    [1.4.1+] Kerbal Animation Suite Continued

    Would I be able to use this to play a walking or standing animation without the kerbal snapping to its up orientation?
  10. Hi, very new to scripting plugins! I assumed a kerbal's current pose/animation would be an enum or something. I've found KerbalEVA.animations but can't really make sense of it. Is there a way I could force a kerbal into a certain pose to prevent ragdolling? Thanks
  11. I sort of figured this was what's going on. It's hard to tell, but it also seems like exoplanets not be getting lit up properly for me, but that requires further research. Time to figure out what the conflict is. Edit* Getting the issue with nothing in my gamedata folder but modulemanager 2.8.1, modular flight integrator, koperniucs, and TBG. Going to try the latest modulemanager Edit again* Trying the newest module manager, and trying a previous version of kopernicus both did nothing to help.
  12. That's odd, I've got module manager 2.8.1. I'll have to see if reinstalling it helps Edit* 2.8.1 nor 3.0 are fixing the blinding issue. I was also really confused about not being able to focus the camera on any of the minor bodies, then I remembered that I have research bodies installed XD
  13. Saw a post stating this was fixed, so I assumed it was scatterer or planetshine causing the bug. Testing found that removing those had no effect. Any ideas? Did Kerbol go supernova?
  14. I've noticed that all the weather/wind mods are dependent on Ferram, so I'd like to request one which works with the stock aerodynamics if possible. Is there anyone who could give this a go? Thanks in advance!
  15. Nah, just like a brick wall. I'll make it look like water with a texture later. Still, any ideas on how to make it not-sideways? *Edit Ayyy! I got it to work! Thats not a mountain!