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  1. Definitely the best one I've seen so far! The planets orbiting the pupil is what sold this one for me!
  2. I'm having the exact same issue as #1, I've determined it's not a problem with the camera movement but a problem with clicking and dragging, Even a left mouse drag causes horrible stuttering. Rotating the camera with my PS3 controller is smooth and dragging windows around with left mouse kills the framerate, I think the problem is KSP is being bombarded with mouse move events and performing ui logic hundreds(or thousands?) of times a second.
  3. A ballast with automatic weight shifting would be great. For example, if you had 2 ballasts on your craft, it would shift weight(water?) from one to another in an attempt to keep the center of mass where it would be if all fuel tanks were full.
  4. After trying your mod for the first time the day before 0.22 was released, the science system in 0.22 was very disappointing. Your system of having to spend time and energy to do very little research a much more interesting and rewarding. The 0.22 science system just makes KSP feel a lot like a children's game with no real challenge...
  5. I get microfreezes within the editor every second or so when using this. The mechjeb menus now cause microfreezes even when not using the engineer parts, and mechjeb GUIs are locking all other buttons in the editor when you mouseover mechjeb so I'm assuming this mod changed something to the GUI engine which is causing microfreezes with any modded menu. Edit: I uninstalled it and the problem still persists, It's the only new addition to my installation... Any ideas?
  6. The path line issue is an easy one, I simply changed it to line.SetPosition(i, ScaledSpace.LocalToScaledSpace(network.ControlPath.nodes[i].Position)); The only issue now is it lags behind when rotating the map view but it's better than nothing. I'm not sure how to fix this without some proper API documentation
  7. Could you make it load Autorun.lua? I downloaded the source and modified it myself to do it, but I'd rather not do it every update. public void LoadAutorun() { try { LuaRuntime.GlobalEnvironment = luaEnv; LuaRuntime.RunFile("Autorun.lua", luaEnv); } catch(Exception e) { log += "Autorun Failed.\n"; log += e.GetType().Name + ": " + e.Message + "\n"; } } Easy peasy