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  1. That patch does make the parachute deploy, but it doesn't slow down the capsule. I think FAR requires RealChute for them to function. But there's another problem that I found while testing. After launching and hitting abort, as soon as the capsule passes apoapsis and begins falling I get this nullref error spamming the log: [EXC 21:35:52.471] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object BDB.ModuleBdbMercuryAbortChuteController.FixedUpdate () (at <6b54d10ce9c046b5b41fa3e871efa524>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) https://drive.google.com/file/d/108zVxj3QvGp1SAKdzuZkFcgKszXwENsV/view?usp=sharing Doing a normal suborbital flight with no abort doesn't cause this error. I've been testing on a minimal install with only Bluedog, FAR, and dependencies, and replacing the parachute in the VAB before every launch.
  2. I'm having the same issue. I think it's related to RealChute. I don't use the full mod, but I uninstalled FAR which has its own lite version built in and the parachute worked fine. Then I reinstalled FAR and deleted the RealChuteLite folder, but attempting to deploy the chute gives the message "cannot deploy chute while stowed" even though it was under the same conditions as when I tested it without FAR installed.
  3. Are you using any visual mods with their own scatterer configs? I had the same problem on 6.4x, but deleting the new config fixed it. Still don't know what the real problem was, though.
  4. There's a fork of Ship Manifest that was recompiled for 1.7.1. I've only used it for crew transfers so far and haven't had any problems. https://github.com/marr75/ShipManifest/releases
  5. There's a few mods that you might be interested in. The main one that does what you're asking is the Blast Awesomeness Modifier mod that adjusts what types of parts will cause an explosion. Fuel tanks will produce large explosions, while parts without any fuel like structural parts will simply produce a puff of smoke. As for just reentry, the Deadly Reentry mod, in addition to making reentry more difficult, changes how parts get destroyed as they fall through the atmosphere and even adds a burning effect to parts shortly before they actually get destroyed. There's also the Reentry Particle Effect mod that will add a really cool trail of sparks, flame, and smoke from all parts that are reentering fast enough.
  6. I thought that might be it! I was playing around with that while troubleshooting and I couldn't figure out why it would work sometimes but not all the time, but I just figured it out. Apparently you have change the mode settings first and then rebind the input after that in order for it to stay. I was trying rebind it first and then change the setting which doesn't work. Thanks for the help
  7. Version: 1.0.4 Steam OS: Windows 10 64bit I discovered this on a modded install, but it persisted on a fresh vanilla install and even when deleting settings.cfg to generate a new settings file. The problem is that whenever I try toggling any of the 'mode' buttons for an input, it will revert to it's original setting after closing and reopening that box. This even happens after clicking 'apply,' or when trying to change the setting for default control like the WSAD keys. I've tried this on two different computers running the same OS and game version, still had the same problem.
  8. This looks very promising! One thing I noticed however, is that the thrust limiter sliders you've added only change by a value of 1 while the vanilla slider changes by 0.5. I was able to get my VTOL almost perfectly balanced without SAS using just the vanilla limiter, but that 0.5 difference seems to make a big difference when I switch VTOL systems on because it immediately becomes unbalanced and ends up over-correcting. Otherwise, the automatic PitchRange seems to work very well and probably doesn't need the same accuracy as PitchNeutral. I like all the options you've added for customization. Looking forward to future updates
  9. I believe the joke is that it's a reverse of human technology progression. The Kerbals created manned spaceflight, then unmanned, and then they invented the wheel.
  10. I've had a problem where my station will explode upon reloading it directly after starting the game. I backed up my save and did some testing and was able to make it happen every time I reloaded it first. If I loaded up another ship with no docked parts instead and waited a bit, then switched to the station, there was no problem. I was using the weird docking ports from the THSS mod that have the guiding 'fin' things on the side so it must have something to do with intersecting parts. That method of loading another ship first before the station seems to work consistently if you want to workaround it. Just backup your save frequently.
  11. I can see how that would be counterproductive now. Having everything colored would overcomplicate it. What if you used colors for the most common fuels? Like orange, blue, and yellow for liquid fuel, oxidizer, and monopropellent? Liquid fuel and oxidizer could even be combined into one color and perhaps a lighter green could be used for electricity. They would stand out from the wall of green bars when you have mods that add a lot of different resources like life support.
  12. I really like this! I've used it for a few launches and I already like it more than the vanilla menu. A couple thoughts I have so far: Would it be possible to make the resources box moveable? I've always been annoyed with how MechJeb's menu overlaps the resources menu, and it would be nice to be able to move it. Also, have you thought about coloring the resource bars themselves? It would be very handy to be able to glance at the bars and know exactly which one is for which resource if you remember which color means what.
  13. I thought this was cool and wanted to share this everyone here. I've been watching these videos of the Asteroid Initiative Workshop while playing KSP and got really excited when I heard KSP mentioned in a question by a person in the audience! And his idea sounded really cool as well. This part of the video was about getting the public involved and informed about asteroids and their threat to Earth. http://youtu.be/fbrE_vBTeXo?t=16m19s (this link will take you to that point in the video) I wonder if anyone at Squad has been contacted about a partnership like that yet.
  14. I just felt like sharing my latest project in KSP. After starting a new game, I decided to set a goal of being able to build giant starships in orbit using the Kethane, Interstellar, and Orbital Construction mods as the main tools of doing so. On top of that, I'm setting up an overly complicated network of space stations, science stations, and transport ships. Since it started getting so complicated, I created a diagram of my stations and ships to help keep track of everything. I wanted to share it with everyone here to see if anyone has done anything similar and to perhaps give others the idea of starting one for themselves. Because it's super-nerdy and awesome. It also allows me to keep track of which Kerbals are scientists and which are generic crew which is handy because Kerbals with less stupidity get more science for the Interstellar mod. It's easier than going back to the astronaut complex to check how dumb they are. I can also plan out future stations, like the one shown in orange at Minmus. If anyone is interested, this was made with an Android app called Smart Diagram (the free version). The ships in the diamond shapes can be moved within the app between stations and moons and planets to help keep track of where everything is currently docked/landed. Probably impractical, but it looks cool. Just like most of the ships I build in KSP...
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