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  1. How do you know there's no Sandstone? I believe you cause I just spent a while looking for it, but how do you know?
  2. Likewise, I give my full permission for this and all future releases.
  3. Sorry, I'm reading the last few posts and just trying to clarify. I'm trying to get the critter crawler, but I gather it's not working at all in the latest updates. Is someone already working on it and I should shut up? Does anyone know of a working edition? Just let me know what the latest is. -Ody
  4. I've just reached out to @linuxgurugamer. I'll let you know what I hear from (him? her? them?).
  5. Do we have any followers of the mod who feel like they could update this and want to join Spock and I?
  6. Hi everyone. A lot of you have been asking for updates. I'll be honest with you. My contribution here was mostly in design and concept and research. I'm not skilled enough to do the coding updates myself. Mike-NZ and CommanderSpock are really the brains behind this. I've tried contacting both recently but Mike-NZ seems to be away and I'm not sure what the latest is with Spock. I love the mod too and I'd love to see it updated, it's just not really in my power at this time. I'll continue to try contacting them and will update you when I know more. Thank you for the interest and keep flying! -Ody
  7. I wanted to get a slightly bigger version of GOGI (Wanna use it as an unmanned orbital workhorse. Having some trouble modding the mod. Anyone know how to expand it a bit (need it large enough to carry a fuel tank (or a KAS container) in the cargo bay.
  8. I need a more aerodynamic docking port for the nose of some of my spaceplanes. I'd like to get a part that functions like the stock clamshell docking port, but with the shape and model of the stock aerodynamic nose cone. Essentially, this docking port: with this covering it: Can anyone assist me with this? Or point me in the right direction if someone has already done it?
  9. Necro, Wanna work together on a 1.2 update? -Ody
  10. Odyssey is back (at least testing the waters again). Gonna try and get the Redwolf Aerospace band back together. Can someone tell me what the latest good mods are for 1.2? Did they get the KSO back up and running? What's up with Mechjeb? Is the reentry heat still annoying as all get-out?
  11. I'm having some trouble launching with Mechjeb. Any advise?
  12. Gonna play around with this mod next chance I get. I like the yellow stripe down the fuselage. I might try tweaking it and making a couple of versions with other colors. Good stuff.
  13. I've been away since 1.0.5 dropped. All the heat business with having to throw radiators at everything took a lot of the fun out of the game for me. Mike, (who is really the brains behind all this) is off doing some other stuff for a while, but I plan to come back and take a fresh look at everything when 1.1 comes out. We'll just have to see if that will get Mike-NZ reinterested and if so, what happens then. Ideally, I'd like to carry on from here and revamp the Farscape for 1.1, get the Buzz Lightyear mod going as well and then do a couple of new projects, but only time will tell.
  14. As far as the fuel consumption. I'm having similar thoughts. Keep the spurs, but make the horse drink a little faster. As far as Buzz, I was about to say "touche," but, come to think of it, you really can't be 100% sure since he never takes the suit off.
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