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  1. I also purchased directly from the store (and have not elected to transfer it to Steam). Nevertheless, I know my answer to the question of "how many hours?" with certainty and precision: NOT ENOUGH
  2. Always meant to give Orbiter a spin, especially since HarvesteR himself was into it and it helped inspire KSP. Project Space Station looks rather like a precursor to Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space, which I've played a fair bit of (both the original and the 2013 remake, Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager). Might just have to see if I can get Project Space Station running in an emulator. As for your total-geek-girl historical expertise, I might have to pick your brain a bit about Apollo. One KSP project that I've been tinkering with for a little while is an Apollo 11 replica missi
  3. Glad you enjoyed them! Yes, I wish I'd gotten pictures of the incident too. Guess I was too busy panicking...er, I mean managing a crisis situation with uncanny poise and a steady hand. I liked your album as well. (Got a good chuckle out of "Did anybody bother to spell check this thing before we left?") You and razark are tempting me to go off on an Infocom/interactive fiction tangent. (I have fond memories not only of the games, but also of some of the more peculiar machines I ran them on. Zork on an Osborne 1 running CP/M, in a college computer lab. Plundered Hearts on a Comm
  4. The following year, I did a series of Apollo-style challenges, which I gave full coverage in a forum thread (which still exists--yay!--but with broken table-of-contents links and obnoxious Photobucket watermarks--boo!). I bring it up here in part because the mission RobertaME shared at the top of the thread involved old-school fairings cobbled together from structural panels...and I certainly indulged in that here. Witness my Apollo K-X rocket at launch: (Frame rate in the early stages of flight was...not spectacular.) That Apollo-style mission to Duna is still one of my favori
  5. I, too, am still struggling to adapt. Career mode never quite feels right, and isn't truly fun for me, or well-structured and challenging in just the right way, like BTSM was. The time I spent working my way through Death Engineering's BTSM Challenge was truly epic. (I still have half a notion to go back and wrap up Tier 8 someday. Project Heffalump fell by the wayside when I couldn't decide how much contract grinding to do while my first interplanetary missions were en route...and I started running out of free time around then anyway, a situation which has been all too persistent since.)
  6. Oh, is the patcher working these days? I hadn't given that method a try for quite a while.
  7. I'm sorry tone doesn't come across well in forums. I'm quite aware of the longer history of the Kraken (stretching from old Scandinavian lore to more recent mariners' tales). I just thought it was cute that the Kraken is a beloved/dreaded part of KSP history...and now there's going to be an NHL team named the Kraken. (And hey, it's always possible that there's a KSP player out there who works for the new franchise, and is thus extra-pleased with the team name rollout today.)
  8. Well, see, I've been around for awhile (since version 0.15 to be precise)... https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Deep_Space_Kraken
  9. I'm not saying Seattle (where Boeing was founded, and home to an excellent Museum of Flight) had Kerbal Space Program in mind when they named their new NHL team... ...but I'm not saying they didn't either. Going to have to make a new mission flag or three from this, for sure.
  10. Both pictures are 1.10. I haven't observed anything similar--or at least as dramatic--in 1.7.3. Also, I have CELESTIAL_BODIES_CAST_SHADOWS set to False...had thought that might stop it, but had no effect.
  11. In 1.10, I've been seeing a fair bit of flickering from the lighting, as shown below. Also, large slices of some craft have blinked to black and then back again. Performance generally in flight scenes has occasionally gone very poor. Not sure whether the problem is my computer (which is not especially new or powerful), some new inefficiency in the program that is affecting me (1.7.3 runs better on the same machine), or what. Any advice or suggestions for further experimentation would be welcome.
  12. I'm making the jump from 1.7.3 to 1.10; one of the things I haven't seen in the intervening changelogs is any mention of fixing the Munar Excursion Module's weight distribution and RCS thrust. Have I missed anything? And if I haven't...are there any plans to address the M.E.M.'s wonkiness, or is it just going to stay like that?
  13. I managed to destroy the physics of an entire savefile by doing this in an earlier version of KSP. (All the attached craft got weird and noodly...and that was just for starters.) Is it no longer dangerous to attempt this? Would be nice if it is no longer so treacherous. I've been afraid to use the Klaw ever since.
  14. Me too. I feel like an utter fool for having trusted Squad on this. (And I feel so very disappointed to have to say that. I love this game, and the team that made it.) We seem to be getting the silent treatment on this subject now...but I would like to add my voice to those calling for something to help us out...brief access to our old subscriptions lists, or something. I may learn to live with the awful new whitewhitewhite look...I may learn to deal with everything from code to smart quotes being broken in old posts...I may even manage to wrap my mind around this least intui
  15. Roger this. One of the things that could bear both better documentation, and rationalization and simplification, is the plethora of options in the settings screen. The graphics settings in particular are obscure to the ordinary user (and it's hard, even testing things out in-game, to tell if one has made appropriate adjustments...or even changed anything at all with the adjustments). And the control settings have gotten especially baroque and labyrinthine...I'm not even sure what my Rumblepad will do outside of basic flight situations anymore, or what I meant for them to do. I had figured out
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