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  1. It's been so long since I've used Astronomers; is this meant to work alongside SVE or as an alternative?
  2. The creator of the site has openly said that he doesn't care about kerbalstuff anymore, simply because Squad hasn't made it "the official" mod site. That says all you need to know, honestly.
  3. So, um, I'm pretty sure this isn't supposed to happen. Originally, all I had installed was this mod in accordance with the Interstellar V2 visuals pack (apart from the optional features), Engineer, and the docking alignment indicator and I was loading fine. Then, I tried using the B9 parts with it, but that ran my game out of memory, so I uninstalled the parts. For no reason that makes sense to me, my game continued to run out of memory despite being back at what was originally a stable state. I was running out of memory and just crashing at the end of loading, so I installed Active Texture Management. The game finally loads and has memory to spare, even with the B9 parts added back in, but album related happens. I've tried going into the BoulderCo config file in ATM and setting everything to false - didn't work. I've tried just deleting the cached textured for BoulderCo in ATM - didn't work. I tried deleting the cached textures and the config in ATM -see where I'm going with this? I also attempted running in OpenGL mode without ATM to see if I could save memory that way and bypass the problem, but it just leaves me with a tiny section of the screen visible in the lower left that flickers. I'm out of ideas and I've already read this and the ATM thread to no avail. EDIT- I guess I was just in despair. I ended up uninstalling everything and reinstalling one at a time. It now works fine. If anyone else had these messed up clouds/floating cities, I suggest you do the same.