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  1. mordin86


    Good for him but I honestly have no idea how his content is funny/entertaining. Scott Manley for the win
  2. I`m with Microsoft sims since MFS 98 I think - got tons of add-ons, planes/scenery - good fun all around.
  3. I`m so glad that the old movies got the most votes so far - of course the The Empire Strikes Back!
  4. When one of my best buddies told me that he is a creationist. No offense but there are some things that I cant take seriously.
  5. mordin86

    Heat Wave...

    37 degrees Celsius here
  6. X-plane is the best non combat flight sim at the moment due to the way it calculates the flight model. It's basically a virtual wind tunnel. But unfortunately it's only a base to build on - if you dont want to invest large amount of money in to professionally made planes, do not buy it. Default planes are very very undeveloped to say at least.
  7. Looks like we are paying for landing on rocky barren bodies only - you want to land on the earth like world? Money up front for the next "pass". Correct me if i`m wrong but they are pulling Battlefield Premium here.
  8. I went from blind fanboyism during the beta to almost not playing the game now. Non of the updates bring anything that I wanted to see in game (yes I`m one of those that took the part about SP offline content too serious). I won't be buying this I think. The whole Elite went Mehhh for me. And no, I wont use "my imagination" (yes, I have the problem with Elite community too). I`m a very bitter sad commander now.
  9. Those are some mind blowing creations you are sharing guys - wow for the creativity and assembling skills!
  10. Time Rammeside aka the A New Reckoning - one of the most broken indie game ever created. No no, it is not early access or anything, this is how done, finished product looks like. And it not the Unity game - its on brand new Unreal 4.
  11. I was watching the testing phase of this monster - it will be epic! Nice name btw
  12. FNAF fenomena is one of those that I really, really don't understand. People are so fascinated by those that it's unbelievable. There are animatronic furries that goes "boo" on you, and you just switching cameras. Yes, it is somehow innovative but that hype.... really? Maybe some Freddy enthusiast could tell me what I`m missing lol?