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  1. Well Andy does seem to be a fan of KSP based on the interview he did with KSPToMars.
  2. I remember browsing Unity forums a while ago and saw a post from Harvester that was asking about making planets with spherical gravity
  3. "meteor visibility is due to the atmospheric ram pressure (not friction) that heats the meteoroid" - The second link
  4. Great first video, this series is going to be great.
  5. that was what i used for the base
  6. HIFV (Highly Impractical Flying Vehicle) Designs. (yes i know there are 2 a's in AMRAAM). You will probably need to zoom in.
  7. INTP here Introvert(89%) iNtuitive(31%) Thinking(25%) Perceiving(22%)
  8. i think there should be ones to launch another company's payload into orbit (either very specific orbit or very heavy payload for dificulty)
  9. There is a mod for this now, debrefund
  10. Having a salary is pointless, set to max timewarp then come back in a couple of hours and you now have more money than you will ever spend
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