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  1. THE LANDER MISSION: (code names:oh no not again) first the disclaimer: i'm not drunk at the moment i'm just severely dyslexic so please bear with me thank you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- are mission bignes in orbit. after a last minute preflight check mission control prepares to start the mission. 5 months later doh. we hit our launch window. mission is go, the journey to duna begins. after a long and boring wait we reches duna and its moon. there is a lot of celebrating in mission control. however almost immediately things begin to go wrong. the prop is on what looks like a intercept course for duna's the moon. with no time to spare a quick course correction is made and the prob just barely scraped by Ike. having survived are close encounter with Ike we move onto Duna. finally the bad look is behind us? having entered an orbit around Duna. we prepare to land. after an initial burn to safely crash the nuke engine and its fuel tanks on duna we discover we had made a major error. the landers foul tank is empty. now to late to abort we have no choice but to continue. now we have a new problem?. will the nuke engine and its full tank crash into the prob on entering Duna's atmosphere. but luck is with us this time it's a near miss. finally we have made it. mission control begin to cheer however the celebration was premature. with no foul it was impossible to make course corrections for the landing. with the landers solar panels and dish destroyed the mission is over undaunted the intrepid kerbalnorts begin planning New missions to the red planet. i hope you like my post im sorry there not a lot of detail and pleas live comments if you like my mission to Duna ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ the rockets for this mission http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/62065-a-night-of-beer-and-KSP. when im happy with the probe and rockets i'll post the part fills. of course that is if anyone is interested in them.
  2. first the disclaimer: i'm not drunk at the moment i'm just severely dyslexic so please bear with me thank you. its been a long long time since i last posted on the KSP forum but i thought i was time i should contribute something. not a lot just a little something. so last night an idea popped into my head (after one or two drinks) and i thought to myself i have to build this ship i now it will werk it has to and just a mear 6 hours later i had finished this (there was a lot of experimenting?). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STAGE 01: the satellite and its rocket. loading......... STAGE 02: the interplanetary vehicle and its rocket. loading......... STAGE 03: rondevu of the satellite and space ship error 404.......... forgot to take a pic of stage 03 (:<) edit: have a pitcher of the mark 4 sat-lander instead. AND FINALLY: the satellite in orbit around duna. loading......... sorry there not much detail and no part files atm. if any one is actually interested ill add more detail and some more pics after i get some sleep and sober up hehe and then ill repeat the mission to see if it was not just a fluke. oh and add the part files if i can't work out how to add them >.<.
  3. for me hmm has to be geting this into orbit with aut cheating.
  4. i was trying to design an apollo still lander. but there is no why i can top you design, OMG you have rovers. i love your design temstar. brings a tear of joy to my eyes.
  5. this has hapend to all my rockets sofar
  6. oh dame it sorry i ment to post this in The Spacecraft Exchange one of you guys now how i can delete it.
  7. its me and my crazy stuff again. one night last week i thort to my sell can? i get a ship into orbit with just booster rockets. i was bord, so SO bord that night. so i went ahead and started project M.A.D. after a lot of tinkering i had this rocket. if got to say im no rocket scientist im more like a chimp with a screwdriver in a junkyard so fly it at your own risk. you tern this monster with thrusters and if i were you i would add a mechanical jeb, contraling it manually is hard it wonts to go straight up all the time. dont use the assisted ortopilot the ship will explode. just use the smart A.S.S to tern for you. oh and Have Fun. please comment i would like to no what you think of the rocket. oh and M.A.D will get you to the mun and back. if you lucky (sorry for bad spelling and tipos im dsylexic)
  8. love the pod and thanks for all the hard werk. ps can whe get sume parachutes for it.
  9. oh no its not. it's something you would expect from EA what next pay for rocket fuel?.
  10. is that a unmand pod ore space station part just under the command pod?.
  11. you cant land on a gas planet but you can fall into the atmosphere until your ship gets crushed. i dont think your ship will survive until you hit the liquid gas layers. but mabe your kerbals will XD.
  12. great job can't wait to see the rest of the parts get a 0.16 upgrade.
  13. good gods NO notch quit minecraft befor the game whas finished. that game is in a permanent development as mojang looks like it's a one trick pony and need to keep the game in the news. but back on topic if i were beating man i would say early 2013 ore late 2012 .
  14. good luck with your mod boogaman. i dont think i need to say i'm a fan of Serenity.
  15. im all for more detail, there's nothing wrong with the planets as they are naw thay just need lots more detail.
  16. it looks like water to me its the same blue reflection as kerbals oshens and and you can see its atmosphere in the pic. it looks like there is one ore two ilands on the planit, oh no wait that was a speck of dirt on my monitor XD. landing on and taking of the planet is going to be fun :0. Moderator Comment: Please use spoiler tags for images.
  17. can't remember the name of the post but there is a sub mod.
  18. oh cool someone bilt one guess i should of looked rotary rocket up on the web befor i posting.
  19. i was thinking of sumthing more like a sycamore tree seed, Rotor blades to slow descent insted of a parashut. the pod would be for landing rovers and cargo. i had no plans to get the thing back into space this why. its a shame i have zero moding skills.
  20. having a inefficient rocket its not always a bad thing spashley when it from someone official. simple and efficient rocket in the video just kills the fun of werking it out yourselve. that and watching stuff blow up or go wrong is a lot of fun.
  21. i was thinking about ways to land on the purple planet, and the idea came to me why not use Rotor blades instead of parachutes?. so i thort i would test it aut with Damned aerospece part. all of this got me thinking wat abut alternative ways to land your kerbuls on the new planets when we get them. i would like to hear some ideas from people . oh and heres sume pics of my craft. and the craft file.
  22. no its the wreck of a viking ship on the mun whe all now vikings got there ferst . it looks to me like a shot from inside a capsule looking out form a porthole.
  23. "ok if potted a red naw i'm going for the green" hehe.
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