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  1. Same reason as we land on The Moon, not Moon, it's the official name. (http://www.fromquarkstoquasars.com/the-moons-real-name-and-others-too/) This was the name even when it's appeared that Earth has more than one moon (note capitalisation, or rather lack thereof, for generic moons). So in the Kerbal universe the Mun's name may well be 'The Mun', and so Jeb and co. land on the Mun but can also perform Mun landings. All correct grammatically with the assumption Kerbin's naming conventions mirror Earths Of course it matters not one jot really, anyone of us could happily refer to the Mun as, oh let's be silly, 'Jeff', and that works fine for them. "Kerbin, we have landed on the surface of the Jeff."
  2. Well I have heard about it but not seen its footprints yet
  3. Fair enough, best of luck clearing everything up in 'real life'! - Thank you for all your work on this mod and we shall await your return patiently (hopefully).
  4. I like to think of myself as good but (and it's a biggie) I'm overly cautious. Though the Mun was landed on within hours of its introduction to the game I only landed on Duna for the first time in .22 (both probe and Kerballed). So thanks to my caution and over engineering habits most of the solar system remains unexplored, even by probes! On the upside I've only lost 1 Kerbal in .23 and that was due to pilot error (Note, retracting landing gear with a spaceplane landing on the runway instead of applying the brakes is very, very bad).
  5. IVA works fine by me. Now if could stop the pilots screaming all the time might be good but hey Also I too use the 1.25 port for stuff (usually a LES or life support) while mounting the pod on 2.5m rockets/spaceplanes. Yes I use this pod as a cockpit, gives a handy life boat in space in case of hilarious disaster.
  6. Shuttles are my 'go to' for small payload, crew rotation and resupply missions, so often the core of a large vehicle will be sent up on a standard rocket but then engine pods and other additional parts sent up separately via shuttle or similar. I'm rather a fan of constructing things in LKO so the extra challenge is welcome. Though anything that has to fly in both space and atmosphere, with and without cargo, is a pain to develop once that work is done the design can often tweaked for multiple roles.
  7. This will almost certainly be added to my essential list of mods for .24, sadly rather involved in a Career .23 game to try it yet.
  8. Frankly it's a rare mission were I don't pause and think "Good grief, this is beautiful." I fear much hard drive space has been used on random screenshots!
  9. Simple but very handy! Saves having to find where I left my actual calculator. Have some rep'.
  10. To expand HoneyFox's advice, to easily see parts that have been added to previously researched tech nodes look for a number in a circle on each node on the tech tree. That shows how many parts have yet to be unlocked in that node. Simply select the node and the relevant parts to unlock them. That should stop them being greyed out in the VAB.
  11. Sorry to hear you had a groggy holiday season, I hope you're up to fighting fit with all due speed! The new work looks amazing and the revised Radish is perfect, just perfect (for some reason I tend to like using it for ejectable spaceplane cockpits). And extra mod support, sir you spoil us! Looking forward to seeing it for download when you're happy with it all.
  12. I'm running with FERD, Fuzzy Engineering Rocketry Division. Whereas the pilots have no official motto (screaming being the unofficial one), the ground crew and especially mission control use the one in my sig' below.
  13. Oh this is so handy! Had been meaning to do something myself but you've saved me the effort and done a far better job of it
  14. My only issue with it is that off centre line ladder. I like my Kerbals to be able to climb everywhere on a craft or space station without having to resort to RCS packs and this will only get more important now that pack RCS fuel is limited. Apart from that I like the pod, it has a nice look to it and feels very Apollo-y.
  15. Throughout .22 I am proud to say I never lost a single Kerbal, thanks to abort systems, parachutes and other paranoia. Ironically the first crew vehicle that was tested under robotic control failed epically, all the abort systems would have failed to save the crew had there been any; a narrow escape. Heck even the SSTO 'Promise' could in the event of total disaster eject the crew compartment to parachute safely down and an early test version had to do just that (was meant to be an un-Kerballed flight but Jeb snuck on board somehow). All this over-engineering came in very handy with my first Duna mission when the return flight got back to Kerbin with a little under 100m/s Delta-V remaining in the tanks! Dang close thing. But keep up the efforts to preserve our brave green 'volunteers'! They deserve our every effort!
  16. Ooooh! Me likey! Really looking forward to a 1.25m Hitchhiker pod, been wanting one for an age!
  17. Tiny point of pedantry, the Moon's correct name according to the International Astronomical Union (IAU) (who are the recognised people who name things outside of Earth) is... the Moon. The 'the' is important but still a very dull name. Likewise the Sun is the Sun, not Sol. Heck, the Milky Way is correctly called the Galaxy! So very, very dull names... Article here which includes linkage to the IAU: http://www.fromquarkstoquasars.com/the-moons-real-name-and-others-too/
  18. Yep, though have to install them old style (i.e. in the parts folder etc, not Gamedata).
  19. Not hit anything in orbit (excluding docking errors) but did have a piece of debris in an elliptic come very, very close (<<200m) at very high relative speed while assembling my space station. That brought back the risks and prompted a clean up of near Kerbin orbits. Now take even more care to avoid leaving spent stages flating around, and any debris that misfortune leaves in orbit is a high priority to be hunted down and de-orbited.
  20. The 2:3 total lift to weight ratio is pretty reliable in stock KSP, it got me to space and back in various forms until I got addicted to FAR. Just as an aside in FAR if the wing size looks right it often is! As BubbaWilkins alluded to above having the rear landing gear a small bit behind the centre of mass allows the aircraft to rotate to a nose up attitude earlier/at all and take off. If your aircraft only noses up when it drops off the end of the runway that's a reasonable sign that the rear landing gear needs to go further forward.
  21. Brilliantly put and yeah, I know what you mean. KSP has caused shift in my thoughts about space travel, had always been a fan but now I see it as vital for us all. It could be said to be strange that a video game about the (mis)adventures of little green spacemen has brought the accomplishments of our human space heroes that much closer but I think it has given me a much greater appreciation of the risks every launch brings. And the benefits too, being able to look at this little blue marble and indeed thinking 'How much like Earth this is' and appreciating the beauty of both worlds all that much more. KSP has become more than a game, it is a lesson about our own home too.
  22. One of the best things about this mod is I can now do instrument only dockings on the dark side of whatever planet I'm orbiting and both craft remain in one piece! Pulling off such a feat with just the navball was doable but horribly risky so now my space stations are safe with the lights off
  23. I have to say No and Yes. For me the thrill is there, at every Mün landing, at every sunrise above a world far from home, with every near miss and failure, at every success and glory. I suppose in part the fascination with space travel from childhood is granted wings in KSP Keep having fun all!
  24. Simply put, first Mün landing, way too much horizontal velocity, unexpected mountain scrapes off everything under the capsule which continues in a flat arc. In to a second mountain... This was back when the Mün had just been added so a fair bit of time invested in the mission. Rather frustrating but my own fault and these days I kill horizontal velocity almost totally at a good few km up.
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