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  1. When you wanna do a Moon mission but you don't have Saturn or Apollo yet
  2. I did a thing. I recreated-ish the Advanced Gemini Moon Mission in KSP, because I wanted to go to Iota/the Moon but I had no Saturn or Apollo parts. Primarily used Belle/Agena, Inon/Centaur, Prometheus/Titan, and Herakles/Barbarian rockets. Full Album: https://imgur.com/a/liCg18K
  3. Now that I've made it to post-Apollo/Sarnus in two different career saves, I have some thoughts, unordered: A lot of the rockets in BDB are highly dependent on the structural parts to look good. Separating them into different nodes makes sense (different techs), but increases the number of nodes you have to go through to start using a rocket without it looking janky. Maybe the ETS post-Apollo parts should be on nodes after the historic Apollo parts, since they're derived from them. Vice versa for the Saturn S-I parts (like the S-IB first stage tank). Based on both of my playthroughs, you'll need to send at least some probes to other planets before you can unlock the Saturn V, and Apollo CM and LM (even when discounted!). Not sure if this is what you're going for, but I was beelining to Apollo both times and had to use KEI to get the KSC science to fill in some gaps. Both times in the careers, when I wanted to go to the Moon/Iota/Mun/etc, I used Gemini-level tech to get there. Post-Moon (like Minmus/Ceti) and subsequent visits to the Mun/Iota I used Saturn. May be related to the point above.
  4. When the hotel contract wants 50-kerbal capacity but you only have 5-kerbal habs available...
  5. Now that KSP now has a stock alarm clock, could we get support for auto-creating alarms for when snacks will run out, for both the stock alarm and KAC?
  6. Is there any news about the Scatterer configs? I've found that with the recommended version I saw (0.0772), I'm getting weird screen-drawing issues when landing on Iota and Ceti (presumably other atmospheric bodies are the same, and atmospheric ones not tested):
  7. Status update: uninstalled Scatterer, and the issue seems to be gone. Now to test with properly-versioned Scatterer configs...
  8. Finally been able to get on, disabled TUFX. This is happening on Ceti as well. What's also weird is that you can see where the Waterfall plumes are re-drawing areas of the screen. EDIT: Log from this session: https://paste.c-net.org/CoconutsRevved Full Album: https://imgur.com/a/kYktwqa
  9. I haven't gone to any other bodies except Iota in this career save yet. Next chance I get I'll see which bodies have this problem, because I know Gael certainly doesn't.
  10. My install is being plagued by Iota causing afterimages when pointing the camera from the horizon downwards. My initial thoughts are Scatterer, since it's on an outdated version (0.0772) to be compatible with Galileo's Planet Pack. Full album: https://imgur.com/a/XorKSKt Log (not from the session above): https://paste.c-net.org/CoconutsRevved Modlist:
  11. I've been playing too much KSP lately, I dreamt last night a stage and a half Thor/Delta. Next time I can play I will try to recreate it. help
  12. Is there a way to change (via ModuleManager) the "snapping" of the size selectors in the VAB? Currently, the "big" snaps for the size selector are 0.625, 1.25, 2.5, and some others larger than that. However, I frequently use 0.9375m, 1.875, and 3.125m parts and it's annoying to have to use the "small" snaps every time I want to use those sizes. (1.875m is especially egregious since it's a stock diameter size now.)
  13. I got around MJ PVG not liking the stage and a half by turning off auto-stage on launch, letting the skirt auto-jettison, then turning auto-stage back on it's still really finnicky though
  14. Quick question: What launcher family do you use most frequently? How about upper stages? In both my career saves, pre-moon landing, I use the Titan/Prometheus launchers by far the most. Simple launch instructions that is (mostly) compatible with MechJeb ascent guidance, and simple construction. If you need more oomph just slap on longer SRBs and/or a second upper stage. Post-moon landing though I switch over to the Saturns/Sarnuses as my main choice. As for upper stages I use the Agena/Belle series by far the most. Extremely reliable, that one, at least 2000 m/s dV every single launch I do. It's extremely useful for spamming those small probes and relay sats I keep sending up. Post-moon landing I use Saturn/Sarnus and Centaur/Inon upper stages.
  15. Speedy Boi 2 and Speedy Grill Manned Docking Maneuver: "When Boi Meets Grill" Speedy Grill pushing the Speedy Boi 2 capsule home due to a staging mishap with the Boi's service module:
  16. What do you suggest for people that want stock/Restock/SSPR/other, non-BDB support? Remove the BDB parts of Magpie?
  17. I have BDBNIC, Magpie Mods, and Bella_TU (and their dependencies) installed and I'm getting some nasty z-fighting on the long Agena tank on Agena B and GATV, but not Agena D:
  18. Is there a current fork to BDBNIC for the new BDB-1.10.1 update? The latest I can find on CKAN is from pre-1.10 and probably won't work with the new Saturn parts and such.
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