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  1. Today, I launched a few rockets and managed to get into orbit. All these FASA and BDB parts are really cluttering my parts menu, but I hope these extra science parts and engines are worth it. And, for now, they have nice, large tanks until I unlock larger procedural ones. I launched two random sats to complete some milestone contracts, and a satellite for one of three CleverSat contracts. With KEI, I gathered some science from around KSC and unlocked a few tech tree nodes. My next plan is to farm some money
  2. This thread's gonna be for documenting my JNSQ playthrough. I'll try to update the thread whenever I play. Mod List:
  3. What are some of the more ridiculous building techniques you've used in KSP? I'm playing on 3.5x scale with Real Fuels, which means you need lots of engine clustering. Thankfully, Procedural Fairings provides an engine plate to do just that. I'm building a manned ship to Duna that needs 5 propulsion modules. Now, these modules are big and heavy modules, around 30-40 tons each. And so, a large rocket is needed. Remember when I mentioned the Procedural Fairings engine plate? How they work is they have a single structural node in the center, and the engines are placed on nodes in a
  4. I wanted to make all parts passable because of jankery with Real Fuels and Procedural Parts and random parts not having CLS configs, so I wrote this to do so: @PART[*]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleConnectedLivingSpace]]:FINAL { MODULE { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true } } @PART[*]:HAS[MODULE[ModuleConnectedLivingSpace]]:FINAL { MODULE { @passable = true } } // or? @PART[*]:FINAL { %MODULE { %name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace %passable = true } } Would this work? EDIT: I've found that this works wit
  5. I'm trying to use the Procedural Fairings engine plate and the interstage with a single engine. (Related: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealismOverhaul/wiki/First-RO-Rocket#interstage) The engine plate has a large node in the center that connects things structurally, with additional nodes for engines surrounding it: The interstage has 2 nodes: one that's structural that allows it to act as a decoupler, and a second one that connects it to a stack: I'm trying to use the engine plate with a single engine. However, the engine node is offset, with a minimum of 0.100m:
  6. I want more methalox engines for my orbital insertion and transfer stages. I know of CryoEngines adding the methalox from Near Future Launch Vehicles eventually TM, and RealFuels-Stock config also having some engines with methalox (SpaceY only, based on the mods I have installed). Are there any configs for RealFuels floating around for either adding methalox to engines, or mods that add methalox engines?
  7. I'm using Sigma Dimensions and the config for 3.5x scale. I now have the problem where Kerbin day lengths are 12 hours long instead of the usual 6 hours (and i'm not going to even bother trying to calculate the year length). However, the in-game settings don't reflect this; I can choose only 6h days with 426d years, or 24h days and 365d years. Is there a mod out there that lets me change the time display to something more accurate? I know of RSS Date Formatter but it's built for RSS and shows a MM/DD/YYYY-like time format, when I want the default KSP Year Y, Day D, HH:MM:SS format, b
  8. Thank you, I thought it was Near Future Construction. For future me, they're called "Docking Connectors", not the usual port.
  9. I'm trying to recreate this: (Source: https://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/gallery/boeing-manned-interplanetary-spacecraft-diagram/2167658) And I need a linear docking port for the Earth Departure stage. I know I've seen one in a mod somewhere, but I'm forgetting what mod adds it. What it is is a rectangular docking port that can be placed radially. It only docks to other linear docking ports of the same size, and it only docks when the ports are parallel to each other on the long axis. Is there a mod that has this sort of docking port?
  10. For the Pandora pod, what's the small nub on the 1.25m side for? Is there a part that's meant to go on there?
  11. Looking at the structure of the USFuelSwitch module makes me think it could be possible to have multiple different resources per module, separating the lengths by semicolons and resources by pipe characters. So: @PART[USHydrazineWedge]:NEEDS[RealFuels] { @MODULE[USFuelSwitch] { // new is monoprop @resourceNames = Hydrazine;Hydrazine;Hydrazine;Hydrazine|MonoPropellant;MonoPropellant;MonoPropellant;MonoPropellant @resourceAmounts = 60;120;180;240|30;60;90;120 @initialResourceAmounts = 60;120;180;240|30;60;90;120 } } // based on the shroud config Though I haven't the time y
  12. I know it's been 2 months since this specific post, but is there any progress, or at least some pointers to be able to patch US2 parts to work Real Fuels? I've poked around and I think it could be done by making a patch somewhere to add the Real Fuels ModuleFuelTanks module, but I'm not sure how that'll fare with switching the part lengths. Maybe instead of using the Real Fuels module add/replace it to the USFuelSwitch module?
  13. The link to TaranisEleu's guide is broken, found a working link after digging around old threads:
  14. I had this question, then solved it myself after some research. You need: Kopernicus for 1.10 and dependencies, see here: Sigma Dimensions (the version for 1.9 still works) Your choice of Rescale Continued configs: If you're doing anything larger than about 2.5x, get Real Fuels or SMURFF so you don't need to spam parts.
  15. I'd like to know how to set up the config for a 3.5x scale Kerbin + FAR? I'm trying to launch rockets with the default settings, and the mod keeps tipping over too steeply way too low. I've tried to change the settings, but they all end up with the same result of the rocket turning too sharply too low. Using MechJeb's Ascent Guidance doesn't have this problem.
  16. I recommend Editor Extensions for dealing with autostuts and all that. It has options to set rigid set autostruts to all parts. Very helpful when dealing with unexpectedly detaching rocket parts. Also conveniently maintained by @linuxgurugamer, hehe.
  17. So lately I've been having issues with the fairing taking too much aero stress (I'm guessing) and separating from the fairing base. Even when putting lots of struts onto the fairing to secure it, and rigid attachment, and autostruts, they still fall off when the stresses are too high. It's often the trailing fairing that comes off during the gravity turn, which doesn't make much sense. The stock fairings do not do this. The first image is a 5m payload fairing base, with the stock PF conic fairings with a little bit of extra radius. The second image is a 3.75m payload adapter, with th
  18. It's a big shame that the mods are considered feature-complete. I was using the triangle truss from Construction to make a solar module for a space station, and I was looking for a triangle docking port like with the octagon and larger sizes. I had to make do with the triangle-to-1.25m adapter and a 1.25m docking port instead. A difference of 1 part, but it'd be nice to have.
  19. Welp, that's over 720 instances of it that I have to remove then. Fun.
  20. So how can I reset upgraded parts back to their stock state? Delete this KRnD.dll.mdb file?
  21. I'll try the borderless fullscreen thing next time I play, though I was using the PNG provided with the mod
  22. Is there a KSPedia version of the included delta-V map floating around? It's surprisingly taxing on my machine to alt-tab out of KSP to look at the delta-V map.
  23. So I may have found an exploit through combining 2 strategies. If you have both Private Industry 3 and Media Coverage 3, you get a total of -105% to your launch costs. This means you gain money for launching rockets. 5% of the launch cost, but money nevertheless.
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