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  1. Slightly bummed, I can load the nostromo models but they wont fly for me..even the parts selection states they\'re unavailable in the current version of KSP, which is paid and up to date..
  2. Heres the fun part, im running paid version 0.15.2, yet when I look up the mechjeb parts, it tells me its not available for this version of KSP...
  3. This is pretty dang awesome, now if it only came w/ warp fx, that would be amazing! i\'m building my own version of the Phoenix as we speak...
  4. This is an awesome, if I can only take off LOL i\'ll be in business!!
  5. I\'m going to ask am really dumb question...dont flame me as im new to KSP and this app, but how the heck do I install this?? I\'ve already installed the files, but im not seeing the GUI itsself, what am I doing wrong??