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  1. Its really unfortunate that the Principia addon to this died because the Principia side of things could not get a PR in, even when one existed.
  2. Anyone know of any test flight mods that would be compatible with this? I have been looking at the source code of KRASH and it seems like it would be possible to make it compatible with KK, but I dont really know CS so I really just have a surface level understanding on what its doing. Seems like by default KRASH adds the default KSC launchpad and runway to its internal list of launchsites and it would be pretty simple to add KK launchpads to the list if you could expose their gameObjects to the class in KRASH where it does this. I just dont really know exactly how to do that. @Ger_
  3. So I have been using KCT in a RO career playthrough and I noticed that KCT does not refill RealFuels engine ignitors when you recover a vessel to SPH, and then refill the tanks before an airlaunch. Is this an intentional feature or a bug?
  4. If I wanted to use this mod on 1.8.1, would the most recent beta work?
  5. So if I intend to disable facility maintenance costs entirely, will the auto-balancer override that?
  6. I tried grabbing info about the node but the main issue is that for maneuvers planned in the Principia flight planner kOS cannot see them, and returns an error that no maneuver nodes are present when they are. If you found a way to make the two work together I would be interested.
  7. Ah, well if you ever do get a chance I think it would be a pretty awesome addition. I did at least find a way to use kOS and Principia together for fairly precise maneuver execution, thanks to a quirk they both seem to share. You can use the kOS terminal and the flight planner while the game is paused, so its just a matter of planning a maneuver, pausing the game and then manually entering the burn time and ETA from the flight planner into the kOS terminal, and into the script. In this way you end up with accurate timing, and hopefully this may help people trying to do what I was.
  8. Does Principia have any compatibility with kOS? Writing scripts to allow probes to autonomously execute maneuvers is very appealing, and also realistic. Really all you would need is some way to make the maneuver nodes in the flight planner visible to kOS for maneuver vector and node ETA.
  9. Hello, I have noticed that there doesnt appear to be a nitrogen tank for kerbalism, or an option to fill one of the existing tanks with nitrogen. Might this be a bug on my end or does US have no way to store nitrogen? The only mention of it I have been able to track down is an addition proposed november of last year, but I have not found this in the most recent version of the config files, and I am unsure if it would still work if added to the config files in the specified location. Nitrogen storage is required for spacecraft in kerbalism to operate long-term, and it would be very conveni
  10. Cant seem to find Realism Overhaul on CKAN right now.
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