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  1. larueferguson

    L4D car in KSP - with interior models!

    Wow that goes fast, got to 115m/s before hitting a small bump and exploding.
  2. Highest warp and altitude for sensor to work?
  3. larueferguson

    [0.21] Hooligan Labs - Airship, Submarines and More

    Such a fuel saver!
  4. larueferguson

    [0.25] Lionhead Aerospace Inc. - Icarus v0.4 updated

    When turning the ship in space it could be helpful! Just the pitch. Also, I think there is something wrong with the navball? I'm using the pre-built ship in the save files, and well when my ship is lined up with the horizon, the navball isn't. Also my orbit prograde of my ship isn't lining up with where the ship is actually going. All other spacecraft I have work normal.
  5. larueferguson

    [0.25] Lionhead Aerospace Inc. - Icarus v0.4 updated

    Do we have to add our own RCS? The saved ship that comes with the download doesn't seem to have RCS thrusters, but has the RCS tank.
  6. I figured out that first you must orbit the sun, then you can go to planets. Also wish warp was faster... to the Mun it's great, but when you travel to Jool, warp just seems so slow sometimes. Made it to Eve though! (Sort of) and with help from MechJeb! If I knew how to collapse photos I would..sorry :/
  7. Lol I hope it's soon! Flying to Jool took over 2 years. Not used to flying manual!