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  1. Yeah, the tip for any and all maneuvering in space is 'be gentle.' remember that in space, every motion you make needs to be matched by the reverse, or you'll just overshoot. You can possibly rescue your kerbal with an insanely careful rendezvous, but I'd probably just wave goodbye. In future: never hold any direction in EVA for more than a second, Always keep your camera in one place. When maneuvering, deal with one axis of motion at a time. For instance, if you're 100m away from your craft, slightly to the top-right (as your kerbal sees it) sort out getting the craft lined up left-right, first, then move up-down, then thrust forwards. You can fine-tune when you're a few metres away in the same manner. The same principle applies when maneuvering craft, too. Always do gentle bursts, always line yourself up on one axis at a time, and have lots of patience - docking and rendezvous are the most tricky parts of KSP for new players to understand just because it's quite counter-intuitive.
  2. My sig has a crude generator which can produce missions as easy as 'orbit Kerbin' up to 'grand tour of the solar system in a non-nuclear SSTO'
  3. I tragically lost Caldin Kerman, my agency's best astronaut in career mode. He was on-board the Luna 1 to become the first kerbal to set foot on the Mun. He succeeded, but in doing do, left insufficient fuel to get back to Kerbin. Caldin was then faced with a desperate decsion, wait until his air died out on the barren rock of the Mun or make himself as useful as possible? With aa heavy heart, he launched from the surface and skimmed the ground, hoping to have enough fuel to get home, but transmitting back every drip of science he could do. As the experiments yielded less and less science, the engines ran dry. But he still had fuel in his suit, didn't he? Thinking quickly, he turned the ship around to face retrograde, climbed out and pushed himself away from the doomed ship. His body slammed into the side of a mountain at hundreds of metres/ second. The only remains left are the flag and the three booster rockets and legs left at the landing site.
  4. Blakes 7? Can't remember what the ship was called. EDIT: The Liberator
  5. As someone dating a primary school teacher trained to deal with special needs kids, my opinion of CS has changed dramatically. For most dyslexic kids the clean, smart fonts we use day in day out can be difficult to read, whether it's because all the letters look too similar (pqdb) or the 'drops' on the letters aren't long enough to make some letters distinguisable (qo go ) CS might not be popular but all the letters are very different from ane another and they have the added benefit that the letters aren't mirrored.
  6. I recognise that flag from my youth! That's the LEGO Explorien flag! Thanks for the happy memories!
  7. Comic Sans is actually really helpful for children with learning difficulties and people with dyslexia. The letters are all different enough to make distinguishing them much easier, especially r and n, which can look like an 'm' in a lot of fonts: rnmrnmmrnrnm vs rnmrnmmrnrnm I'm pleased that KSP will be accessable to more people. http://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/about-dyslexia/further-information/dyslexia-style-guide.html
  8. Here's the Honolulu's mission: Launching for the great beyond Arriving in Moho orbit - boosters abandoned Landed! Note to self - next time use longer legs! Planting the flag Back in orbit, every last drop of fuel wrung out of the lander
  9. Well, I got him home, but I admit I did have to use the infinite fuel cheat to finish the flight off (Had enough fuel left to raise my Ap to kerbin's not enough to change inclination.) I'm not putting the 'returned from...' label on my ribbons, but I did at least manage to oput a kerbal on Moho and return them to orbit, if nothing else. Thanks for all the advice, but I think it'll be a long time until I return to that irritating worldlet.
  10. The planet of Moho seems to represent Utopia for my kerbals in that it's incredibly difficult to get to and if you go there you're unlikely to return. In fact, an entire kerbal mythology is building up with the premise that if you are a good kerbal in life, you go to Moho when you die. I built a ship consisting of four orange tanks with nuclear drives which, in testing, had enough fuel to lower its orbit to Moho's, circularise, and stretch the orbit back out until somewhere near Jool. When it actually came to doing it, I'd finished off three of the orange tanks by the time I'd got an encounter, then wasted the last of my fuel burning to circularise in Moho orbit. I burned at roughly the correct ejection angle so that my orbit was reduced when I entered the sun's SOI, I lowered my orbit to Moho's Apoapsis, I changed my inclination at the nodes, then I came in on Moho's inside to try and shed some velocity through the slingshot maneuver. Does anybody havbe any idea what I might have done wrong, or simply any tips for getting to Heaven Moho and returning?
  11. Soo... not the extinct species of Hawaiian birds, then?
  12. ...A friend with snacks is better. A friend with crepes and all the rest. A friend who's suit is pressured. A friend on the Mun is a friend indeed. A friend on the rescue crew is better. Our ship's compressed which makes us blessed, And makes for a cosy shelter. A friend on the Mun is a friend indeed. My mission controller is better, And when he's pressed he will redress The lack of rescue mission. A friend on the Mun is a friend indeed. A friend who can navigate is better, My friend confessed he failed the test And now he's left us stranded. Kerbin's dawning, Skin's crawling. [Repeat x3] Mun morning. Mun morning [Repeat x2] To the tune of Placebo's Pure Morning.
  13. I've been to Moho a couple of times (but never sucessfully returned), so I learned that two or three nukes make for a very long burn. The Honolulu has changed that. Twelve nuclear engines!
  14. I suspect ladders are the least of your concerns.
  15. @SirJodelstein On the plus side, for a brief period, one part of Kerbin is going to have great reception! @Bishop149 That's a sweet plane. ~ I put the final booster on my Moho ship, pressed F5 and did a test run to see if I'd have enough fuel to get to Moho's orbit, slow down, and return to Kerbin. It turns out I should have more than enough, assuming I transfer fuel from the booster sections into the core and manually asparagus it. Presenting: the Honolulu I! So named because a moho is a genus of bird which used to live on the Hawaian island* and the twelve nuclear engines burn as brightly as the Hawaian sun! * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moho_%28genus%29
  16. Teirusu, that's a gorgeous rover! My solution was to incorporate a 'schrimech' or Self-Righting Mechanism. Simply add a couple of lightweight legs on the roof such that when it flips, the legs push it back onto its wheels. Make sure you've got a probe body so that it can flip itself over, even if the driver is ejected. If you look carefully, there is a wheel on the front and the back, so that if it flips onto its end, you can just drive it back onto its wheels. This solution even works in the heavy gravity and crushing atmosphere of Eve, so it has no problems on the Mun:
  17. I'm currently building the Honolulu I in orbit around Kerbin, a ~200 ton, nuclear-powered monster designed to get to, land on, and return from Moho without refuelling. The ship requires four launches and is 75% complete, it just needs the final booster module to be launched and connected. When complete all twelve nukes will fire to take us to Moho. When the side boosters are reduced to 25% fuel each, I'll transfer the remainder into the central module, decouple the boosters and proceed on three nukes. This should, assuming my flight goes well, be during my return burn to Kerbin. I've tested the lander, which has enough fuel to get to Kerbin orbit from the launch pad, so I'm confident that it'll get to and from the Moho surface without a problem. She should be ready to go in a couple of days!
  18. Fine, if a couple of people want to cheat by lying then, while that's uncool of them, it doesn't really affect the rest of us who are being honest and are happy to admire one another's accomplishments. Whom I suspect are the overwhelming majority.
  19. Yeah, but there's nothing to stop you using photoshop in the challenges, or Hyperedit to finish any challenge It's assumed that people will be honest, because what's the point of showing them off, otherwise?
  20. And you think having a same-gender crew is a guarantee against 'funny' business? ...How charmingly naieve.
  21. Do something you've not done before, have you tried docking? Building a kickass space station? How about recreating some real world missions? I had a go at building a stock Kubble Space Telescope.
  22. Designed the outline of my second attempt at a Mono return craft: The Honolulu. Currently trying to design a launch vehicle big enough to lift the core module (The middle orange tank, plus lander, plus the side-connecting Docking Port Snrs) though I might have to send the lander up as a seperate module if I can't lift the 100-or-so ton monster.
  23. I'd like to see something akin to Moho V1 brought back, i.e. a super-hot planet with an atmosphere.
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