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  1. I don't have much time currently but eventually I want to continue developing this as I also got some nice models which I want to use.
  2. I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know. Thanks, I will let you know once I'm ready to actually use your model
  3. I wanted to use KerbTown (I think that is what it's called) for placing the arrays without having to use config files but that is sadly not being actively developed and the source code is not released under an open licence I can't do anything about it. I don't have the time to reimplement KerbTown-like functionality. I would really like to use your the model you gave me but under these circumstances I sadly can't...
  4. I updated the first post with a new download link as angavrilov kindly fixed the unresponsive array bug.
  5. I think someone managed to load a c dll in an earlier version of KSP. You could try moving the dll into the root directory of KSP (where KSP.exe is located). For standard .NET/Mono applications that is the location that is searched when trying to use an external dll.
  6. Yes, I noticed that a while ago and fixed it in the KerbTown branch but never bothered merging that into the master branch for a release but thank you for letting me know
  7. There are no runway lights in this version, I edited the planned additions section in the first post to clarify this.
  8. I updated the link in the first post with a quick 0.22 compatibility release, the lights should be correctly aligned again.
  9. Do you accept code contributions? I have been using this plugin to develop my PAPI plugin but I needed to extend the way a plugin parses the config node as I need to have access the whole config node object. It is just a simple check if the component implements IConfigNode and an appropriate Load(ConfigNode) call if that is the case. Is it possible to include this change in your code? Thank you for this plugin, it is really useful
  10. I got the plugin to work with KerbTown! It actually wasn't that hard to do and now I have solved multiple problems I had before and the plugin now has an interactive editor EDIT: Current source of the KerbTown port can be found here: https://github.com/asarium/PAPIPlugin/tree/feature/KerbTown
  11. I have considered switching to using a KerbTown module for this plugin as that would solve many issues I'm currently facing and it would also provide a fully functioning GUI. Thank you very much, I'm not familiar with what model format KSP needs but all part models are distributed as .mu files so I think that is the way to go.
  12. I can not replicate the bug on my KSP install, can you post your KSP log after the bug happened? Maybe an exception is thrown somewhere. The mod adds a button to the top left side of your screen which says "Light groups". When you click it a window will open which will allow you to change the glideslope.
  13. Very nice, thank you. I will link to the video in the first post Can you describe the issue you are describing at the end a bit more? Are there no lights at all or won't the array just not change the color anymore?
  14. I didn't really search for a solution as that wasn't the focus at the time I added the config system. A interactive GUI system is a better system in the long run, no need to hack the KSP API. The emissive textures can be easily colored at runtime by using a simple shader which just multiplies the (white) texture with the desired color. That way a single texture can be used to produce every color.
  15. Hello everyone, This is the development thread for my PAPI plugin. This is the place to discuss the development of the plugin and I'm also going to post development updates here. Currently I'm working on adding support for "static light arrays" which are just lights with a defined color. That's it for now, I hope this will keep the release thread cleaner. Regards, asarium
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