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  1. Not showing up in a fresh install of 1.4. Any suggestions, or have I missed how to install mods inn 1.4? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, it's annoying as Heck as I've seen how good it looks on other screenshots here, I just went in and double checked the config file, it's in the right place and points exactly where everything is.
  3. Howdy, I love this mod pack. Only thing I can't get working is clouds, at least on Kerbin/Earth. Haven't checked the other planets yet. Any hints or tips on where to look/add a file to get them to pop in? Thanks! I have clouds in the srss folder, both a config file, and a clouds in the texture directory, just not sure why they arent showing.
  4. Hi all. Ive been away from KSP awhile thanks to a nasty fight with cancer that, like Jeb on a hot re-entry, I won!!!! My favorite mod of all time is FASA, I used to spend days not sleeping playing missions. I cant get the latest version to load, and the only things I have installed are default, MechJeb, FASA. Also I noticed the latest version of FASA doesnt have the ship config files, so you can launch Apollo and the lander or aGemini and just go to it! Did I miss the config giles somewhere on the front page? Windows 10 Creators update, x5680cpu, 12gig ram, 3X256 ssd in Raid 0, GTX 1080 MSI, Everything water cooled, Running KSP 64 Bit edition. Have tried using Launcher EXE and KSP64 EXE Thank you all so much!
  5. After having worked there for 16 of my 21 years at NASA, you need to put alligators in all the lakes, including one that wanders in and out of the VAB/SPF's, and a few that loiter on 33/15 along with wading birds galore lol. Still remember a night landing, was listening to the 1 hour deorbit runway clearing and all you hear on an open mic was **bleep. bleep, bleepy bleepty** think we just hit a **bleepin* gator.
  6. Holy Crap on a Cracker... Sobol, you are now God to me, what is thy bidding, my master
  7. Was wondering if the KSP VAB Stock was able to have it's Texture changed to look (outwardly) like our VAB back at the Cape. I've seen some KSP VAB make it taller mods, but was not sure if the default texture files for the spaceport itself could be modified. Thanks!
  8. Wow, just wow. God you modders have talent I could only dream of. My sorry rear can't even draw a straight line lol. I love the older NASA programs, and hope to see this make it to fullfillment!
  9. God I love all you Mod Makers. Every time I think I've seen it all and go WOW, someone else comes along with something even greater! Please keep this mod going!!!!!
  10. Thermal Radiator/Freon coolant Loop. That's where the OBV's dumped all the heat generated by her electronics into space. If the doors/radiators didn't open/deploy you had 6 orbits to make an abort landing.
  11. Holy Hell (No Pun Intended) you have some great work in here Blazer. Is it all just post-processing?
  12. .../love Thank you for these, especially the color details, it brings out the richness in game!
  13. FASA MOD in all it's glory. Thanks Frizz!