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  1. Hi Firstly I love the series. You have done a great job. Also I suffer from the same issues with shadows and was wondering how it was that you fixed yours?
  2. Heres something I just made Its unfinished but I wanted to share
  3. I agree, the curiosity rover looks sweet. I can't wait
  4. Any chance of somebody uploading an EVA capable Ceres command pod?
  5. I too am having issues with the mach chute not opening. Sometimes it does others it doesn't Edit: Problem solved. The parachute has two parts in the staging, the chute itself and a girder looking thing. If you put the girder thing in the stage below the chute then it works fine
  6. Hi I have built a ship that carries a service module connected to a a command module(Command pod) via a decoupler. On top of this is a decoupler that connects to my LM. This has a mechjeb on it so i can take control of it after it has been jettisoned. However th LM also contains a decoupler to allow me to disconnect the ascent stage. My problem is that when i disengage the LM from the service module the decoupler on the LM gets activated as well since it is no longer part of the ship. I tried switching the command pod to the LM but then i had the same problem with the decoupler between the SM and CM I was wondering if there is any way to decouple a section that itself countains decouplers without these decouplers activating?
  7. Any chance of getting the .craft files for any of these stations? Would love to have them in orbit with my own (far inferior) stations