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  1. I really apologize if this has already been asked and answered but I couldn't find the answer anywhere in this thread: Do you absolutely need to recover a part to improve its reliability or does simply building it and launching it many times also make it more reliable?
  2. Lucid, thank-you for the link to that mod, it worked just as you described and saved all of my stages - it did wreak however wreak habit with mechjeb, I will admit. But now my lunar mission can continue...with some slight modifications to my LEM. I am in your debt. Also, on a side note, Rickenbakcer, NASA was planning to use two Saturn-IV's to launch the LEM and a 'transfer stage' just as you described...they would meet up in earth orbit and dock, then transfer to the moon to perform the mission. Thank-you all for your help!
  3. First, let me thank anyone who has taken the time to read this topic, it means a great-deal; now, onto the problem at hand... I have been trying for a long time to discover a practical way to perform a 'Apollo-Style' mission, all the way from launch to splashdown. The problem I am experiencing revolves around how KSP treats spacecrafts that are technically controllable, and have unactivated stages, but are not the main ship. The staging system's GUI seems to quite simply break as soon as a piece of the ship is detached and then reactivated. Below are some screenshots with some captions describ
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