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  1. Hello, all : ) Hope this has been discussed and someone can point me to one of these 63 pages where this is solved. Anyways... I have a problem here - the contracts don't show up. I thought it might be a mod conflict (though I know different mods offering different contracts should not conflict). I eliminated other contract mods (well, except for NASAmission, which is just another one like that.) Right now I am using cosmetic mods, here's the list: AviationLights BoulderCo (CityLights, Clouds) EnhancedNavBall (the problem existed before I installed this one) EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements JSI (RasterPropMonitor and others) (the problem existed before I installed this one) KAS Kethane (the problem existed before I installed this one) MagicSmokeIndustries MechJeb2 MechJeb2 Embedded by Dennis6492 NASAmission (a contract mod, eh?) PlanetShine (the problem existed before I installed this one) ProceduralFairings SCANsat Squad (erm.. obviously) StageRecovery StationScience ThunderAerospace TweakScale and of course, ModuleManager.2.5.1.dll So there. I have all the parts available (those that I have unlocked) - I have the science station, the (already) regular clampotrons, I have bought (as a prototype) the science station. I have passed the "orbit Kerbin" tasks. Still, no contracts as to "get a science station to orbit" or such. Am I missing something? Do I have to launch the main segment on my own for the contracts on docking more labs/ delivering/deorbiting experiments to show up? I love the concept and I am very grateful to the fella who just sat down and wrote the thing : ) Now I want to use it. Please help : )
  2. "Yes, it's a game!! Let us push the limits! Switch it to LUDICROUS SPEED!!!" Honestly.
  3. I appreciate the lot of answers countering my simple mirror idea. Do tell me though, how come laser weapons aren't widespread now? Powerful lasers have been around for a while. If there wasn't an easy counter, they would be in use now, no? Yes, in space warfare speed (or rather, sharp changes of the vector) is the key. See, I watch Discovery too... How about other possible spheres of military application? There is some easy counter. IMHO, it is exactly that - reflective surfaces.
  4. Again, at a risk of sounding completely obsolete... : ) Battle of Britain. http://www.xtcabandonware.com/game/1362/their-finest-hour-the-battle-of-britain - just one of the possible locations to obtain it. Don't forget DosBox. Yes it is old. No, I haven't ever seen a better mix of strategy/sim when it comes to aerial warfare in ww2. The sim part is surprisingly robust for its time - aerodynamics is reasonable, the damage modeling is still unsurpassed (wonder why they stopped modeling damage properly since then). Be ready for lots of unexpected developments in the course of the campaign. I could sing it praises for a while longer, but I won't. Just give it a try - it's been free for ages.
  5. Dear whoever designs the forum policy: "What did you do in KSP today?" It is a thread. It has got 505 pages now. A lot of stuff is outdated, of course. Yet it is here. Why? You answer this. Forum "kings", how about exercising more common sense and NOT locking the threads unless absolutely necessary? In my humble opinion, that would go a long way towards winning the hearts and minds of your long-time _clients_. Oh.... thought you care. Silly me, why should you? We aren't paying you any more. We already paid you to stay afloat a year or two or three ago. We are now just ballast, right? A loud useless ballast. I see.
  6. Excellent design there man : ) Myself, I experimented for a while with just falling on the side and _rolling_ the whole craft using the torque capability. Kinda tricky, but gets the job done without any wheels at all : p
  7. Excellent info here. I personally never used the feature (my abort is built into stages, so in case the launch goes pear-shaped, I just spacebar through till my "abort/recovery" stage). Neat feature, I'd say! Thanks for bringing this up.
  8. This would be grand, I'd really love this to be implemented. Maybe not exactly as you have specified, but something along those lines, definitely. Thumbs up!
  9. Glad to see it works. I've always considered "realistic" games to be a success when they allow you to actually build something from the real world, and it works : )
  10. OP. you are just way too... o/
  11. I think that no amount of discussion here is going to do squat about your concerns. Invent some other way for the developers to listen to you. Maybe take hostages. Or declare a hunger strike.
  12. "Success" comes from the old Latin root that means "to come after". One succeeds AFTER failures.
  13. I've only had a single kraken in my couple of years playing this. Had to do with pieces of my launch vehicle going all ways after I jettisoned those. I now have debris traveling out of the system at crazy speeds. Do I care? Nope.
  14. Welcome : ) In the name of all KSP addicts here, I salute you! Now go build some rockets. Talk to us when you have reached the Mun.
  15. No, not happy. I would actually like you to be a toaster. I myself am more inclined to be an electric kettle myself, should I have got the chance. Ah well, can't have all... I'll stay the little black bicycle I am : (
  16. My son plays it. If you think this is hard to get into, ask yourself: how did you get into KSP??? About joining the "fanbase"... nice. So, now you are a ventilator?? Just play the thing, don't become the ventilator. FAN=
  17. To put it simply, the program does not calculate atmospheric effects unless you are focused on that very vessel. If you have one craft that is about to do atmospheric braking, and will take several entries/exits before it is "swallowed" by the atmosphere, and if you are sure those several brakings are going to take several hours, then, by all means, leave that craft focused and go to sleep. You will have proper atmospheric braking results when you wake up. Just make sure you calculated it right - or wake up in the middle of the night and check on it. Did that once myself, too : ) As to your original question: no. you cannot save while something is in the atmosphere. You might be able to save if you switch to a different vessel, but don't hope the one in question would behave as you expected it to. Most probably it will keep orbiting as if no atmosphere was there (and maybe even as if no surface is there... sucks, I know)
  18. How about vacuuming the whole thing? Work it over with a small hard painting brush while you are at it. It's the dust that is igniting, had it a few times with various devices.
  19. All my hobbies are full-time occupations. I manage about four. If I told you, I'd have to kill you : D
  20. The very first one, hmm... A "space invaders" kind of game on Iskra-226. ("Spark 226", an early Soviet analogue of... hmm.. MSX, I'd say, Or a ZX. Only the thing was almost the size of a desk). The first one that left a serious impression and led me to be a games junkie - F19 on a Compaq XT. Loved how there was a volume knob on the monitor. Never saw this little feature since, alas.
  21. Just going along with the theory... okay,massless, but they do have atmospheric resistance, right? Or are we dealing with the classic ''spherical horse in vacuum'' case?
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