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  1. @nova i dont steal - and its a matter of taste and preference if i needed a decal on my own ships i cant just use someones work ie yours ... artists pride ? makes sense ?
  2. not quite a rocket part but still a Project/Release - please move if this is the wrong location for posting it it was mentioned that kerbal doesnt have a NASA and Kasa sounds like a big no-thank-you so i made this NASA like decal for the Kerbal Space Program Rar file contains a TGA (alpha channel included) use it if you want - enjoy ;P
  3. ya will do it for sure 8) new download first post
  4. having a decoupler between lander and pod makes sense 8) will add that in the next release ! re-attached the rar file hope it doesnt go corrupt again ;P
  5. this should turn you on again :-* ;P New Download Fist Post
  6. not as wrong as being a boy and still liking horse (cant do much about it as its part of my profession) ;D;P :-*
  7. who says kerbal doesnt have a NASA ? (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) i would like to have an official kerbal flag tho
  8. ok srsly whats up with you and the horsies ? are u like ..girls or what ? ;P whats next ? hello kerbal kitty ? ???
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmxhSED7Mnc ;P
  10. new release first post went for the decoupler solution anything else would have made it more ugly ;D
  11. tricky thing actually its 1 solid mesh - extrudes sides for the legs about your pyramid : doing that would cover up the entire bottom area of the lander would it not ? if yes it would cause the same issue iam having now ( not sure if i get it right but if you could do a quick over-paint and show me the placement of that pyramid) as long as there is collision mesh covering up functional parts they will not be selectable anymore since my lander has 4 legs and they all need collision to function + the engine is sitting in the middle of it inside the collision (probably a special case scenario) i dont think there is a fix for that at the moment a convex collision mesh would cover up the space between the leg area anyways. and thats what my model is doing either way even tho the mesh is different (why i say its the bounding box ) its still a very ugly way to do the selection of parts and i hope it gets fixed rather sooner than later its just too limiting
  12. i see convex / concave refers to the mesh normals right ? all ok normals / inverted normals ? silly term gonna try >_> edit : makes no difference convex concave normals normal or inverted if i move the mouse pointer between the legs (empty space) it will highlight the lander using the bounding box for part selection is one ugly solution ;D
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