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  1. Sorry for the long delay. I'd like it to be Scorp or if thats not available Scorp1579
  2. I've changed my username on many other forums and would like to update here, largely to avoid having to make a new acolovely person?
  3. Ok thanks, I only thought this was a small update so didn't require any real work just recompile really but idk. Thanks for the reply tho
  4. Cool thanks. I've used Jenkins in the past and it works fairly well to auto build things for you.
  5. Looks like with 1.2.1 its a little broken. It doesn't correctly read engine flame out and fails to correctly read an apoapsis correctly
  6. I have no idea how to build it. Can you not build a experimental version like persistent rotation has done?
  7. I use KER for the readouts and mechjebs SMART ASS - I could live without mechjeb but KER sure is useful. I also like kOS to fly my shuttle
  8. This is on my list of 'waiting to update before 1.2' -- Awesome mod!
  9. Thanks got it working! Is there any chance you could perhaps make the APAS docking ports stronger so craft attached to them don't wobble a little like the stock ports? Is this possible? Thanks! - Awesome mod!
  10. The station has an APAS passive port and my ship has an active one. I have been rolling around this port for ages and it won't dock. Please help! http://i.imgur.com/q3BVwQd.png
  11. I am having the same issue as above - As soon as i switch craft the body is no longer set - It works well until you switch to another craft.
  12. For some reason I'm not getting contracts - is it because I've already been to duna before adding the mod therefore its not giving me any LKO ones - I want to add stuff to my station around kerbin but I dont want to waste money either
  13. I've seen the dev of telemachus had a camera working a while back though
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