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  1. I am trying to download KSP using https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/kspstore/app/web/user/login When I try to login with my saved pasword I am getting The email or the password is incorrect OK, maybe my saved password is wrong, so I am using "Forgot your password?" option. I receive "Kerbal Space Program | Password Recovery" email with a link. I am clicking the link and I see: A temporary password has been set and sent to your KSP Account Email address. Login to your KSP Account and change it in the Profile settings. But that email never arrives (checked SPAM). And
  2. Yes, works again. Altough it works when i click "my account", it does not when i click on my name. LOL.
  3. Well, i have different problem. I enter: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/kspstore/ I log in using my credentials. I see "My Account" button. But when i click on it i'm just redirected to: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/en/ . I cannot download my game :(((
  4. Go to settings and set time to Earth days. Kerbin day = 6 hours, and its default setting in new version.
  5. http://defensetech.org/2014/03/14/pentagon-denies-downed-u-s-drone-report-in-crimea/
  6. No documentation in wiki about node (broken link in manual). Can orbit object return apoapsis/periapsis ETA? What do you think about periapsis/apoapsis returning object, not value, like I described here: https://github.com/Nivekk/KOS/pull/277 ?
  7. Yes, but lets forget about hybrid and about restarting engine during driving - both are rather impossible for most drivers. But if you do not shut down your engine during "glide" its better not to be in "neutral". When you are in neutral engine uses fuel to spin at idle RPM (around 900 usually). But if you are not in neutral while driving and not pressing gas, you are doing "engine breaking", which means that engine is not using fuel at all, because engine is propelled by wheels. You are loosing speed faster than in neutral (engine breakes), but you do not use fuel at all. Most opinions i've
  8. Also, about going downhill. If you drop red ball it will reach faster finish line on green(longer) track than on black track.
  9. First about "sweet spot speed" - it depends on engine RPM AND gear. If engine is most efficient at 2000 RPM then it will be different speed on 1-st gear and on 6-th gear. And of course aerodynamics. (you will for sure be more efficient at 2-gear than 1-gear, because air resistance is still small, but you can be more efficient at 5-th gear than 6-th, because even you are driving faster with the same RPM, you need more fuel to keep that RPM). I also heard that most efficent for car engine is not too drive with constant speed. Most efficient way (used in contest for low fuel usage) is to accelera
  10. Yeah, time travel - i've forgot about that one. Always suscpicious to that too. This "lol, we changed future, now x person are dead, and y are alive. Lets reverse that, because 'our' version we like more".
  11. So, there are few ideas in SF books or movies which seems pretty stupid to me and i don't like them: 1. People teleportation (like in Star Trek). So, computer scans you, in the process your body is destroyed. Then information about your body is put in computer buffer (sometimes due to glitch for hours). Then computer rebuilds your body in other place using stored information. For me its just death of person in one place and creating copy in other. But nobody is disturbed by this. 2. Infinite number of parallel worlds with copy of human population. Like in SG-1 in few episodes. Sometimes one wo
  12. Nope. In your example everything works as it should. Look at your staging. First stage is to ditch fuel tanks, second stage is fire engine with central tank. I think that this is not bug in KE, its just TurboJet ISP wchich is changing, so KE estimations are not correct.
  13. Its all by the rules, so you should probably alter rules. Solutions: a) Ban TurboJet engines Provide .craft so it will become purely kOS contest c) Use other method of counting used delta-V. Once MechJeb had "used delta-V" stat, I don't know if it has one now.
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