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  1. @Steven Mading About your mission: I really liked your asparagus autostaging! I was searching for way to do it by "maxthrust", but it turned out that maxthrust doesn't check if engine has any fuel avaiable, so i gave up. I was ready to add some microengine to droppable tanks just to know that i can drop them, but i couldn't find way to check if engines have fuel. Your solution - to look for fuel usage change - brilliant! I will copy it. Why didn't you use aerobreaking at Duna? I'm not sure if it would be enough to enter orbit, but for sure it would help.
  2. Sure. I assume that kOS shouldn't get less information than player can get. And player can look where node is But its just interface thing, because you can just move forward-backward node until you get desired ETA. You could argue that "lock steering to" is too much help, because its active steering, not avaiable in game for player. (like lock steering to prograde).
  3. Do it. Seriously. Publish on github, let others contribute. I was thinking about something like "get kOS terminal, and add LUA to it", but LUA is not that friendly, and i'm new to C#. So I just added pull requests to kOS, but Kevin is absent. KSP API is not that hard, and kOS just uses MechJeb utility functions for few more complex things.
  4. You should be aware, that not everybody want to do "rocket science", and calculate by hand everything. I find kOS really interesting, just as i liked Colobot - because its robot programming, not because i have to use equations for orbital mechanics and make subprogram for all activities.
  5. Using my scripts previously used for Minmus -> Mun fly i could fly to Duna and havent noticed issues. Its not entry here, because i wait for next KOS version, wchich would include better nodes handling (i even added code for it to github, but where is Kevin Laity?) i dont want to do some workarounds when all i need is getting position of node.
  6. You must realize, that stage;liquidfuel has to have definition. Be aware that fuel tanks are not assigned to stages as they used few versions os KSP ago. So how KOS can know which fuel is it should count? Answer - it just counts fuel avaiable to current stage engines, not checking where this tank is (you can use fuel crossfeds to pump fuel between stages). But - how KOS can know what are current stage engines? You can use action groups or light click menu to start or stop engines from what stages you want. So, KOS uses definition "current stage fuel is fuel avaiable to currently active engines". For me its good and simple solution.
  7. It pretty much depends on "apoapsis from where". For example, when i was going from Mun to Kerbin, (change SOI, but no encounter), ship:apoapsis was apoapsis from MUN which WOULD BE if not SOI change.
  8. @AeroEngy Oh my, you complcated this SOOOO MUCH, when you could do it that way: DECLARE PARAMETER body1. DECLARE PARAMETER body2. SET body1p TO body1:position - body1:body:position. SET body2p TO body2:position - body1:body:position. SET phaseangle TO ARCTAN2(body1p:x,body1p:z) - ARCTAN2(body2p:x,body2p:z). if phaseangle < -180 { SET phaseangle TO phaseangle + 360. }. if phaseangle > 180 { SET phaseangle TO phaseangle - 360. }. And if you want arguments to be body names not bodies istelf, just do: declare parameter currentBodyStr. declare parameter targetBodyStr. set Cbody to BODY(currentBodyStr). set Tbody to BODY(targetBodyStr). That way you can get phase angle between moons, not just planets (if for example you want to go from Mun to Minmus).
  9. Strange. I dont have any super-fast CPU ( http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_lookup.php?cpu=Intel+Pentium+G850+%40+2.90GHz&id=1116 ) . Did you try to run my code?
  10. http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Plugins - worked for me.
  11. No, when searching for encouter second node normal burin is also changed ( -maxnorm, -maxnorm/2,0,maxnorm/2,maxnorm), so i think it would work for interplanetary flight. First I try to find encounter with inclination change, then tune it. Then execute first node. After that tune second node again (due to first node execution errors). Worst part was Mun -> Kerbin transfer, because it can't be done by using nodes. Encounter doesnt report switching SOI to Kerbin, so i don't have its periapsis. I had to do it by pretty hardcoding burn based on longitude. I hope that they will enchance nodes in next kOS version.
  12. And another entry. Mission plan: Kerbin orbit Minmus orbit Minmus landing Minmus orbit Mun orbit Mun landing Mun orbit Kerbin landing (without parachute!! ). Code + Craft: http://speedy.sh/9FWQ7/upload.zip
  13. AHA so its a feature, not a bug. I wanted do do something like that (basically Interrupt ReQuest): SET doautostage TO false. LOCK doautostage TO stage:liquidfuel < 0.1. ON doautostage RUN autostage. and noticed that it don't work, unless i keep using doautostage like PRINT doautostage. Which denied whole concept, because if i need to use it everywhere i can just run program which will check it by IF, not LOCK.
  14. How to set steering to kill horizontal(surface) velocity. I want to do something like that: SET x TO -1 * velocity:surface:horizontal LOCK steering To x. There is lock steering to Heading and lock steering to velocity surface, but how to set steering only to horizontal component of velocity?
  15. Probably this is score for multi-kOS like. Personally, i liked previous score more. I would create two separate leaderboards for one kOS module and more kOS modules, and one kOS leaderboard could have old scoring.
  16. I wonder about "multi probe-kOS" mission. Will it be valid? Lets say i create ship with 2 kOS modules. I launch it to Kerbin orbit, split and head one to Mun, second to Minmus. (Apparently not in one time, because kOS rather wont work simultanously on two distant ships - but no problem, i can wait on stable orbit with one ship. ). Or maybe i could launch one into injection trajectory, then switch to second. Kerbal Alarm Clock would be probably usefull. But i'm not sure what will happen with running program in kOS after switching to another vessel....
  17. @Steven Mading Can't wait until i will have time to look at your program. But until then - I think that technically your "PRESS AG 9 TO CONTINUE" violates challenge rules. I know that there is rule: But as i understand it allows you to input to kOS console, not ship controls. Also even if it could be understanded that way, it still has to be on stable orbit, not on for example to Mun trajectory. Its minor violation, so congratulations on mission!
  18. I also managed to get some points. Here is video: I decided that video would be best to show "brute force" approach in node creation (jump to 3:48 time ) . Kerbin stable orbit: 3 points Mun SOI: 1 point Mun stable orbit: 3 points Total: 7 points. I decided that i do not want to go and calculate vectors, launch angles etc. I want to use nodes just like i would do it in game. So i have simple program for launch and start coasting. Since then i'm using create / execute node approach. Most interesting part is creating node for trans-Mun trajectory. It works that way: (encounternode.txt) - create node - add prograde until its apoapsis equal Mun apoapsis - then move node forward in time (basically around orbit) until we will get encounter - when we will get encounter still move forward until periapsis of encounter will start to rise. (so we will probably get direct hit) (encountertunenode.txt) - here i modify prograde burn of node so i will get desired encounter periapsis - first i add some prograde to node and check - what will happen. Will it raise or lower encounter periapsis? - then i keep adding/removing prograde to achieve desired encounter periapsis And then node is executed. Because i dont check node while execution (for example because of staging while burning and loosing ship max acceleration, or because of warping while soi change) i will probably end not on desired Mun periapsis after burn end. So program waits until entering Mun SOI and then i create node with radial burn to adjust periapsis. After that i create node at periapsis to circularize. Remeber - all nodes are created by "lets add/subtract prograde/time/radial and see what happens". No precalculated deltav, just looking at node/encounter periapsis/apoapsis and keep changing input until i get desired output. So its basically brute force... If you want i can post sources, just i'm pretty ashame of it, because currently there are no comments in it...
  19. Can i modify node time? I can create node with time, but nextnode:time is not accesible.
  20. I think that you can extend antenna before running program on launchpad. kOS question - is there way to get trajectory inclination in kOS? Like when going to Mun and wating to end at equatorial orbit by mid-course burn?
  21. Yeah, i "recovered" vessel and didn't get it. Should i "Abort" or what?
  22. Also did that challenge: Pilot +15 Passenger +30 points Mechjeb -30 points Fuel left +10 points 6 mach = +300 points Penny pincher: Use under 100 parts (+100 points) Engine shortage: Use only 1 engine (+100 points) Have max height be between 39,900 m and 39,999 m (+75 points) Have a max speed greater than 2000 m/s (+75 points) Land on the runway (+50 points) Have no lights on your aircraft. Do not use your landing gear lights. (+25 points) Stock Parts + Mechjeb I wanted to be as fast as possible, so i went very close to 40 000 with "orbital" speeds. Total time: 38:49
  23. Yeah. it has to be IMAX 3D. I was on "normal" 3D (TrueVision?) and it was way to dark to watch comfortably. Would be better without 3D than with poor 3D projection.
  24. Here you go. I did used Hyperedit this time to go over water but it would be perfectly OK for me to use decoupled wheels. Maybe next time i'll do it. Two basic jests pointed upward to submerge, one jet pointed back for forward motion. About 10 m/s speed. Much faster than "orange tank" option.
  25. Sure it is possilbe. Orange tanks are sinking, so all you need to do is to use few of them as balast and your ship will go under water. Engines are working underwater (rocket, jets). Only problem is speed - 1-2 m/s with full engines thrust.
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