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  1. rasheed


    That is very sad but unfortunately true. Owns a semi-popular account named Hyperant. There are some really good games left.....which has almost nil players
  2. Actually it is many orders of magnitude stronger than the strongest we have here on earth.
  3. -22 The United Negative Number Union marches on!
  4. -20 Meanwhile the fierce assault on the negatives reaches a stalement! Will the positives overwhelm the negatives or will the very same negatives counter-strike and win this battle? Find out on the next exciting post of dragon ba- Uhmmm i mean The number war.
  5. Well you see guys, you are basically putting yourself into a large gambling situation where its all defined by chance.
  6. More members are needed. Don't be shy
  7. A total of 24 members will compete against each other to be crowned the winner! Ill be using a site suited just for this. Comment below if you want to enter. The game will start once we have 24 competing members. Competing Members: District 1 -temporalExile - District 2 -Maximus97 -Xannari Ferrows District 3 -megatiger78 - District 4 -Jumpyyoza - District 5 - - District 6 -Ethanadams - District 7 - - District 8 - - District 9 - - District 10 - - District 11 - - District 12 -Yukon0009 -
  8. Bit into this game finally. 3 hours that passed in seconds and have reached 2.4k civilians. Damn this is additive and fun.
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