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  1. ME! Realistic-looking rockets ftw. (refer to my signature)
  2. Saw you in a movie, the one with elsa, olaf, and ana. 11/10
  3. Hooray for new aero update! Pancaking is a thing of the past now I guess?
  4. Banned for living free yet paying 75 dollars
  5. Just knew that the original "Kerbalized Rockets", both "before derp" and "after derp" version, was already closed. Anyway... Putting these here: Energia-Polyus replica, circa 2012 (since I mostly see "Energia-Buran")
  6. When you turnt up and you start thinking that you're sitting in an SRB while flying in the sky
  7. Banned for chilling out when you got a mission to do.
  8. XIII was the latest one, IIRC. If not, then it's probably be Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Already done it before in no-cheats survival only once tho. I focus more on mob grinders and other stuff today.
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