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  1. God dammit I had this idea when IVA's were first introduced but never did it because I never really knew how to do it properly.
  2. joedude69

    Gn-22C 'Comet'

    Thats hawt
  3. I'm not pormacing anything but I can do IVA's (its the only thing I really like doing) but I'm going away for holidays and coming back on the 1st so I cant start Immediately, but I have worked with IVA's before.
  4. Yea thats what I meant. Sorry I never looked into how the plugin works and the backside, but your display looks amazing man.
  5. Does this take as many resources as the similar Display in the B9 (I forget the oroginal creator) pack?
  6. joedude69

    [1.3] Starshine Industries: Extendable Nozzle

    You stock-a-likes are so good wow
  7. Dayyyyymmmm this is really good
  8. joedude69

    Cardboard Command Pod

    WOW gies wee all need to take a step back this is too funny.
  9. Had the same woddly problem, I just combined the engines and fuel tank. And now the colliders don't work. :'(
  10. We can't be friend, because I literally have a full saturn V form POTKC but the collision from the first stage and F-1 that i combined does not work and I have no idea why.
  11. joedude69

    Crew Transfer Vehicle mark 3

    Holy poop this is great.
  12. joedude69

    Basking Shark XZibit Config

    We need to go deeper!