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  1. Well I had to get the HUD in the middle of the cockpit to show up by altering the configs. Aside from that it seems like something is going on with the newest release of RPM. I've never had this issue till I installed this a few hours ago. My Parts catalog broke with this as well..... I'm still trying to fix that but nothing seems to fix it.
  2. So I keep getting this error when I load up the capsule.... Anyone know how to fix it? http://i.imgur.com/5k4x1Jy.png
  3. I thank you for the help bud. I'm just not gonna use this mod for safe measure right now. Not until 64bit gets a little more stable.
  4. I've always had an issue with running too many mods. xD I still don't see why it would crash on that one thing though. .-.
  5. I went ahead and restarted my PC and then launched again with the 32bit version of KSP, but it had the same effect. I launched with 64bit and is started perfectly fine. I think Lazor is not made for 64bit yet so it yeah kinda died in the VAB and it was acting funny on the spacecenter. The name of the file is "error.log" I normally do get an "output.log" but with these crashes I don't get one. So I'm stuck. I also have 6gbs of ram as well.
  6. The only log I have is this. http://pastebin.com/G0G3pqtH
  7. This seems to continuously crash my game on startup.... Would anyone perhaps know why? If a mod list is needed I will happily provide one. I can normally sort these type of things out but at the moment it appears to be something that I can not fix. If anyone can help me I would love it. This mod looks kick*** and I would hate to not be able to use it. KSO_25_Interior_02_Emis
  8. Can't wait for the Live Stream! I love modding for you as well. :3