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  1. Yep. And while they pre-Alpha footage isn't exactly the same (and doesn't look quite as shiny) it does still look like they are aiming for it to be true to the "feel" of what we saw in the trailer.
  2. Finally went and built my "Space Truck" using the 5-meter fairing with interstage nodes. The bays can hold 3.75m payloads easily enough. But it's a pain to get the docking ports to align properly. The original plan was to have it able to land on very low-gravity worlds, but I forgot the landing legs. Also I realized the vernor engines are probably not enough to slow it's descent for a "belly landing". The second picture is a result of a failed landing using Minmus surface gravity (0.05 g) with the cargo pods filled to their max capacity. So for now it will be just orbit-to-orbit. With full cargo and full fuel it can do about 2000 m/s. Third one is a slightly modified one with legs and an octet of twitch engines to help with landings. It just barely gets off the ground in Minmus gravity, but landing it is tricky. @Loskene That's probably up to the mod-makers. It will be a big ask, to have all mod-makers remake their stuff for an entire new code-base.
  3. From the main site of the new game: So there will be at least one new solar system, but the way they phrase it makes it sound like you need to unlock interstellar tech in order to reach them. I'm guessing the game will start in the normal Kerbol system, just with nice shiny new graphics.
  4. I see the argument you're making, but in their defense they are really running up against a wall with the existing physics engine. Unity can only be pushed so far. We joke about the bugs and "the Kraken", but when you get down to it, they are really serious issues with the game that were never addressed. By switching to a new engine built from the ground up they are going to be able to get much more accurate physics. Which for a space flight simulator is pretty important. KSP will always be there, and be a good place to start for learning the basics of orbital mechanics. But I'm really looking forward to learning more about full N-body mechanics.
  5. It feels like that will be the case. You can see on the website that they mention colonies that will "pose their own unique challenges". It sounds to me like some sort of life support will be involved. Also in the trailer we saw domes.
  6. @N70 I'm still browsing all of the material. Well... that's amazing. That must confirm a new physics engine then, if they feel they will be able to pull that off. Based on what I remember reading, the way KSP1 did it proper multiplayer was impossible to do without that annoying stuttering.
  7. Things that seem like a sure thing: New graphics engine New soundtrack Multiple star systems Interstellar propulsion technology Nuclear pulsed propulsion Nuclear fusion drives Exploring planets that are in the process of colliding (did I understand that right?) Multiplayer Domes and off world colonies (hopefully food and life support management as well). Things I would love to see: New phyiscs engine (move beyond PhysX, less bugs, more capabilities, faster/more accurate physical time acceleration). N-body motion, allowing Lagrange points VR support, both for in-flight and in-cockpit views Scale-able graphics. The trailer looked amazing, but I'd love it if we could dial it up or down. So I can run an amazing ray-tracing glamor-fest on my desktop, or have a more simple/cartoony looking one for my laptop. Things I would love but that may be too hard to implement Scale-able solar systems (have the option to still play at small Kerbal-scale or play on full solar-system scales). Multiple races (new species to chose from instead of just Kerbals). Just my two-cents. EDIT: turns out multiplayer and off world colonies are confirmed. Moved those two to the first group.
  8. Wanted to try an Apollo style lunar lander. For extra fun I'm using Sigma Dimensions to rescale everything up by 2.5x. I forgot how even such small increases made everything much tougher. The rocket I built cost me 70K, and I can only just barely get this spacecraft into orbit (the 2nd stage ran out before we achieved full orbit, so I had to do a clutch docking while both parts were still suborbital). The reward I get for planting a flag is just 40K startup plus 100K for completion. It's a profit... but it's not as big as I'm used to. I shouldn't complain, I wanted a challenge. But man, when even the mighty mailsail isn't up to the challenge, you know it's a big task. Also, I'm finally warming up to the little lander pod. I was unnerved by how asymmetrical it is at first (that, and I prefer using 1.25 docks on everything, which don't fit nicely onto it) but with some love and attention it can fit right into my constructions. And it helps that it's a real workhorse.
  9. @Sigma88 Sorry for the late reply, real life had to drag me back and I had no time to toy with KSP for a bit. You were correct, whatever I did by trying to change the numbers manually is what broke it. By removing all of the folders and reinstalling them fresh it now works like a charm. Kerbin's radius is 1500 km, and the mun is 28 million meters away. Thanks for the assists! And thanks for continuing to work on these mods, they make the game worth coming back to.
  10. Well, it almost worked. The planets and moons rescale, but the orbits don't. All the same, thanks for the help. I appreciate the effort.
  11. Are those also available on the Github, or do I have to find them elsewhere? There is a Config folder that came with what I installed, and in it there's other folders. Bodies, General and Redimension. But these look like details for each individual planet/atmosphere/orbit. So I don't think that's where I need to go to change everything in one adjustment.
  12. I've been playing the game for years, but I've never been very good at manually downloading mods. But since Sigma has stopped updating on CKAN, I'm forced to download manually. All I want for now is to get the stock solar system to become twice as big as normal. I'm pretty sure I've done all of the parts, and that I have the latest versions. I got Kopernicus from the Github (where it says it's good up to version 1.6.1) and the same for Sigma Dimensions (it doesn't clearly specify what version it's good up to, but it is the latest version of the mod at least). I put the Kopernicus, ModularFlightIntegrator, and Sigma folders into the GameData folder. ModuleManager v4.0.1 is present. I then went into the sigma folder, navigated to the Settings.CFG opened and edited a few things. For started I just did Resize = 2 and Rescale = 2, which should make the orbits twice as large, and the planet radii twice as large. But... when I save, close, and boot up the game. None of the orbits have changed. Am I missing a step to get Sigma to work? tl;dr What dependencies does Sigma Dimensions have aside for Kopernicus?
  13. Sorry for the noob question, but I'm getting back into modding after a long absence. I've used planet scaling mods, but I mostly let CKAN do all of the work. Since it looks like a lot of mods are leaving CKAN behind, I now have to do this stuff manually. And I was wondering, what happens if you install kopernicus, but don't give it any new planets to replace the old ones? I understand that other mods like Sigma or Galileo Planet Pack can insert new planets, but what if you just use Kopernicus?
  14. Go to Sigma's Github.  It has a new update.  He won't post updates in Forums anymore.

    1. PTNLemay


      Thank you!  I would have been waiting a long while.

  15. @Pappystein I just checked, it looks like Kopernicus did update for 1.6.1 (hooray for that). But Sigma is still back on 1.3.1. And Galileo Planet pack is on 1.4.5. Anyway, I won't bog down this thread with an unrelated discussion. I'll have to check it out myself. Thanks. I've wanted to get back into KSP for months now, but I've been waiting for a functional planet-rescale mod that updates to work with the latest version of the game.