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  1. @Wyzard Thanks for the tips! I remember the correct approach tends to be leave it in it's default configuration and stick it all in GameData. It's how the Extra folder looked to be apart from GameData that threw me off. This configuration ended up working. Also @justspace103 it sounds like you had a similar problem, try placing the mod folders like I did (the StationPartsExpansionRedux ones). It seems to fix everything.
  2. I just recently re-installed the game, and I went through my usual install of the nertea parts, but I think I'm messing up this new approach to the internals. In the zip I found the stuff that goes in GameData, the folders, the internals, but there are two CFG files. I understand that the stuff with SSPXScienceDefs.cfg goes into the GameData. But where does the SSPXIVAPAtch.cfg go? Also into the GameData folder? Do I have to leave it in Extra/StationPartsExpansionReduxIVAs? I tried to just put the internals folder in with the other StationPartsExpansionRedux folder, because I think that's how it worked in the past, but it's not working. Any kerbal I put into one of the new capsules doesn't appear. In this next pic, all three of the parts have a kerbal in them, but only the stock one shows them. Again, I'm probably messing up the install, I doubt it's an actual bug. I'm running the latest 1.12 with Making History and Breaking Ground.
  3. These look so cute. The ones with engines instead of wheels almost have a star-trek shuttle vibe to them. Glad you're still working them. You mod and part makers are a real treat for the community.
  4. Got a contract to recover a mysterious part from Kerbin orbit. I was wondering how big the part is, because that's going to affect the kind of recovery craft I need to use. I could just send up a scout to get a good look at it. But I have the Mk4 fuselage mod installed. So why not just put the biggest hangar I have and stick it into orbit? I'm not sure how/where I'm going to land, but let's find out! In lieu of a better name, I'll call it the Big Bucket. EDIT: Jesus Nails, I didn't think I would actually need the hangar, but this thing is actually huge. How are you meant to do this without modded parts? EDIT2: Joan shouting over the roar of the engines: "I said, we can't shut them off! The capsule is physically disconnected from the recovery ship! Don't worry, it's stopped death-spiraling. And it'll be out of fuel in... some time. Do not send the helicopters until then!"
  5. What is that structure you have wrapped around the orange tank in the second picture? It kind of looks like a fairing's interstage nodes, but not quite...
  6. I knew I had seen one somewhere! I couldn't find it in the tech tree so I assumed I had imagined it. Or maybe that I had added one via a mod at some point. Thank you. Luckily it's a small part and the game now lets you add those on after the fact. It's 140 parts, without any payload in the bay. I built some homemade missiles and tried to stuff them in there, but those caused the game to lag quite a bit for some reason.
  7. I’ve been tweaking the Guppy. Added more RCS ports. The central ones were great for translation and long-axis rotation, but they were barely doing anything for the other axes of rotation. The latest configuration feels very stable. It can just about land and take off from Minmus, but it struggles if the fuel tanks are full. I wish the stock game had a fuel vent option... The center of lift is nice and centered, but I’ve noticed that the nose is much more “draggy” than the rear, probably all that hollow volume. But I don’t plan on flying in anything with an atmosphere so that’s fine. I also moved all the habitation modules further into the body of the ship, to make it feel more streamlined. Unfortunately, that has obstructed the Mk2 cockpit’s hatches. So while we still have two exits, the pilots lose their “escape hatches”. Which seems... unsafe for a combat ship. Also, I think I found a configuration for the legs that works. No more pistons, I went with actual legs. The last adjustment was the forward facing engines. As a combat ship I like the idea that it can decelerate without having to turn. Just toggle the engine mode and quickly decelerate. Oh, and for the sake of transparency, yes I am testing it using cheats. I'd rather just reduce Kerbin's gravity than orbit-edit the ship over to Minmus.
  8. @jimmymcgoochie Are the asteroids still movable? Or does the mod put them on rails? I can't imagine how much fuel it would take to move something that large.
  9. While I’ve never installed BDArmory, I have been wanting to experiment with designs that would work as a “gunship”. As in, something with a dedicated cargo-space for bombs or missiles or something, instead of just awkwardly slapping some cannons onto the side of an otherwise normal interplanetary transfer ship. From that brainstorm came the Guppy. My go-to Cupolas have been replaced by a compact little Mk2 Inline Cockpit, which I have to say... it’s a crime I haven’t used this one more. I completely missed the new internals it has, and they’re beautiful. I love those little hallways. And the cramped space plus red lights really fit the “attack craft” feel. A few other parts that people might see are non-stock are all from Nertea part packs (because they’re amazing). The weapons would go in the frontal cargo-bay. I’m imagining a stack of short-ranged missiles. The fuel tanks are so huge I can get an easy 4 km/s from the ship. Overall it works really well, the one big issue I’ve been having with it is the landing legs. I like the idea of it being able to do belly-flop landings on small moons, so I gave it enough ventral engines for a Minmus landing. But the pistons... don’t really want to work as landing legs. Even when I give them enough electricity, it goes all... young-giraffe-struggling-to-stand. I think that the mass of it is imparting too much force, even in low-gravity. I might just abandon the idea of having it land. It was a fun concept but it's too much trouble. The design still has a lot of fun elements just as an orbit-to-orbit craft.
  10. Hey, I'm new to TAC and was wondering about a few things. My last playthrough was using USI Life Support, which I found fun. But the annoying part was how complicated it was to become self-sufficient. USI fits into the broader MKS pack, and the issue with that one is that it has like... 17 different kinds of ores. So while the Life Support is quite straightforward (mostly just supplies and mulch). Feeding the machines that renew your food takes forever to set up. I've got Nertea's parts (which come with the Fish Tank and Greenhouses) and I'm hoping to keep the resupply as simple as possible. Like, using the stock ore to feed the greenhouses directly (or at least feed them in a more straightforward manner than in MKS). Is there a combination of mods that lets you do this? Oh and thank you to the mod-maker for making these and for keeping them updated. It's very much appreciated.
  11. I left KSP for quite a while but only just recently came back to it. And then remembered I made this thread. So... better late than never. I never noticed this, but Cavscout's comment is exactly right. The resolution reset only appears to happen if you "bother" the game while it's doing something intensive like working in a loading screen. I do sometimes fiddle with my mouse or keyboard while things load, leading to a reset. If I go completely hands off during loading, the problem doesn't come up. So thanks Cavscout.
  12. @Bej Kerman The reason I suspect clipping is involved is because I tested my first prototype on the Kerbin launchpad. Even without rapid atmospheric re-entry, once I decouple they spasm wildly. Often resulting in something swinging back and smashing into the ship. I get about 95% hit rate. And of that about 50% of the time it takes out my payload. So even standing still in a very tranquil state, it becomes self-destructive.
  13. @The Flying Kerbal Thanks for the input. It's normal that the problem is a tricky one, it really is late-game stuff. I was just annoyed because I have footage here of someone doing exactly what I'm trying to do. Separate bunched up inflatables and pull it off flawlessly. @Lewie I considered pistons, but they actually use up quite a bit of power. I'm not 100% certain (I would need to perform more experiments) but I think that the amount of power they consume is proportional to how much strain they are being put under. So if I did construct a complicated apparatus with hinges or pistons, and it would need to hold a position while descending through Eve's atmosphere, it would start sucking up all my battery power. I may end up doing that (and just pack on more batteries) but I'll probably just resort to a fixed structure. My newer version looks like this.
  14. To give an example of what I'm trying to do see the video here, time-stamp of around 8:41 Matt uses a bunch of inflatable heat-shields to balance the aerodynamic drag. We can see that the moment the parts disconnect from the ship they violently explode. I figure this is because they can no longer use the "Same Vessel Interaction" set to no. Once they separate, they will interact with the ship, and most importantly with one another. Whenever I try this, the two shields bump against one another and one of the two gets flung (very quickly) back into my ship. Usually resulting in the ship being destroyed. Is there some special trick that Matt is using to make sure the two shields just poof out of existence before they can destroy his ship? Because of this problem I always have to design my ships such that the heat shields never clip, which makes for a much bigger vessel to get to Eve. This is the prototype I've been trying to build. I just want the top shields to get flung off by the time I reach the lower atmosphere of Eve. But any time I try, with or without those sepatrons, one of the two shields will smash into the ship. Usually destroying the payload.
  15. I have Kerbal Engineer Redux and a bunch of part-packs installed, but I'm not sure if they're causing this. This has been a problem on 1.7 and 1.8 for ages, but I've always been able to ignore it because my stages rarely go that high. But now I have a huge Eve Return prototype I'm working on, and I absolutely need to reach those top stages. But the Launchpad selector window won't go away. I feel this is a silly problem but I cannot find a way to fix it.
  16. Giving JNSQ a try, it does look quite fun. It's weird getting back into a game where it takes 5 km/s to get into orbit. Weird but fun. All of my deltaV maps will be useless once again, lol. The mod pack seems to recommend using Scatterer and Environmental Visual Enhancer. And sure enough, without any visual enhancements the planets look a bit... grey. But I've never had to use EVE before. It mentions how there are lots of different "configurations" available. If you're also using EVE, which one did you end up using?
  17. Sorry if this has been asked a million times before. I did try to look, but the search engine doesn't like when I use URLs, so it was hard to look for it. These are the "default" config mentioned in the first post, correct? https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/tree/master/ContentConfigs/GameData/BoulderCo https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/eve-environmental-visual-enhancements/files/2538706 I installed the EVE GameData folder and it didn't include a BoulderCo folder, so I'm guessing these are the "up to date" version of that config? I'm not super committed to that one, but all of the other configs mentioned seem to be incompatible with version 1.8.x. So I'll be going with the default.
  18. Depends. I'm not sure how modified the Himawari-8 footage is, but I think that it's the closest we can get to looking out the window from a space station in high orbit. https://himawari8.nict.go.jp/ The colors are muted yes, but just look how blue the oceans look. EDIT: I retract my earlier statement. I got Scatterer and EVE to work with my install. And I'm not sure which one is doing the heavy lifting (or if it's just all of them working together) but... It's really not bad. Not too grey, not too colorful. Looks great.
  19. Oh right, I just got a good look at the resources mentioned. These are the same ones as those used in CTT. I think. So that should be fine. Thanks for the prompt replies.
  20. @DeadJohn Oh? I thought it was so because on the second post of the thread it's mentioned that the install includes a resource pack. So this resource pack is optional?
  21. How's the compatibility between the CTT and the JNSQ? I would really like to try this modpack, and I would love to also integrate the community tech tree into the install. One thing I'm worried about is that the CTT already introduces a bunch of it's own resources This varies depending on the kind of life support mod you introduce. I like to use USI Life Support. And this mod-pack also seems to have it's own resources. Do they play well together?
  22. Sigma! That's the name. I don't know why but in my latest install I simply couldn't get it to work. I was on 1.7.3, started with it clean with no mods, but no matter what I would do the solar system stayed the normal size. After reinstalling and trying again for the fourth time I just gave up. It's a shame because once you play with the bigger system, the stock one looks comically small in comparison.
  23. Have you tried one of those mods that makes the whole solar system bigger? It's been so long since I tried it that I forgot the name, but it's quite fun. I find that lowering the contract rewards (which is what the normal hard-mode does) just makes things more of a grind. Perform 6 missions instead of 3 to save up enough money to move onto the next thing. But with a larger solar system, all of the deltaV requirements become more intense. It's a refreshingly different kind of increase in difficulty.
  24. First time setting foot on Vall. Originally I wanted to land on Laythe (hence why the lander has all those parachutes) but amazingly I couldn't get them to land safely, nor even to come back out of the atmosphere without spinning out of control. So for now, Vall will have to do. Still very exciting. First time I set foot on a Joolian moon. Thanks to some spare deltaV I did a short hop to a new biome (ditching the side tanks in the process), before calling it a day and heading home.
  25. Sent a manned ship to Jool (finally), the Lazarus. I've attempted this sort of mission before, but I've only ever managed a flyby. Never a captured orbit. It's not that hard, but my roleplay desires always gets the best of me and I bring way too many spare capsules to simulate life support. And all that extra weight kills my deltaV. This time I'm using an actual life support mod, so I know the crew will have enough food and living space to survive the trip. The ship can hold about 7 people, but for now I've only got the classic 4 on board. I sent a lander ahead of them, so I will also be attempting a landing on Laythe (and completing a Laythe crew transfer contract which will definitely not cover the costs of this mission). EDIT: Arrived at Laythe. Just need to rendez-vous with the lander now. EDIT 2: Mission failed. I was quite proud of my big Laythe lander, but the design proved incapable of accomplishing the mission. It turns out, 0.6 atmosphere strikes a perfect evil ratio where it's both insufficient to slow you down with the number of parachutes you brought, but enough to completely mess up your aerodynamics on the way back into orbit. Thankfully I did bring two landers, one to send down unmanned and see if it was safe, and a second one to actually bring down the crew. With the loss of Capsule 1 we're scrubbing the Laythe landing. Might try for Pol instead.
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