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  1. The engine was too low so my ship was supported by landing legs while my engine rolled away, then exploded for good measure.
  2. Have we heard any word on how the technologies would be unlocked?
  3. I'm pretty sure the devs have said that the calculations KSP needs to run limits it to the computer. If the new generation consoles don't have the power than I doubt any phone is going to cope.
  4. This pretty much sums up what I assume happens http://www.kerbalcomics.com/2013/02/11/episode-20-eagerness/
  5. At what altitude are you measuring from, I had an 82.1 G thrill dive which had me at about 4km/s somewhere around 10 km up
  6. If you go into the settings you can adjust the volume for default, just make sure to hit apply. However watch out for crashes, even on 1% vehicle volume if I'm wearing headphones the explosion sound is way too loud
  7. Back in my day there was no fancy "Steam" way to get KSP
  8. I'm still laughing everytime I see a thread asking for docking.
  9. I once had a re-entry that got 82.1G's(my current personnel best). There was no problem for the Kerbals whatsoever. In all fairness I think a Kerbal (why doesn't the forum recognise Kerbal as a word yet?) death meter would detract from the game. The Kerbal system seems too light-hearted and relaxed to add something as morbid as a death meter.
  10. If you load up KSP you have the option of multiple save files (each with the Kerbal system). Im not sure if that's true for the demo. If you create a new save file you can use the mod parts away from your vanilla version. unfortunately creating another saved file doesn't prevent mod parts being available to the vanilla game. If you really want to you could copy your ksp file and have two versions of the game, one vanilla and one for mods, lots of people seem to have this set up.
  11. an explanation with just the vanilla version would be quite nice. i'll have to give the mod a try later though
  12. i watch because he has at least some idea what he is doing. I have half the skill he does if even that. I have to say that he inspired me to get to minmus, and his approach was much better than mine, i missed and had to just burn like crazy to get there .
  13. i think the point of it is that when in space it has a high specific impulse (something to do with thrust). when in deep space it has a low fuel consumption and still produces good results as far as movement goes. it does have a less then impressive result in atmosphere but i think it's meant for space.
  14. i would also like to point out the glory of landing gear in the paid version. The ability to land on the mun is a great accomplishment
  15. i think it will look better once the controls are implemented, it looks rather stark
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