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  1. I actually don't own a Mac and thus cannot test for them functioning there, so fingers crossed it does without me having to do speculative stuff. I'm actually developing for ksp 1.6, as that's what my steam auto-updated for. Given this, and my lack of space on my computer for multiple KSP installs (2tb is not enough anymore), it'll be most updated for the latest version of BDAc and whatever versions that is compatible with first, with backwards compatability MAYBE coming later, time permitting. This is a good question that got me thinking, and I decided that the best way to get suggestions, support, and updates early on would be to set up a discord server. So with that in mind, I've decided to create one. You can join it here, I'll likely also put a link on the front page at some point once I finish it: https://discord.gg/BHjg8DD This particular link expires after 100 uses, just to make sure it doesn't float around forever for some reason.
  2. Actually great question, I haven't checked up on them for a while... I'd say spacedock and maybe curse if I can remember my login.
  3. It's 2019, surprise! I'll give an update. What I've been doing the past month is brainstorming how I'll get this mod back on its feet. In reality, it gets more difficult with each passing update to actually bring this mod up to date. Thus I've decided that the best course of action is an effective reboot. There's gonna be cuts in the amount of stuff at first, but I've already started the preliminary stages of modelling for a few things and am definitely going to be redoing all the former coding I've done to something a lot less reliant on BDArmory. Given that BDAc is the base mod to all this, it'll still be required but I want certain aspects to work without BDAc. So what'll be new? A few things, that I won't necessarily speak of unless I know I can get it to work. Until then, I'll leave you with the hint that I just finished playing through Ace Combat 7... Expect another update in about a week, I'm gonna hold myself to that now that I have a consistent work and class schedule that leaves me Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday free. I hope to hear from people soon to keep me in line, and I hope this time I can actually keep myself to a schedule. These software development classes have been a huge help in getting me reorganized. Thank you guys for your patience. While I cannot guarantee quick results, I am back in the fray. Time for me to boot KSP again and see where it sits in 2019!
  4. Feel it may be appropriate to update everyone now that I have the time to do so. I'm sick, and while that is most certainly not the reason I've not been active, it is the reason I'm here writing this message instead of going to work. Simply put, I'm taking high level college courses and balancing that with a part time job that leaves me with little time to tackle fixing much of anything that isn't a project assigned by one of my CS courses. So I will say that if anyone wants to mess around with my mod, go ahead. I want to get involved again but I don't see that happening outside of breaks, and I mean breaks from school AND work, which won't be too frequent. And while my ability to program has gotten far better due to my current courses and further understanding of the languages, I just can't apply it to this right now. I'll be around for the next week for fall break since I got it off, if anyone wants to message me I should get back to them. I am very sorry to everyone awaiting my return, I've dropped the ball on this one. Hopefully that day will come eventually.
  5. This is not consistent with my personal setup... something is up in general because many people are saying the explosions aren't working which is odd... I'm just gonna spend a night during spring break making sure everything works.
  6. I almost opened the issue until... I read through every bit of text in BDAc beta op and as it turns out what I was missing was Module Manager. Thankfully I caught that issue before posting on Github. I recommend MM be included with the download if possible, or directly linked. Some people would make the same mistake I did and miss that detail entirely.
  7. Here is KSP.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zm4DqXfJ9UEfqi-JOdUBB4GSzAOK7PUJ/view?usp=sharing And output.log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ja_9x9507bB9en_aD9r_nTHdzNjbwhdK
  8. Hello Everyone! Exciting day today because I am now releasing a new, small expansion to NKD called NKD Space Division. It'll be downloadable from the op and from this link here on curseforge (once it has finished processing): https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/north-kerbin-dynamics-v0-84/files There are only two parts so far, with more on the way: - EMCS 155 Gauss Turret: A railgun mounted on a turret, more robust than the base NKD railgun - Space Nuke Warhead: A nuke made to be used in space combat Everything here is in very early alpha and subject to change. Requires BDAc AND North Kerbin Dynamics to work properly.
  9. There are way too many mods in this list for me to pinpoint any issues. Everything right now is Beta and subject to change, so the only way to pinpoint anything would be to just have NKD and BDAc installed.
  10. Update: no good news I'm afraid Completely reinstalled KSP from scratch, deleted all files and backed up my mods elsewhere. The only mod I have now is BDAc BETA. Same issue, took a screenshot of the debug screen: Where would I find a full log? I could send that if I know where it is.
  11. There is going to be quite a bit more flash to the explosions once I overhaul the effects again too. If I have enough patience and time, I will be making explosions code based which will make the effect far more adjustable and pretty!
  12. Thank you, I want this to go back on topic here. As for this addon: I'm going to figure out what's wrong with my KSP environment with bullet damage because a bug cropped up that shouldn't be happening. Once that's done I'll work on bugs here and another pack is on the way as an extension to this.
  13. This keeps happening no matter what weapon I fire with. The bullets simply stop dead before even hitting the craft. Using an automatic gun, it just ends up lagging the game after a while, going away on a reload. Is this just a me problem or is this a known issue?
  14. Ah that's the issue I think. 1.0.0 BDAc is older than the version I am using, the public beta. I would've updated for that version if it wasn't for the fact that my mod was in shambles after a drive wipe and the code was severely outdated. Decided to just update to the public beta release 1.1.0 as it implements many feature I had in my separate module. Sadly, there are no plans to bring NKD back to 1.0.0.
  15. I've been summoned? Now hold on the mod is compatible just a bit buggy with the most recent BDAc build (unless one was released like yesterday) What method of install are you using?
  16. I really like where these are going. Do you mind if I use the first one as the official texture with credit to you? This has nothing to do with CAL and everything to do with the fact that this mod isn't on CKAN. If it is... then it wasn't me who posted it. Please install the version from my pages and nowhere else, so you get the correct and latest version. As for any ammo issues, I'll look into what's going on because it seems I"ve borked multiple guns beyond any sort of recognition.
  17. Sure, they are iconic so it would be a mistake to not add them! Well, firespitter had an old texture switcher module that I used on the MOAB. However, I don't think it is updated to the current version of ksp. Could you send a screenshot of the texture (I may want to replace the current one anyway and would give you credit if you allowed this)?
  18. Is this time warp being used in atmo or out of it? (physics warp or normal warp) I'll take a look, sounds like something went wrong with the hit boxes. @Angstinator I've tried a lot of things in regard to the Gsh turret, to the point of even copying the values of another working turret over and just modifying things like fire rate. I'll keep trying but for now just consider that weapon very very broken.
  19. I'm testing it out now, looks like now they don't even want to fire in the first place... I'll see if I can play with configs until they work.
  20. I'll do some testing later to see if I can replicate this on my end. Yes that should work now.
  21. Oh hello... that's a new issue I can't say I understand why this is occurring. Are you using the latest version or an older version (2 very different ways explosions are handled)
  22. Can confirm, that was an issue on my end. I forgot to remove the legacy parts of the config which means there was conflict with the new one. I went ahead and got rid of it for the next update. A quick fix is jut remove bullet mass and velocity from the module in the Gsh-23 turret config
  23. Forgot to remove that part of the post, have done that now. This is intentional actually. I just have some messy configs as a result of being incredibly exhausted while working on it. BDAc 1.1 uses tntmass instead of blast radius and power now, and this is done in an external module. I just have to remove all the references to the previous versions of BDAc. I also may have accidentally left duplicates of the model paths when moving them to the new module as well, so I'll remedy that too. I don't think these config mishaps will effect the actual weapon behavior, however.
  24. Update 0.84b(eta) is out! Simple things, no large changes. This is a compatibility update with BDAc BETA 1.1.0 ONLY Also compatible with 1.3.1 as a result. If anything doesn't work properly, please tell me. I don't have the time to test EVERYTHING thoroughly so things slip through the cracks quite easily!
  25. Thank you both for such a quick update. My mod will be updated and ready pretty soon (probably tomorrow) since I have already updated my module and am just modifying configs now.
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