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  1. So while poking around in the STS launchsites mod for inspiration on modeling my own version of Edwards I realized that they made a giant 3D slab for Edwards for that mod. I think the same would probably work for Katniss.
  2. I had found Baikonour already in the Katniss Canaveral topic, but thank you! I realized the fix for the pads not showing up for launch in KCT is just a matter of using KSCSwitcher to switch to any launch site and then all your Dreamliner pads will propagate, what's weird is that the Baikonour pads and the Cape Canaveral pads show up just fine, while yours don't until using KSCSwitcher. On the Edwards front I did find MTE and STS. I'm not sure what I need to do to get MTE to work, and using STS causes the KSCSwitcher Vandenburg to go under the ground and your Vandenburg to float. I have decided to make a submod to your mod about Historical launch sites/landing areas. I am going to start with White Sands Missile Range(namely the V2 launch pad and the shuttle landing runways). I plan on adding Edwards, Ellington, and Langley Research Center(mostly the Langley AFB).
  3. This reminds me of a sci-fi spaceship. Kind of like the ones from Battlestar Galáctica or Galak-Z. I had to look it up and realized it’s an actual satellite.
  4. I came back to KSP after a hiatus and updated a bunch of mods and got the same thing. Even on a test install with minimal mods I got it. I’m currently running a third install with KSRSSR, and it happens on this install too. I can vouch for the “everything still seems to work” part though.
  5. I had done a google search but only really saw one for RSS, not sure if that can work in KSRSS Edit: Also I don't know what causes it, but sometimes the launch pads can't be selected with KCT. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  6. Any chance for an Edwards AFB to land the shuttle at?
  7. It’s right up next to the coastline, but it’s not A perfectly aligned(this is because Katniss is scaled to the ships while the terrain isn’t). B it appears that it’s further out from the coast so there’s no solid terrain under it. I believe this is done so there could be water in the places where there is supposed to be water. Let me know what you find. I wonder if there’s a way to make the decal solid or if there is a way to put solid bits under it. My biggest worry is accidentally going off runway with planes and the shuttle.
  8. Is the terrain around Cape Canaveral supposed to not be solid? Tried to drive a rover off the runway and passed through the terrain into the sea.
  9. How risky is it to install the current version of 1.14 for my career? I mostly want the X15 but the game wasn’t happy when I just added it to my 1.13 install.
  10. My gut had told me it was RSMP as it was a new addition to my mod list since I swapped Hephaistos for BREAD with this new install(and RSMP is a dependency). Would adding a !RSMP to the BDB config in question cause MM to not load the config?
  11. I started a new install in KSRSS Reborn with Blackrack's clouds. After getting all my mods re-installed I started to get this error: I tried re-installing BDB and realplume to see if it would resolve the issue but neither worked. I could've sworn I've seen someone else with this error in the past, but I couldn't find it when searching. Here is my KSP Log: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/i2hxpuesbp29ofpkvbl06/KSP.log?rlkey=9h3wwgs9une7iz8h6ur5e45su&st=bb4mxmmx&dl=0 And my MM Log: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/k6wp963oci4v0rcho3p44/ModuleManager.log?rlkey=ryvniubez2cex7r84044zizl3&st=kid0dbiv&dl=0
  12. MVP. I'm currently trying to build an F-104 and was wondering why there was no effect on the panther when I stumbled upon this.
  13. There’s Moderately Plane Related also. https://github.com/Drag0nD3str0yer/Moderately-Plane-Related
  14. Do I need the whole RPM or just the core? I have core for MoarDv’s Avionics
  15. I’ll try the latter option and back up the file prior. At worse I’ll just restore the file if needed.
  16. Is there a way to reset the list of mods in the UI? I have a couple mods that I've uninstalled but they still show up in my list of mods.
  17. Do you have community tech tree? Does anyone know where the Mechjeb 2 updates end up going in this mod? A lot of them are in unmanned tech, which is now gone.
  18. I've been getting the following errors, not sure what the cause is. Here is my Log: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/85iohocduoazx7n9bn7ov/KSP.log?rlkey=cparn7b99m5pm3o5jv5s0vz9r&dl=0 And my MM Log: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/k6wp963oci4v0rcho3p44/ModuleManager.log?rlkey=ryvniubez2cex7r84044zizl3&dl=0
  19. As someone who's currently at the R-5 in his 'History of Spaceflight' career, I would say it would be great if the R-7 was sooner, but honestly the parts are so good either way it's not like it'll make a drastic difference.
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