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  1. From the wiki: For a more accurate look, there is an optional rescale patch in GameData\TantaresLV\Patches\Soyuz_B9_Rescale (enabled by renaming .disabled to .cfg; note that B9 Partswitch and Module Manager are required). This adds a switch to adjust the top diameter of the adapter parts to 1.5m. There is also a thrust plate, decoupler and RD-110A engine in the same size to match. The Vostok spacecraft itself needs to be tweakscaled up slightly to the same diameter.
  2. Space dust does have a “Hubble”. What ever happened to Cobalts Hubble also? I saw you asked ages ago, but I don’t know if he responded. I wish I had the ability to make models, I would help out if I could.
  3. JNSQ is 2.7x scale, what I asked about 2.5x scale should apply to JNSQ. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. Also my solution is always to add more fuel, never thought about checking the weight lol.
  4. I’m on mobile so I can’t use the “search in this topic” feature, but I could swear @damonvv said it was balanced to a 2.5x system like the stock parts. I think I will look at tweaking the fuel numbers in the Configs for a higher boost back altitude.
  5. Alright, that’s about what I was getting so I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong. I’ve seen several info graphics for the real space x rocket that has the boost back taking place past the Karman line, so I was concerned I wasn’t anywhere near high enough
  6. 1800m/s before or after separation? I noticed the delta v jumps post separation(obviously because it’s not carrying the first stage anymore), and roughly what height should this be at in a 2.5x system?
  7. What's the best way to do a boost back in a 2.5x scale system? Also what's the best launch profile?
  8. So does this make explosions bigger overall? I was testing a shuttle launch on my testbed(sandbox) save, and when one of the SRB’s struck the orange tank it blew it up, but the shuttle and the shuttle stack clamps were still in tack. Would installing this mod change that? Mind you my testbed save has easier settings, so I don’t know if that would affect anything either.
  9. Fantastic, I was waiting to add this to my career.
  10. I can't remember which mods, but there have been several that have been adopted and then returned to the original creator.
  11. The mod seems to be forking fine, however I don't seem to have an icon on the Stock toolbar, it's just all white. I've tried on two different installs and its the same thing. There is definitely a Icon.png in my install of a little explosion.
  12. The part probably pulls it’s texture from a stock part to save on RAM. Squad changed the hierarchy of some stock parts, so the part is trying to pull from the old location. But without looking at the part, this is just my hypothesis.
  13. It actually turns out I was using an older kerbinside. The one in the OP is outdated. When I updated to the new one it fixed the splaying. I just had to move the groups and the terrain decals. KSC Extended doesn’t need any adjustments on 2.5.
  14. I can say that adding everything from CKAN and using Zerominiavc helped fixed my problems. Once ZeroMiniAVC had run a couple times I removed it and installed KSP-AVC.
  15. Where can I get that SCA, shuttle aerodynamic cover and the Canadarm 2? They look fantastic and I’ve been trying to find them for my career.
  16. I will say that I was editing map decals for the first time, I don't know if that's the cause for that exception. I was having bases close before I even know I could modify map decals though.
  17. Here is the log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/47cgsxcl2zatqsk/KKBaseClsoe.log?dl=0 Pardon the type in the file name. If I had known this existed I wouldn't have spent so much time changing the prices to zero.
  18. Does anyone know why bases keep closing on their own? I'm messing around in my 1.11.2 safe file to fix everything before bringing it over to 1.12.2, however after adjusting bases and recovering the vessels, the bases are closing again on their own.
  19. I only have this hang up when MAS is installed. I might have posted the wrong log file as I was trying to resolve multiple issues at a time. However an outdated kronomoter was causing issues with other mods, I’ve since updated Kronomoter which fixed some issues, I still need to check if it fixed the issue with your Avionics. I can confirm that updating Kronomoter seems to have fixed the issue.
  20. I haven't tried yet, ended up taking the dog for a walk for a break before getting back into it. Working on it now, I'll let you know if it works out.
  21. I ended up reinstalling KSP prior to you saying this and using CKAN to install versus manually.
  22. I ask because AVC no longer loads after I installed ZeroMiniAVC, I'm wondering if this is as intended. You know, I just checked for an updated version of Kronometer because I think it might be causing a problem with Moar's Avionics, and you swoop in and release a new version. I'll try it now. Edit: Still no dice. Although updating Kronometer apparently fixed DPAI(which I didn't even realize was having issues) as I now get an icon for it on the stock toolbar. Here is the updated log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/20aib1sakhe76q7/Player.log?dl=0
  23. Installing this on 1.12.2 causes a hang up on load. I have all the dependencies. Here is my log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/20aib1sakhe76q7/Player.log?dl=0 Whenever I get the hang up, I also get a notification about Kronometer not being for the current version above the loading bar. I only get this error with the Avionics installed, otherwise KSP loads just fine.
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