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  1. Note: I am somewhat a newb, even after playing Ksp for one and a half year (first time I landed on the Mün was a month after I started playing Ksp). I usually launch a central hub with the most neccesary equipment such as a habmodule, rtg's, batteries etc. Then I launch and attach power generation and longrangecoms. For the record, I believe I built this particular station in .18. You might notice that I've put the station in a very LKO and that's because I was experimenting with viewing distances, trying to see the VAB and comstation from space as I was falling by.
  2. I just found your video of the constellation mission, I watched it from the beginning to the end. Incredible well made program and video, Repped and subbed!
  3. Does anyone know how to get this compatible with 0.21?
  4. I can see Bobcat Ind. becoming a big part of ksp in a near future as novapunch did once.
  5. Well, thank you for the first set of rovers, I thought they were perfect. The feeling when you got your rover to enter Dunas atmosphere and open the parachutes to make a successful landing were awesome. One thing I'd like to see on one of the rovers before you go back to the drawing board is some sort of connector at the back on the vehicle, so you can stack them "upwards".
  6. Very useful thread, I would appreciate if you keep updating this. It would benefit alot of us, thanks!
  7. Oh god, it looks so awesome! Good job Bobcat! By the way, I prefer choice number 1 to the question on page 6, to have some sort of ascent module that can be used as a small base of operation.
  8. Ooh, I just landed DEMV mark-I pod on Duna and now I'm eagerly waiting for Mark-II so I can land another one with internal view!
  9. Well, blender is very easy to use, I started using it like 5 weeks ago and I've already made huge space ships and stuff (not textured yet). Edit: It looks like I'm a pessimist, that was not my intention, indeed Bobcat really kicks-ass!
  10. Well, for me it took 3.5 months (IRL time, no jk) to land on minmus without any help from the internet, so I don't think I'll succeed. I'll make a try though.
  11. Well the spaceplane variant of ASAS, Delta wing, some canards and a couple more pieces... I'm no newbie with installing mods, I did all right. I'm sure there's just some conflict between another mod or something. once again, nice parts. ^^
  12. First of all, great mod pack! But when I added the parts it somehow overwrote some original parts which ended up breaking all my other ships.
  13. Woah! That model looks gorgeous, good job!
  14. "A" kerbal? Only one kerbal in the flight control? And yes indeed, the time when people cared about space exploration... I wish I was older back then. :/
  15. Nice! As a nifty addon, you could add a sun glare too it, google it.
  16. That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. May you rest in peace Neil, I wish I would have met you...
  17. I just have to bump this topic, I am very impressed by this drawing! Good job!
  18. Well without mechjeb I would still be in kerbin atmosphere trying to get a good orbit. After playing around with mechjeb I learned how to build space worthy rockets and how to get a good orbit. And I would not say it takes away half the fun, it more likely adds some instead, It can be harder to use mechjeb than controlling manually if you build a bad rocket... I almost always use mechjeb these days. By the way, welcome to KSP! ^^
  19. I watched a clip OfficialNerdCubed on youtube posted, I was like O_O the whole video.
  20. Well, my relation to kerbal safety is very strange. Whenever a kerbal dies after having done something stunning such as landed on the mun (yes it's still a fantastic accomplishment for whenever I land successfully on the mun) I fell kind of sad that I could not save the kerbal. But when I'm testing new rocket designs I just go through kerbal life like if it was baking soda.
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