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  1. Space Shuttle Armstrong carries Jedediah and Valentina Kerman on the STS-1a/b flight Full Imgur album of the mission: https://imgur.com/a/RNnBtB9 I completed STS-1a/b with my new Armstrong-class shuttle. Jeb and Val succesfully carried the fuel pod to a circular 157km orbit with an error of only 30m, and safely returned to the island airfield. The shuttle is almost completely stock, except for a few parts for the Kerbalism mod. I used some other mods (mainly Trajectories) to assist with flying, but aside from that I believe this would qualify as a stock flight per the rules.
  2. I'm running a 1.9 install with EVE, AVP, Kerbalism, Restock, Kerbal Construction Time, and a few others, and when I open a sandbox save, the VAB, SPH, and tracking station will not open, and trying to load something onto the pad does nothing either. The only building that works is the Astronaut complex. The water is also missing from around the Space Center and I can not pan the camera (though I can zoom it?). I had an issue installing Kerbalism where I forgot KerbalismConfig and it threw a super nasty error, but I installed that and now it gets past that error. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Really would appreciate some help, I've been wanting to play some KSP and have been trying to get this game to work to no avail. Modding is getting really tricky these days it seems.
  3. Hey uh I just had this happen so here you go: https://imgur.com/a/F0bvYf4 I can't find the log in my install so lmk how to do that
  4. My biggest wish would be C418 to do the music for the game
  5. Okay, I have come to realize I've probably been doing something stupid for years. Do I need to keep every different version of MM that comes with individual mods, or do I just need the latest version? I have like five different versions of MM (i.e. MM 3.1.0 - 4.0.2) in my GameData folder and basically I'm wondering if I can delete all of them aside from 4.0.2 and it be fine.
  6. Nope, back from a 1 year lurking binge. @The Minmus Derp perhaps? I can't believe this thread is still running...
  7. Why isn't this titled "Laythe Stage Capitalism"?
  8. What are all the equations and inputs necessary for finding the orbital parameters (eccentricity, speed, etc.) of a near earth asteroid impacting Earth, and how do I crunch them? I am writing something and need these.
  9. Nope! Guess who's back from the lurking! @HoloYolo It's been a while
  10. Occasionally, when moving a stage icon, it will "stick" to its current position on the screen instead of moving into place, and will not go away unless the game is restarted. Pictures: This will persist when in editor, flight, map view, KSC, etc.
  11. My go-to mod list is as follows: DMagic Orbital Sciences (Most important, adds a crap ton of science parts and contracts) SpaceY (5m and 7.5m parts) Kerbal Engineer (Shows important info about rocket, i.e. DV, TWR, etc.) Kebal Attachment System (Allows EVAing kerbals to move parts around, I also would get KIS with it) Trajectories (Shows where your suborbital vessel is actually going, based on rotation and atmosphere of the body it is landing on.)
  12. Thank you, we'll miss you! This game is the best $15 I dropped back in 0.15!
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