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  1. What version of ksp you want this tested on? Mods no mods, dlcs?
  2. Neither of those statements are legally binding, hence why I hope they honor it but im not betting on it. Take2 has a history of going lawyery on modders in the past and has gone pretty microtransaction heavy even on their AAA cost titles. So far Take2 has been pretty hands off with Private Division but who knows what the future holds. Either way the video cinematic for Ksp 2 made me instantly think of Nertea's art style and mod set, with some MKS and ELP functionality tacked on with some KSPIE endgame engines. Im curious to see if they lean closer to Nertea's Near and Far Future engine/fuel complexity or go full Kspie and its ISRU system complexity or that with Real Fuels, or somewhere in between. It also made me instantly think of this persons Imgur mission albums https://imgur.com/a/EHUwh and im kinda super pumped for Ksp2.0, but ive also been burned in the past so i can only get so excited. Either way its like at least a year away so im thinking to myself I could be playing my last ksp1 modded playthrough.
  3. I mean at least it looks like they are using your art style this time so hopefully you wont have to do as many stock retextures :-p Im really concerned about ksp 2.0 and modding due to take2's history of not being the most mod friendly dev. It looks like lots of the features I use from mods are being rolled into stock (near future stuff, reactors, plasma, colonization and offworld construction) but its still the principle of the thing. It be a slap in the face to the fans to switch from mod friendly version 1 to "no mods" version 2.
  4. Holy moley, just noticed Kopernicus updated so I can finally add opm binto my playthrough. Quick question would having the expansions installed interfere with Opm? I remember with making history some mods not working properly if the expansion was installed. I mean Im gonna try doing it tonight anyways (after making a backup) but was just wondering if there was anything obvious I needed to be aware of?
  5. What mod/part cause I had no idea I needed that until now.
  6. Does the lack of motivation apply to version updates? I guess what Im asking is are you guys planning on releasing an official 1.5.x version or should I just square peg round hole my own? Love this planet pack, thank you for all your hard work!
  7. Just in case anyone's wondering followed the install instructions and everything's loaded perfectly. Getting all my other mods loaded now.
  8. AWESOMESAUCE! This is the combination im gonna try to get loading! GPP + GPP_Secondary + GEP + OPM: The OPM planets are added to the stock solar system. Ciro and the GPP planets are added as a secondary solar system orbiting the stock solar system. Grannus and the GEP planets are added as a tertiary solar system orbiting the GPP solar system.
  9. I have a question, I can find tons of information on how to set up GEP primary with GPP secondary, but adding OPM either Im freaking blind or is it as simple as just dropping it in? If I install gpp as primary and gep as secondary do I just drop in OPM as well, where does opm end up? Is there an option for stock primary, gpp secondary, gep tertiary, +opm?
  10. Thanks Nertea! These new packs are ahhhhhhmmmmmmmaaaazzzzinnnnnnggggg! Fyi, rolled a pure Near Future save just to get a feel for the new parts, really like their balance to stock. Are planning to have any generator function on the nuclear engines in the future?
  11. Thats what I was wondering, without nfe apparently it doesnt patch it over to kspie because theres no reactor component to patch until nfe is installed, im guessing im gonna have to mash nfe into a near future only save, then smash kspie into that. I understand its on kspie to provide that patch, I usually write my own patch to make them work together better, I just need to know what the intended behavior is first.
  12. Hey quick question about the new aeronautics pack. So im starting a save (1.4.5) and per usual Im ramming together KSPIE, near future, and MKS and sorting out the issues (kspie for tech and electrical, near future for the sexy parts, and mks cause I like to build off world). Initial ramming was done with no custom configs between them, only one load was done at this time, just wanted to make sure the game was bootable in sandbox. So one thing I noticed is the new nuclear engines dont seem to have any actual reactor component, but are very mass heavy and have the proper specs to represent a nuclear engine, is this intentional in design or is the reactor/power gen component added with nfe? These parts look freaking amazing btw, thanks Nertea!
  13. Do you have any of the near future mods installed? If you have certain near future mods installed it lowers kspie to be on par with near futures power levels. I guess their working on in the future instead near future will get cranked up too kspie levels.