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  1. Ive had times where id see other MKs options on eva with an engineer but not the maintenance one. Its kinda hit or miss with it not showing up and havnt been able to make it repeatable. Sometimes switching back to the space center then going back fixes it but not always. I get around it using the stock resource transfer system, poke it enough (I click machinery on the stock resource thing) and you can get it to allow you to move machinery like one could lfo.
  2. I used to return rare and exotic minerals to kerbin for big bucks, id use these big bucks to make tons more mining and manufacturing modules then id just mine and build offworld not really needing funds anymore.
  3. Those need to be deployed by an engineer on eva. And define didnt use resources, like the ones you were able to deploy didnt use resources?
  4. So the "Tick" with the 2.5m MPU unmanned (instead of the duna pioneer module unmanned) is pushing metallic ore and minerals into the planetary storage, the mpu is set to process both but is turned off. Update: When I set the mpu to make chemicals and metal boths those also got pushed into planetary storage when local filled up. I have no way in situ to test if other materials its not set to process will be pushed, but looking back at past base sites and storage changes I think it will.
  5. Can it push anything filling its storage or just the stuff its processing? Basically trying to funnel materials from multiple remote mining bases into a central shipyard.
  6. Quick question. In order to push to planetary logistics according to the wiki I just need the duna pioneer module and even unmanned it should be able to push, but I also remember a long time ago a change happening with that (or proposed). Basically I guess my question is whats the bare minimum required to push to planetary storage? (playing on 1.8.1 if that matters, just trying to figure out if im doing this wrong or mod interaction problem).
  7. Ive always had this issue in the past result in my ground bases being bounced around and ripped apart. I get around this using usi's "ground tether" module letting me build massive sprawling bases resistant to scene loading and unloading. Releasing the ground tether has resulted in my bases popping through the air or flying through the ground but until I try to move it their pretty rock solid. Not sure if something akin to that could help with the survey pylons being bounced and destroyed.
  8. What version of ksp you want this tested on? Mods no mods, dlcs?
  9. Neither of those statements are legally binding, hence why I hope they honor it but im not betting on it. Take2 has a history of going lawyery on modders in the past and has gone pretty microtransaction heavy even on their AAA cost titles. So far Take2 has been pretty hands off with Private Division but who knows what the future holds. Either way the video cinematic for Ksp 2 made me instantly think of Nertea's art style and mod set, with some MKS and ELP functionality tacked on with some KSPIE endgame engines. Im curious to see if they lean closer to Nertea's Near and Far Future engine
  10. I mean at least it looks like they are using your art style this time so hopefully you wont have to do as many stock retextures :-p Im really concerned about ksp 2.0 and modding due to take2's history of not being the most mod friendly dev. It looks like lots of the features I use from mods are being rolled into stock (near future stuff, reactors, plasma, colonization and offworld construction) but its still the principle of the thing. It be a slap in the face to the fans to switch from mod friendly version 1 to "no mods" version 2.
  11. Holy moley, just noticed Kopernicus updated so I can finally add opm binto my playthrough. Quick question would having the expansions installed interfere with Opm? I remember with making history some mods not working properly if the expansion was installed. I mean Im gonna try doing it tonight anyways (after making a backup) but was just wondering if there was anything obvious I needed to be aware of?
  12. What mod/part cause I had no idea I needed that until now.
  13. Does the lack of motivation apply to version updates? I guess what Im asking is are you guys planning on releasing an official 1.5.x version or should I just square peg round hole my own? Love this planet pack, thank you for all your hard work!
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