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  1. So happy you are still maintaining this for more than 5 years now!
  2. Great plugin! Used it since the beginning but it has been a while. Noticed today that surface velocity and true altitude aren't displaying as they used to. Example: http://i.imgur.com/cGIZba5.jpg Is this a bug or did I miss some configuring?
  3. Nice new thread! I'm pleased you kept the "Totally useless, totally awesome" quote
  4. New Chatterer thread by Athlonic is up HERE!
  5. Here's the source code: https://github.com/pizzaoverhead/Chatterer/blob/master/Chatterer/Chatterer.cs On line 3365 starts the load_icons() function that loads the icon textures and sets their positions. Line 3382 starts the placement of the icon: if (ui_icons_loaded) { ui_icon_pos = new Rect((Screen.width / 2) - 285f, Screen.height - 32f, 30f, 30f); if (chatter_freq == 0) ui_icon = ui_icon_off; else ui_icon = ui_icon_on; if (debugging) Debug.Log("[CHATR] icon textures loaded"); } e
  6. Just added a link to this post and Chatterer's github to the OP. Better late than never, right?
  7. Sweet! +2 internets for you. Also, some other news regarding the future of Chatterer: Pizzaoverhead, creator of some excellent sound plugins and manager(?) of the Kerbal Sound Overhaul Project, has agreed to adopt Chatterer and has uploaded the code to GitHub. I encourage Athlonic and anyone else interested in contributing fixes or new features to please do so there. Huge thanks to pizzaoverhead, toadicus, and Athlonic for working hard to keep the gibberish going!
  8. Kind of sort of. I've moved on to other games and making mods for them. I've asked a few other plugin creators if they would like to take over Chatterer but so far haven't gotten any firm commitments. Still waiting to hear back from a couple as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that someone will pick it up and run with it. Just sent a message to pizzaoverhead a few minutes ago asking if he would like to take over/merge it/whatever.
  9. Gave it another try with your suggestions, but still getting them all curved The strange thing is I can go to youtube and play some random SSTV and they decode just fine It's making me crazy.
  10. Why do you all keep rubbing the broken SSTV in my face? If you can figure out how to decode them, you can probably figure out how to encode them also, so help us all out and make some new ones that decode nicely, eh? Someone? Anyone? edit: I will try to get an update together in the very near future for RemoteTech2 compatibility.
  11. As others have said, you can edit Chatterer's plugin.cfg file to change the icon's x,y position if another mod is blocking it. Or ask the maker of MCE to make its icon relocatable as well. The Chatterer icon has defaulted to this position for months before MC even existed and I'm not going to go moving it around every time a new mod comes along and covers it up.
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