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  1. I'm wanting one to put in cargo bays. An upside-down Mk2 cargo bay is perfect for crew access to cargo and a deployable ladder. I just need that darn hatch.
  2. Probably the most basic yet most quality-of-life-oriented part I've ever suggested. It's as simple as a spare hatch that would provide Kerbals with an alternative route to take when exiting or boarding vessels. And... that's pretty much it.
  3. Ah. So I'm basically asking for mods to become stock in some regard? I'd be okay with that.
  4. Pretty straightforward list. Ground Effect Simulation Not nearly as complicated as something like FAR. This would simply increase lift and perpendicular thrust values near surfaces, allowing hovercrafts and ekranoplans to work properly. Offshore Launch Site Simple launch site off the coast near KSC marked by buoys. Vehicles are deployed at their center of buoyancy. We could finally have a dedicated facility for launching boats, seaplanes, and Sea Dragon replicas. A nearby rig could provide extra fuel, helipads, and EVA shenanigans. Spawnpoint on Other End of Runway Facilitates takeoffs to the west with no need to waste fuel in a turn. This could go for the Dessert runway as well. Perpendicular Runway Facilitates takeoffs to the north and south. Flood Tanks Mainly for tilting water-launched rockets upright, but are also perfect for proper submarines. Liquid Fuel Tanks in More Sizes Again, pretty simple. Using fuel-oxidizer tanks and just removing the oxidizer wastes a lot of space and leaves extra weight. 2.5m Fuselage Pieces For proper B-29 replicas and other similar aircraft. This would include top-opening cargo bays, tail cones, crew cabins, and a new cockpit. Smaller Wing Parts The smallest fin available is... pretty ugly. Doesn't fit with other parts very well. It would be nice to have smaller wing panels and control surfaces, possibly thinner than their larger counterparts as well. Usable Inland KSC, including old SPH and runway The nostalgia freak in me speaking. I'd love to be able to launch from an updated KSC2. The buildings would be updated a bit with better graphics and EVA doohickeys, though they would keep the same overall appearance. We could also use the old building interiors to build vessels, surrounded by happy memories. Old Part Models as Part Variants Bringing back the old look, smoothed out a bit to keep up with graphics. Larger Rocket Engines I've found it interesting how we have all of these 3m and 5m parts, but only one 3m engine and no 5m engines. Granted, we can use a bunch of smaller engines, but c'mon. This is KSP. We need some giant stuff.
  5. Yet another cool thing: All the more reason to start venturing into the more explosive aspects of science. Project HARP, Operation Argus, this... It's a must. Also, crew hatch parts. These are needed for letting Kerbals step out into more confined areas of a vessel.
  6. I seriously hope that the starting tier in career mode is at KSC2 (starting as "Jeb's Junkyard" before being upgraded) with the old parts. Talk about a retcon. No "outdated" skins; just older tech slapped together from Jeb's trash picking. I think I love nostalgia a little too much.
  7. Another potential discussion point... Maybe another near-future propulsion system for the game? I'm a fan of the fancy but more-or-less conventional engines like this, along with aerospikes.
  8. I do like the idea of modular facilities like this. We could make rocket sleds or even V3-style cannons. Better yet, we could have smaller versions of these for aircraft catapults on custom carriers. I’m editing the original post as I go, so this is an ongoing brainstorm. Another thing that would be extremely convenient is a system that would allow separate vessels to land themselves while the player focuses on the main vessel. This would be perfect for easily deploying probes and securing those reusable stages.
  9. @KerikBalm isn't the only one. KSP is a simulator; not perfectly realistic given sizes and densities (and ability to build silly contraptions), but balanced accordingly to keep everything on more-or-less realistic efficiencies with believable power sources. Tossing in a pseudoscientific method of propulsion and/or power undermines that to an extent. It's also not all about current and near-future tech. KSP is rooted in a Cold War era Solar System exploration theme. This is why I think prototypes like NERVAs, LACEs, aerospikes, and HARP cannons (which were actually built and tested) should be prioritized over massive interstellar vessels. Not saying that we shouldn't have the big interstellar stuff or a nice big mass driver facility, but I'm a smaller-scale builder and thinker with a love of nostalgia.
  10. Bear in mind that there will be a career mode. LACE would fit in nicely given R&D and price restrictions. It's also just fun to mess around with things like this. The more the merrier, IMO. I'm also wondering if they'll have a way to simulate rough terrain without actually making it rough, similar to how it works in the IL-2 series (combat flight sim).
  11. Even if the fuels don't get so complex, I do think there should at least be a choice between LH2 and kerosene. Kerosene could be heavier but provide more "oomph" for a first stage. Part of the suggestion was just out of the potential oh-so-Kerbal hilarity of a gasoline or alcohol-powered contraption with some nitrous oxide racecar oxidizer, while the main idea was to have several mixture options for collecting resources on different planets. Even without FAR-style aerodynamics, I think there are ways to simulate ground and ram effects. For example, ground effect could be something as simple as a steep increase in lift and downward thrust values near a surface. The ram effect would be more difficult, but I'd be amazed if it couldn't be done. For seismic experiments, yes, seismometers would be involved, but it would also be a good excuse to add explosive items in the game, including simple nukes. Operation Argus was a real-life scientific experiment of a nuclear detonation's effects on Earth's magnetic field, and there were plenty of seismic tests involving them, so the reasoning to include it in KSP is there. The LACE is pretty different in operation compared to a SABRE and much simpler to operate. LACEs fully liquify air into a usable oxidizer. As such, a LACE in-game would be a special intake or fuselage part as opposed to a dedicated engine. Intake air would be converted to oxidizer (faster speeds, more oxidizer), and in turn would be fed into an otherwise normal rocket engine. The upside: it would be very efficient and save room for more liquid fuel. The downside: it would be a heavy part and would be dead weight if taken into space. Subterrenes and tunneling, yeah, I can see that being nearly impossible or just not practical. It was just something to toss into the list. I was also thinking of a drill-submarine drone concept for a Europa mission that I had seen a while back (the craft would need to drill through ice to get to Europa's ocean). The main idea behind the runways is a better system for rocket-powered spaceplanes so that they wouldn't need to waste fuel in a turn. And yes, I can understand not wanting pseudoscientific methods of propulsion completely. It's a game about science and what-ifs, not space magic.
  12. Well, that's certainly a big part of it, yes. I'm mainly in it for the nostalgia features, and the abandoned prototypes and airships feel so dieselpunk.
  13. Pretty straightforward list of desires for the game. Realism Diverse liquid fuel and oxidizer types. Liquid fuel could be LH2, kerosene, liquid methane/ethane, ethanol, or gasoline. Oxidizer could be LOX, H2O2, N2O, or even certain acids. Prices, weight, ratios, efficiency, and power would all vary with different mixtures. Granted, this would be a complicated system, so I could see it as a difficulty setting. Ground effect simulation for proper hovercrafts and ekranoplans, possibly done via increased lift and perpendicular thrust values near surfaces. In career mode, available parts and skins would vary depending on what location's VABs and SPHs are being used. For example, the main KSC would have access to NASA-style parts, another would have Soviet-style parts, yet another would have European-style parts, etc. These restrictions could be bypassed with special international contracts and other deals. In sandbox mode, all parts are always available at any location. Fun Explosive avenues of science. The player could use explosives to measure seismic wave travel through surfaces or, tossing regard for collateral damage out the window, even detonate nukes to study their effects on surfaces, atmospheres, or magnetic fields, similar to Operation Argus. HARP-like cannon facilities for testing the ballistics of reentry or making general low-cost studies of the upper atmosphere. In extreme cases, the player might be able to yeet small rockets above the atmosphere and guide them into orbit, although they would need to be built sturdily and within the confines of the cannon's barrel. A rocket sled facility. A mass driver facility. A V3-cannon-like facility. Similar to the NERVA, more experimental and/or abandoned engine concepts, such as Liquid Air Cycle Engines (LACEs; special intakes for otherwise normal rocket engines), the "big dumb boosters" of the Sea Dragon (no setting between “off” and “full throttle”), and coal granule ramjets. More older or "retro" engine types likes pulsejets and recessed rocket nozzles. Balloons and Airships (been begging for these for over eight years). Submarines and more in-depth (no pun intended) underwater exploration. Caves, caverns, and other complex geological formations. Soviet-style space cannons (yep, they actually fired one in orbit). Nostalgia Legacy skins. All of the old KSP part models (from the earliest rocket parts and original plane parts to the intermediate updates) would be featured as color schemes, decals, and variants of parts (smoothed out a bit to keep up with the graphics). Legacy structures. Inland KSC (KSC2) would also return as a usable facility, featuring all of the original early-KSP buildings (including the old spaceplane hangar and runway) updated with climbable ladders and other EVA features (again with enhanced graphics). The player wouldn't just be able to use the launchpad and runway; they could even use the old interiors of the VAB and SPH to build their vehicles, surrounded by happy memories. In career mode, the old VAB and SPH would only have access to the Legacy skins and part variants and, on the flipside, would be the only space center with access to them. Quality of Life A marker for a craft's center of buoyancy. A marker for a craft's center of drag (suggested by @KerikBalm). A launching area offshore in open water marked by buoys, facilitating the launch of ultra-massive rockets that would otherwise damage launchpads and eardrums with their intense propulsion (Sea Dragon, anybody?). Doubles as a seaplane and boat launching facility. Vehicles are deployed with their center of buoyancy at the surface of the water. A second runway spawn position that facilitates takeoff to the west. A perpendicular runway that facilitates takeoff to the north or south. Ability to choose between a fuel-oxidizer mix, fuel only, or oxidizer only for fuel tanks with no wasted space or extra weight (trading oxidizer for more fuel or vice versa). Ability to harvest liquids from oceans and gases from atmospheres and refine them into their corresponding fuels or oxidizers. A way to program vessels, probes, or reusable stages to land themselves or perform maneuvers while the player concentrates on piloting another vessel. Angle-locked docking ports for better symmetry while docking modules. Crew hatch parts for alternative entrances/exits on ships. Ability to prevent monopropellant from flowing to certain areas of ships. A stability assist mode for maintaining a specific altitude and speed (in air or underwater), adjusting by thrust, lift, and buoyancy.
  14. Brain-dump with some fairly basic ideas. One of the biggest things I've been annoyed by lately is how, by removing the oxidizer from larger fuel tanks for NERVAs, there's a lot of wasted space and mass. This is where the "fuel setting" idea comes into play. It would be nice to be able to fill the oxidizer space vacated with more liquid fuel with a new "fuel type" option or something similar; no visual changes required (the current fuselage pieces separated by these options would be merged, any visual changes made color options like other fuel tanks). As far as quality of life goes, I'll try to avoid common part suggestions that are thrown around here all the time and stick with more broad gameplay features: "Legacy" colors and variants for certain parts with all of their old models (smoothed out a bit to keep up with the graphics). This includes the basic fuel tanks, SRBs, engines, command pods, and spaceplane parts. A "launchpad" option out in open water near KSC, providing an easy deployment area for water-launched rockets (Sea Dragon, anybody?), seaplanes, or boats. All vessels would be deployed at their center of buoyancy. An option to view a craft's center of buoyancy, similar to its center of mass, lift, and thrust. Second runway or runway spawn position that facilitates takeoffs to the west. Perpendicular runway that facilitates takeoffs to the north or south. Inland KSC (KSC2) updated as an available launch site along with the old spaceplane hangar and runway. Structures would be updated with climbable ladders and other EVA features. Ability to harvest more resources like liquids from seas and gases from atmospheres and convert them into their corresponding fuel types.