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  1. Looooonnnnng-time veteran of KSP here. Been begging for stock airship parts for the entirety of the 7 years I've been playing. Will KSP2 finally satisfy my craving for giant floating bases and carriers?
  2. Please tell me... PLEASE... After 7 years of me waiting... Will KSP2... … have airships?
  3. Never seen Ultraman. I'm not sure if they'd be able to fit superhumans into the Monsterverse unless they really wanted to take a Godzilla: Final Wars route.
  4. I was mainly referring to the new Monsterverse movies. I know Toho started their own direct reboots, but the Monsterverse opens up so much more potential IMO.
  5. Is it obvious enough that I'm a hopeless Godzilla nerd? Legendary has made it clear that the Monsterverse will continue after Godzilla vs Kong, especially since Toho voiced their approval of this take on their cinema icons. So, what do my fellow gujiller fans want to see after the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong movie? I'd like to see a lot. Kicking this off: Other Godzillas We know that one member of Godzilla's species was "Dagon." Why not expand on this? Could a more evolved Godzilla (maybe based on Toho's "Millennium" Godzilla) be introduced as an antagonistic, human-hating Titan for some classic city-smashing action? What about TriStar's version of Godzilla introduced as a cousin species? I'm getting a "the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" vibe from this idea. Cousin Titans Back to the thought of including TriStar's Godzilla (aka "Zilla") as a cousin species to Legendary's Godzilla, what other "cousin Titans" could be included? Toho's "Gaira" could be a cousin of Kong's species, Battra a cousin of Mothra's species, Megaguirus a cousin of the MUTOs, etc. More "Toho tech" Legendary reintroduced the Oxygen Destroyer (the weapon used to kill Godzilla in the original film) and gave us a few nods to the futuristic aircraft from past movies with the USS Argo, but there's still a lot that can be explored, including one of the most iconic anti-Kaiju weapons: the maser. Widening the "Titan underworld" We know about Alan Jonah's organization of eco-terrorists, but considering how the world has been shaken by a mass awakening of giant creatures, there should be a lot more going on in this particular field. In the movie Godzilla vs Biollante, this was a huge plot point. Groups of mercenaries from the US and a fictional Middle-Eastern nation called "Saradia" were all committing espionage in Japan with the goal of securing secret and very valuable materials, such as anti-radiation bacteria and Godzilla cells. With the new movies showing the world thrown into chaos, Legendary could easily include more of this action, possibly even reintroducing Saradia as a new nation emerging from the political strife. Roles for original actors This would be a nice little touch to new movies if at all possible. Actors from older Godzilla films could be featured, such as Manjot Bedi (Saradian agent "SSS9") and Don Frye (captain of the Gotengo from Godzilla: Final Wars). Introduction of Toho's "lost civilizations" We know that the hollow earth and its lost civilizations is a major plot point in the Monsterverse. We can safely assume that Atlantis and other legendary empires are included in this buried world, but what about the lost empires from Toho's old movies? The lost continent of Mu would be an excellent plot point used to reintroduce monsters like Manda and Gigan. Bringing Gamera into the Monsterverse Fans have been asking for this Toho-Daiei crossover for ages. It's about time it happened. Why not give Gamera some "upgrades" as well? Maybe make his armored shell a giant biological tokamak reactor, letting him blast CMEs out of his mouth. More emphasis on Japan I mean, let's be real. Godzilla is Japan's creation. In my mind, the movies haven't been including Japan nearly enough. Sure, the first MUTO began its rampage in Japan, but Godzilla has yet to even travel near the nation in the new movies.
  6. Bit late to the party. I've been asking for stock airship pieces for seven years. Frankly, I'm astonished we don't have them yet.
  7. Well, then there's the added bonus of being able to make full-size shuttles. Personally, I like to scale vehicle builds to real-life sizes. I made a Boeing Microfighter (as seen in the 747 carrier pic) with a wingspan of about 5m, which was around its actual size. It's on the Steam Workshop (under NobleNerd; shameless self-promotion for an easy build ).
  8. These are going to seem like oddly specific suggestions for aircraft parts, but I'll do my best to explain why they would be fitting in KSP. To start, 6.5m fuselage pieces. In other words, Boeing 747 pieces in both passenger and cargo bay configurations. Since the 747 acted as NASA's shuttle carrier and is used to this day by Virgin Galactic to launch rockets in-flight, the addition of these segments is more than justified. As an added bonus, the US Air Force was researching ways to convert 747s into flying aircraft carriers. Second, 2.5m fuselage pieces, roughly the size of the B-29 Superfortress's fuselage. A modified B-29 (called the B-50 Mothership) was used to launch variants of the Bell X series of supersonic aircraft. Not sure if it was worth posting this, but I'd like to hear others' thoughts.
  9. My own issue is trying to make variable incidence wings that tilt up very slightly. It's actually super useful for quick takeoffs. But, unfortunately, I still deal with the "epileptic moth" issue.
  10. Just another little thing I noticed with the robotic pieces. Whenever I try to make wings that move in any manner, they flop all over the place when making tight turns in flight. I've tried struts; they don't work. How does one avoid having their aircraft turn into an epileptic moth?
  11. Oi! Do you think you'll make an updated KSS Halcyon with updated robotics at some point? That would be absolutely epic.

  12. Airship parts. PLEASE. I have been waiting... for SEVEN YEARS... for STOCK AIRSHIPS... I'm being driven mad.
  13. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to that. I've been wanting some early Cold War style wing designs and cockpits to use.
  14. One thing that's been frustrating me lately is the distinct lack of smaller wing pieces for fine-tuning the designs of compact aircraft. The smallest wing part we have is the "basic fin," and it looks very out of place when used on other wing pieces. Some smaller wing shapes would be very nice. A few ideas... Tiny Delta Wing - Half-sized Small Delta Wing. Structural Wing Type E - Half-sized Structural Wing Type D. Swept Wing Type C - Half-sized Swept Wing Type A. Small Wing Strake - Half-sized Wing Strake. Smaller control surfaces would also be a very welcome addition with these smaller parts.