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  1. I'm a sucker for nostalgia, and I'd love to see the old part models (with smoothed textures) worked back into the game as cheaper and less efficient parts in career mode (but still made available in sandbox). Yes, this includes the old Mk1 Command Pod and the original spaceplane part models. There are a few ways this could be implemented... 1. The parts are available by default as early tech pieces for some rudimentary launches. 2. The parts are unlocked upon flying a large enough craft to KSC2 (my personal favorite idea since KSC2 keeps the original building designs). 3. The parts become available as "handouts" if the player goes over-budget, but the loan must be paid back later. And more, I'm sure.
  2. Thing is, I was hoping for LF rotors that could be used like real-life rotors without the fuel consumption of a rocket. I can't build a normal propeller plane.
  3. Just something I noticed pretty quickly with the new LF rotors. They use fuel REALLY fast. There's really no point in using them over jet engines. EDIT: Motor output reduction solved everything.
  4. This helps, but it would still be nice to have an engine thrust autopilot to keep the craft at a specific altitude.
  5. I'll try to explain this in a non-confusing way... Basically, it would be nice to have a special type of SAS mode for a vehicle dedicated to hovering (using fixed vertical jets and the like; think helicarrier or other airship-type vehicle). The assist would use things like engine gimbal, individual engine thrust, or rotor torque in such a way as to keep the craft level and/or at a specific altitude while maneuvering. I have no idea if this is a realistic suggestion. The autopilot mechanics would be pretty complicated.
  6. I'm talking hydrogen balloons and stuff like that. Think floating Jool bases or steampunk carriers.
  7. Loving the look of this. I do have one request... Can we have airship parts soon? As of now, I've been waiting about 7 years for them. Love the game, love the work... I am STARVING for this missing feature.
  8. It's obvious that Legendary is putting their own twist on Toho's famous kaiju while staying true to their original designs, and they're looking dang good. In this thread, I wanted to share my thoughts on how Legendary could reimagine more kaiju from Toho and other studios. Legendary already has some very interesting explanations for where the existing "Titans" get their powers. For example: Godzilla - Bionuclear Fission MUTO - Radiosynthetic Electromagnetism Rodan - Biovolcanic Combustion Mothra - Beta Ray-Induced Bioluminescence Ghidorah - Extreme Bioelectricity Kong - Sheer Strength These are my thoughts on how more kaiju (mostly Toho with a few exceptions) could be adapted to fit the "Monsterverse," some more far-fetched than others. Anguirus - Extreme Sonic Resonance Biollante - Acid-Facilitated Hypermetabolism Manda - Full-Body Waterjet Propulsion Megaguirus - Radiosynthetic Electromagnetism; close relative of the MUTO species Ebirah - Extreme Biorefrigeration Zilla - Pulmonary Combustion Hedorah - Biomaterial Assimilation Orga - Adaptive Mutation Gigan - Hyperspatial Cybernetics Gamera - Bionuclear Fusion Any other ideas?
  9. That's another theory, and it does seem a bit more likely. Considering the fact that Kumonga and Baragon were very vague kaiju that only ever had one or two appearances throughout the franchise, I get the feeling that Legendary is shoehorning them into the movie as expendable opponents for Rodan and Mothra just for some initial action. As much as I'd love the mountain kaiju to be Anguirus, it just doesn't seem likely. Legendary would've created more hype for such a popular Toho monster. Also, considering the fact that Anguirus is a giant armadillo-like creature, it would be more fitting to see him burst out from some Central or South American mesa.
  10. Calling it now: Mothra's gonna be brutally vaporized like in literally every movie she's ever been in, but will have laid eggs.
  11. The first movie revived part of my childhood, so naturally, I'm thrilled about this one building on it. First of all, a lot of people are talking about the two unrevealed monsters that are briefly shown emerging from the ground. Starting with the one emerging near the oil pumps, I've heard talk that this could be Kumonga or Ebirah. Kumonga would be odd to include since it was one of the more obscure Toho monsters in the Godzilla universe, and Ebirah would need to be upside-down for this scene to make sense. Obviously, it could also be an original monster like the MUTOs. The other monster emerging from the mountains is a little bit more exciting. People are saying that this could be Anguirus, one of the best-known monsters from Toho's franchise. Again, this isn't confirmed, and it's still possible that it's another Legendary newcomer. There's a very vague scene showing what people have described as some kind of "lava monster." It's possible that this is Rodan on the ground since he's been reimagined as a "biovolcanic" being, but it seems oddly shaped for this to be the case. There's another theory that it's Legendary's take on "Burning Godzilla" (basically Godzilla gone nuclear super-Saiyan). This would make sense due to the buildings literally melting around it. I imagine Godzilla comes close to death fighting Ghidorah and toggles his pro-hax. Finally, there's the fireball falling through the clouds. The yellow lightning in the clouds would imply that it's probably Ghidorah, but this seems odd. Why was he all the way up there to begin with? Although one version of Toho's Ghidorah came from space, it's already been established that Legendary's Ghidorah was trapped in ice on Earth. It could just be that Ghidorah flew super high and is about to do some kind of killing move, but it still seems odd that he would basically be reentering the atmosphere. It could also be Mothra or Rodan diving towards Ghidorah, but the object seems more round and obviously a bit too fiery for this to be the case. There is still one Toho candidate that was properly extraterrestrial and could be making this entrance: Gigan. Aside from all the theorizing, this is looking great. Legendary's take on this is a perfect mix of originality and staying true to Toho's designs.
  12. It seems like an instant hyperspace jump (again, assuming that the 4th spatial dimension is bound by one dimension of time) wouldn't butcher causality. But, of course, I don't fully understand this stuff... The extent of my knowledge is coming from Rudy Rucker's The Fourth Dimension and various obscure sources. Yes, they are variations of the same principle, yet distinct enough to separate. A hyperspace jump is an instant jump through 4D space via two parts of our 3D space "overlapping" through it, warp drive is bending 3D space via 4D space, and an "intertwined universe" is an entirely separate 3D space from our own, accessed via 4D space. A black hole is obviously a point of immense mass theoretically creating a wormhole, but a wormhole wouldn't necessarily be the result of a black hole. Tachyons are supposedly already travelling faster than light while brute force thrust uses normal matter and energy, so one method is "grabbing on" while the other is "pushing."