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  1. Pretty self-explanatory title for my fellow kaiju fanatics. Having recently binge-watched a lot of older monster movies, I figured I'd brainstorm and open it up for discussion, because why not? I'll start with my big three: Rhedosaurus The very first of the giant city-smashing reptiles. The fictional dinosaur Rhedosaurus, more commonly referred to as "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" (hence the title of the movie it's in), debuted in 1953, serving as a direct inspiration for Japan's own Godzilla a little over a year later. Although originally intended to have his own "atomic breath" from the nuke test that revived him, this concept was ultimately scrapped, and the beast was simply made a large prehistoric survivor relying on his powerful biting and stomping. Simple, yet original. The film is great, and the monster is a must-have in the ever-growing cinematic universe of iconic monsters. Behemoth Now, we already have a "Titanus Behemoth" in the Monsterverse, so there would need to be a name-change in order to shoehorn in "Britain's Godzilla." I suspect, however, that this has already been done in the form of "Titanus Leviathan," who just so happens to be the Loch Ness Monster (and the name is more fitting for the original monster since, biblically speaking, Behemoth refers to a land creature and Leviathan to a sea creature). Behemoth was a severely irradiated paleosaurus capable of channeling the energy from his decaying body in blinding and lethal pulses of extreme radiation. The film was surprisingly graphic for its time, not afraid to show people (even children) dying from horrible radiation burns and poisoning, something that most kaiju films understandably shy away from for the sake of their audiences. It made the monster over-the-top murderous and disturbing. Varan A standalone kaiju from Toho's other iconic franchises, Varan was similar to the Rhedosaurus in the sense that he was a prehistoric survivor, not necessarily "mutated" in any way; simply a bog-standard dinosaur, with the exception of patagium that allowed him to glide great distances. The film, Varan the Unbelievable, is a surprisingly obscure and underrated film. As a Monsterverse Titan, Varan could be a cousin species to the Rhedosaurus given their pretty obvious similarities. Those are my top picks. Who wants to join in the brainstorm?
  2. I've never heard of Cylinderpunk or Discpunk. What do those involve? ---------- I came up with my own as well: "Slumpunk." Think of Hoovervilles, favelas, and other slums in various time periods being taken to extremes. I think a good example of this (at least aesthetically) would be the movie Elysium where the world was so horribly overpopulated that ramshackle homes and cruddy old wind turbines were slapped onto the sides of decaying skyscrapers.
  3. Ehhhh, not really the case with the old Mk3 parts becoming Mk2.5 parts. They'd need the listed revamps to look right with other parts, and they'd have their own middle-ground role. Also, with KSC2 getting revamped and becoming a usable facility, it's new content in and of itself. Not saying it absolutely has to be paid DLC, but the reasoning for it is there.
  4. It's also pretty strange how everything is categorized. Some is retrofuturism, some is hyperindustrialism, some is surrealism, some is... culture-futurism? Or maybe... hyper-culturalism? Heck, what's a good word for it? It's difficult to weed out the stuff that I didn't think fit in the chronology, like mythpunk and the like since it's rooted in fantasy instead of some kind of alternate history. A lot of the "punk" genres are also focused mainly on music, not necessarily related to punk rock.
  5. I think the Black Panther movie can be considered extremely afropunk. The aesthetics were so unique, I just had to include it in the list. Silkpunk is a similar case of combining cultural aspects with things like steampunk. It's based on a mix of east Asian cultures, mostly Chinese and Mongolian. You get everything from dragon-themed airships to terracotta robots.
  6. A while ago, I had the idea of splicing all of the significant "punk" genres (steampunk, dieselpunk, etc.) in chronological order by tech and societal advancement. It became an interesting and complicated endeavor, especially since many of the genres are the same thing under a different name or a subgenre that focuses on aesthetics and/or culture instead of tech. Main genres are in bold and relate to tech, subgenres are directly under their main "starting point" genres in italics and can relate to tech, aesthetics, or culture and carry over into later genres. Starting off: Stonepunk Islandpunk Desertpunk Cavepunk Nomadpunk Bronzepunk Ironpunk Candlepunk Silkpunk Afropunk Clockpunk Rococopunk Steampunk Airpunk Oceanpunk Cattlepunk Salvagepunk Now, from here, things get especially interesting. I envisioned a branching development path after Steampunk. The first path is characterized by existing and near-future tech, like so: Dieselpunk Decopunk Atompunk Transistorpunk Formicapunk Steelpunk Cyberpunk Biopunk Nanopunk The second path is characterized primarily by pseudoscience and surreality, like so: Teslapunk Swordpunk Raypunk It's perfectly possible for the two paths to overlap at certain points, but the idea of dividing chronologies between hyper-industrialism and pseudoscience seemed fascinating to me. So what do you guys think? What'd I leave out and where do you think it would slot in?
  7. I'm of the mindset of keeping the game stock unless it's guaranteed that the game won't be receiving any more official updates, primarily because updates have a tendency to break mods and I have to also keep updating the mods themselves, which aren't guaranteed to receive continued updates themselves. This is especially the case with my nine-year-long begging spree for airship parts.
  8. I'm a sucker for nostalgia, and as such, it would be one of my many dreams to see KSP updated with many of its "ancestral" features revamped to current-day standards. So, without further ado, I present my own concept of an update and/or DLC for KSP. Legacy Launches Inland KSC (also called KSC2 or Baikurbanur) would be updated with the old SPH and runway and made into a usable facility. All buildings would be given a graphics overhaul to keep them as pleasing to the eye and EVA-accessible as the standard KSC buildings, but would still keep the old cartoony designs that we all know and love. If the player desires it, the old VAB and SPH interiors at Inland KSC could be used while building (once again with graphics enhancements). All old part models and textures would be reintroduced as part variants labeled "Legacy" (or, in the case of parts that have gone through more than one design change, Legacy A, Legacy B, etc.), again with updated textures and sizes to match the quality of current examples while still staying true to their origins. Most Legacy part variants would be simple color schemes, but some notable examples of actual part shape changes would be engines, the older swept wing models, C7's original large wings from his mod, the original Mk1 command pod, etc. The old Mk3 fuselage parts would be the "most overhauled" and most practical of the bunch, making a comeback as "Mk2.5" parts. Being made flush with the current Mk2 and Mk3 parts, they would act as the middle ground between the two sizes and would receive their own versions of cargo bays, passenger compartments, and other current-version necessities. Some of the more popular ship designs from years past would make a comeback as lookalike (or just functionally similar) stock ship examples, such as TheWinterOwl's GRUNT-45 heavy-lifting seaplane and its OXCART-4 Munar spaceplane.
  9. Airship parts. It's been almost nine years and KSP still doesn't have my most-requested feature...
  10. Another little thing that's been bugging me. It would be nice to choose what fuels and other resources automatically transfer between parts of a vessel, including monopropellant. I'd like to have a way to separate monopropellant sources, intake air flow, and other things like that while also letting things like LF flow freely between sections.
  11. I prefer to avoid modding while a game is still being updated. If and when it ever stops being developed, that's when I start modding the snot out of it.
  12. Something that's been driving me a bit crazy as of late. My shuttle-style craft are in need of something between the Pollux and Clydesdale boosters, especially since they use the 3.75m-diameter parts for the external tank. The Pollux is the correct diameter and power, but has no thrust vectoring. The Clydesdale has that thrust vectoring, but is too large and very overpowered. What I propose is the addition of a downsized Clydesdale; 1.875m in diameter with slightly better thrust than the Pollux and the addition of thrust vectoring. There could be some very minor aesthetic differences to help set it apart, but for all intents and purposes, it's just a smaller Clydesdale.
  13. Legacy Update - Inland KSC (KSC2) updated with old SPH and runway and made into a usable facility, all buildings given a slight graphics overhaul to keep them as pleasing to the eye and EVA-accessible as the standard KSC buildings. - Old VAB and SPH interiors at Inland KSC could be used while building, surrounding the player with happy memories. - All old part models reintroduced as parts and part variants, again with updated textures to match the quality of others. "Beneath the Waves" Update - New launch area offshore near KSC for water-launched rockets, ships, or seaplanes, the area marked with buoys and a nearby rig to facilitate refueling and EVA shenanigans. - New 10m-diameter parts, including fuel tanks, fairings, structural pieces, and "big dumb booster" engines that have no setting between "off" and "full throttle." Let the Sea Dragon fly. - Water tanks for proper submarines. - Pontoons for proper boats and seaplanes. - Ground effect simulation; lift and perpendicular thrust values are increased near surfaces, letting ekranoplans and hovercrafts function properly. - New underwater features for science and exploration. "Lighter than Air" Update - Airship components added, enabling the construction of mobile launch platforms, easy-to-fly research vessels, and floating Jool colonies. - Parts that collect certain gases from atmospheres to convert into fuel and/or oxidizer added. Conversion and collection rates vary with atmosphere type and thickness. "Thrown at the Horizon" Update - More experimental and/or abandoned methods of propulsion added, including ramjets, pulsejets, LACEs, rotating detonation engines, linear aerospikes, etc.
  14. Something I've wanted to see in KSP for a very long time and really hope it's included in KSP2. We've never been able to build proper hovercrafts and ekranoplans that behave realistically. Ground effect wouldn't have to be as detailed as something like FAR. It could be as simple as an increase in lift and perpendicular thrust values near a surface. It would also be hilariously "Kerbal" to somehow build a rocket that doesn't have enough thrust to ascend, but just enough to float awkwardly across the surface.
  15. Time dilation. The closer you get to a black hole, the more everything but your vessel time warps. Alternatively, if your focus is on a separate craft from the one inside of the black hole's influence, you see the other craft move slower relative to distance. Probably a nightmare to program...
  16. It would be interesting if parts had an option for ablative coatings. They could add mass depending on how much used (like the current settings on dedicated heat shields). They would wear away as they're used in intense aerobraking, reentry, or just supersonic flight. In real life, ablative paint coatings were added to the X-15 when it became clear that the fuselage needed shielding of some kind.
  17. No, not quite the same as actuation toggles or gimbal limiters. These would allow players to specifically tune the gimbal limit in certain directions. In my case, I'm messing around with asymmetrical shuttle-style designs. The Vectors are the obvious choice of propulsion considering the fact that they were added specifically for shuttle replicas, but they have a real problem overcompensating for roll, causing a vessel to wobble a lot if not being kept stable manually. Disabling roll actuation solved the wobbling issue, but left the vessels with little to no roll control. Reducing the gimbal limit also toned it down enough, but also reduced the pitch and yaw control by too much. I propose the addition of actuation limiters instead of or in addition to actuation toggles. This way, the issues of not having enough gimbal range and having too much roll compensation are both dealt with, provided the player is willing to get into the nitty-gritty details of their designs (which I am thanks to my over-the-top OCD). It could also be applied to control surfaces.
  18. Ever since I joined the KSP community eight years ago, I've been begging for airship parts. There's been a mod or two, but never anything stock. So, eight years and a sequel later, will we finally be getting airships? Think about the potential: Mobile high-altitude launch platforms or carriers Floating bases and colonies, especially amazing on Jool or another gas giant Slow but fuel-efficient and easy-to-control exploration and rescue
  19. More like new buildings or constructible facilities at colonies. If they include launching mechanisms as parts, they should stick with smaller things like carrier catapults.
  20. Not sure. I'm wondering if the higher-tier types could be modular. You might be able to combine cannon types this way, maybe starting with a blast wave accelerator that continues into a ram accelerator or mass driver. Modular rocket sleds could be a thing too, but it's not a space "gun," per se.
  21. I added two more space gun tiers. They're a bit more vague than the others, but still fantastic concepts.
  22. The main thing is just fun and in-game science variety.
  23. I would've thought that using a cannon to yeet things into space would be the most Kerbal thing ever. Also, even a mass driver could only put you on a suborbital trajectory (assuming you weren't going straight to escape velocity), but it would still be dang powerful.
  24. As long as there's an astronomy-related science aspect to these kinds of things, I think it's fully justified. There's also the fact that these would be stationary facilities as opposed to actual weapon parts, so that's an extra layer towards preventing these from being used as tools of Kerbal war. At most, players might be able to construct facilities like this on other planets with the new base building mechanics, but it's still not exactly a mobile war machine. Heck, there was even an experiment conducted on Earth's magnetic field with nuclear detonations. It was called Operation Argus. There's an astronomy-oriented reason to add nuclear warheads to the game.
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