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  1. yeah the sensitivity is well high on default for KSP i use a 3DConnexion space pilot myself i will see about uploading a video to youtube and posting it here for you next week sometime it doesnt end in the VAB and in flight you can navigate around the the space center menu when you can select the buildings etc it doesnt let u get low enough to fly thru the bridges in the menu tho haha but i think its more todo with the hit boxes as u get stopped by the buildings and its brilliant in the map screen also free look around the map yeah making sure you dont hit the scroll wheel as it resets ... id like that to be kept tho as it does help you get back to normal view if u get too lost haha KSP should come with a banner saying works best with a 3D mouse tho XD and i didnt think on the RCS going to have to give that a try thanks for that tip the great thing for in flight is on large ships been able to move to the small science things like thermometers etc and right click them with ease as u can look from any angle ... as it does get hard normally when all your mass is way on the other end of the ship and your sat trying to get a good view on the tiny hitbox from a far as the focus is on center of mass normally really tho id love for them to be a seperate window that is solid with lines to the part so u can click them with ease as the current system is really annoying anyways specially if your ship is flipping about
  2. so i design 3D parts for machining and 3D printing so i spend a great deal of time in solid works etc i have a 3D mouse to help me with this well i normally clear my desk get my flight sticks out etc to play KSP when i should have been leaving the 3D mouse plugged in the SPH VAB for eg are stuck on rails when using the normal mouse making it annoying to move the camera to place landing gears and fuel lines between fuel tanks etc well the 3D mouse lets me look anywhere from any angle for eg in the VAB u can move the camera location to the front door and look out if u wanted to when in flight you can move the camera off the mouse driven center of mass focus and look from any angle too say an engine at the bottom of the craft and then look completely away from the craft no your not even limited to the 60* or what ever the actual limit is when looking holding the center mouse button to pan your look your not even limited to being up right u can flip the camera right over and look at the ship upside down if u wanted to hate when i have to stumble across things by accident like this but there you go thought id do a little post about it
  3. can the F9 hold setting be changed to you press F9 and a pop up box and a little message saying hey this will push u back by 3yrs 18 days and the persistent save will auto update to that once u press yes to the bottom question would u still like to revert ? i lifted my keyboard up to sort the legs and went that far back in my game it went back to the beginning all progress was lost big hugs
  4. ohh my gosh ohh my gosh ... x64 bit whooop ... never again will i have an out of memory problem runs around the room and jumps up and down whoop whoop this update will be a real game changer money!!! ... we have a budget whoop it is now a game ... i think this is the single biggest update you guys have made ... well done squad cant wait to play kerbal space program (the game!!)
  5. they should have advertised that they would host mods for the modders and the modders would have came to them its always good to have alt hosting places... but... going behind the modders back no matter how good they thought there intentions were its still wrong ... i think the moderators of the site that cant be named should ask all the people they have mods for if that can host them it may take some time but ... honour and respect should be upheld id love to use the unsaid website but im choosing not to out of respect to the modders who have given me so much entertainment over the past year
  6. maybe choosing where your space center is placed on the planet might be even better rather than just choosing out of the 2 perhaps u get to drag and drop your center anywhere on kerbin ... im sure it wouldnt be too hard for the devs to make u able have this feature with it all being 1 instance now
  7. replays replays!!! and better engine effects using them lovely shaders even have them rap around close objects like the launch pad and parts as if they were reentering the atmosphere at high speed smoke surface collisions whoop? and maybe a few more places to visit ? discover places with telescopes and gravity detectors before they show on the map and science must be 100% for each object to track them perfectly as we do now if not make it a ghostly dohnut for the orbit and a yellow blob estimating where its at the more science you have on it the more accurate
  8. u havent played the game for 100s or even 1000s of hours thats like me saying i played freelancer for 1000 hours yet i didnt play freelancer i played a starwars conversion mod for 1000 hours that used the engine of freelancer as a backing even the basic mechanics were changed like what i do now the only thing i have that is remotely ksp atm is the kerbals are there and some of the stock parts i rarely use the rest is mods that give realish aerodynamics even my system has new planets and i can refuel ships on the way having a proper reason for bases and stations ..the tech tree is also modded to bits im not playing ksp like 90% of the other people that paid for this game"ish" im playing the mods using the scaffolding the squad team and put in saying resources are not fun but u play kethane is like saying u dont believe in god but still wish to tell him how much u love your partner by getting married in a church resources are great they add a complexity to the game that i think is needed the devs made it all last year drills processors etc and decided it was to complicated for people ... but to be fair it would give them dam pointless asteroids in last patch a use other than oo look a rock and u cant even make rings around the planet because they are not visible after a certain distance ohh wait theres a mod i use for that too but its has a 700KM range wouldnt it be good if that was stock you dont have to refuel on other worlds just like u dont when ur using kethane but giving those of us who like to feel like we are expanding and making something other than oo iv put a asteroid on all the planets got all the science now what ... id like to build something that i can say now thats cool ... not it looks cool that what it does is cool i hate the argument of well i cant see how we can have fun with it so we wont add it ... because im sure there are many people who can find fun in it im def 1 would be cool if lighter metals etc xenon etc are rare on kerbin but if u get your own from another planet it saves u cash etc
  9. the best way to do it is to drop your PA as low as possible around where u want to land then try and kill all your horizontal velocity around the PA that way u dont have to kill as much of the gravity velocity for eg i try to burn only 3 times from kerbin to the mun to get max benefit so burn from 70km around kerbin trying to get your orbit to come in from behind the muns so it will boost your craft towards it meaning you will 1 get a boost of speed as it pulls u closer to its orbit and 2 u will be slower as u hit PA on the mun and in that 1 burn from kerbin try and get the mun PA as low as u can eg if ur coming into the big crater about 4km and the second burn would be at PA kill all horizontal speed and u will find u will be really low with very little vertical velocity ... the last burn would be a suicide burn if u dare but id say u would be falling fairly slow once u need to do that take note of how high the land is from sea level and any hills u will be coming over on your way in ... iv had some outrageous scrapes on the side of craters etc on the way down the lower u can come in the more dV u will save overall have fun them more u practice the easier it gets and showing off to you friends is the fun part
  10. i place 1 random route part and build the whole base in the VAB normally in the SPH tho when its a surface base then put each section in the sub assembly and launch each section 1 by 1 into orbit and take them all to the destination using a tug that way u know everything matches up perfectly then the hard part is landing them close enough without to crashing into them ... math is a pain to exact sometimes lol
  11. yeah i often have 300+ parts with docking ports an all that jizz tehe and its not that bad unless i physics time warp to X3+ make sure u dont mess with the time step slider in the options .. my friend had some weird issues that sounded similar to this hes the turn everything to max person with out reading what it does check your options make sure its not set silly by accident
  12. why would a part creation be hard to implement ... there are already a few mods that do exactly that i suggested this ages ago with engines and the devs said it couldnt be done 3 months later someone made a mod that done exactly what they said couldnt be done that done it with wings and soon after engines and fuel tanks as i suggested then it would be great if you had 1 engine part and adjusted its bell to change its attributes eg size length diameter of bottom fuel type and max fuel flow and how many bells it has and the ability to save an engine setup that way only a txt document is saved for a part and the game just creates it all when it needs to display it some of this has already been done in basic form with mods im sure it wouldnt be to hard for the devs to do and the memory saving it would do is crazy as that means only 1 part that is procedural that the game makes on the fly as it loads the craft in using the parameters you set for it rather than 10 dif engine models cloging up the limited ram ksp has at its disposal atm for windows users not to mention then your creations would def be unique as it would be hard to copy with just eyeballing a ship design ... would def be something to add to the nasa i mean if they going that route why not be full nasa like u even make your own motors i think the hardest part of implementing something like this is the tutorials and all those people saying oooh noo i have to use my brain and learn something im not use to .. what ever will i do ... guess i will complain and say it will be hard for me to learn this like we get on all the aerodynamic suggestion posts
  13. considering the original xbox could do this and that was 2000 hardware im sure no 1 with a computer that can run xp will have a problem with this little visual enhancement
  14. yeah its nice and easy to make a paper air plain fly in far just like in real life... why not try a replicate a real air craft in far far isnt perfect but its a 1000x better than the current model and i find things that work in rl work similar in far the devs should think about doing a new drag model before adding any more parts otherwise they most likely going to be doubling the work load having to re write all the parts to work with the new model when they finally go with it if they ever do its weird most devs would be getting all the background basic under the hud things like a GUi and physics inc drag first before thinking about making a game out of it they wasting time on tutorials that will not work when they finally do get round to what they should have done first they rushing a game along because of steam they havent even got a good GUI yet for most things .. yet they plowing on with a mission game that has brought parts out that i will never use as they are pointless like the lab iv deleted it out of my folder because i see no point in it ... this is the sort of crap they said they would never do rush it out steam is the cause i wasnt bothered to much with what people were saying at first but it turns out they were right steam was a bad idea all them things they worked on and showed off last year in kerbalsp the old twitch for all you new people ...including that cyan gas giant and mining equipment and dif fuels hmm out with a puff of smoke it seems can we have a dev team that will stick to a plan and work in a proper order eg base engine stuff like the drag model down first then make a game around it farram shouldn't be needing to update the FAR mod for version 24 i think ... i dont think iv played with the stock model since he released FAR like many many others that play KSP and for all those people crying but i wont ever get use to it .... well i give my friend jamie a go with the stock game 3 months ago he hated that his planes acted so stupid and said the game was crap ... i told him to wait and dragged the FAR mod in and started it back up ... he loved that he could mess with all the settings and once he had a few crashes and realized where he was going wrong in his plane design he loved the game as the planes pulled Gs and turned correctly etc if that isnt a gd msg to squad about who they are aiming the game at i donno what is ... yeah some people like when things act how you expect them too makes a game feel much more immersive and enjoyable rant over far isnt perfect but id take it over the current stock any day