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  1. I'm kinda confused still on how to use this. I had hoped this would let me target something near the KSC and then give me guidance on where to burn for deorbit but I'm guessing that's more then it can do. EDIT: I'm on the x64 version.
  2. Will this mod or do you plan to make this mod work with NEAR?
  3. How do I install this now? I dragged and dropped everything into the KSP folder like normal and I got an error message when I started the game.
  4. Where do you put the sub assembly files in KSP?
  5. Where in my ksp folder do I put the subassemblies folder? I'd make a new thread to ask this but since you provided a folder of them I feel it's safe to ask.
  6. I'm having some issues folloing the directions. I end up staging at 14,000 instead of 28. I never make it that far before I end up ditching all the assent stage parts, but I'm following your directions to the letter. I lose the engine cluster at 14, turn to zero, and instantly start losing altitude. Does it three times and the only way to get into orbit is to use the poodle engine and use up all my fuel. At that point I can't make the journey to duna anymore due to lack of fuel.
  7. Not sure if mentioned before but the airplane HUD mode on the display is very difficult to use. The angle lines(?) pan up when you nose down and vice versa. I think the numbers that are inverted should be on the opposite side since my eyes tend to view them on the left. Also being able to see the point of travel on it as well like on a real HUD would be awesome. Something like the prograde vector on the navball.
  8. You can't post a thread just talking about how awesome you design is and what you used.