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  1. It's not dropbox but mediafire, my mistake, it's because the latter is far less used here
  2. Dunno why but I couldn't download it, mediafire tell me that the file is not available because of violation, no idea of what it mean
  3. I re-balanced it a bit by removing a bit of fuel here and there, as well as adding action group to toggle on and of the front engines as I need them Using a classic ssto flight trajectory didn't worked so I flew it like a rocket passed 5000 m Even with a joystick it's really hard to fly, at high speed the slightest movement make it disintegrate instantly, this is why it was really fun to do
  4. Maybe you should add a "over-g" alarm to it, it could be fun and help preventing blackout a bit
  5. It look nice (I'm watching you on Da to follow your progress btw) but why did you made an hexagonal base ? and I could help you for modelling and cfg as well as importing in unity, just send a note on da
  6. For me going from 1.03 to 1.04 broke all my modded control surfaces, even if the mods are updated steam install on windows 7
  7. -11 (+) We have to go back in positive
  8. Could you make it accessible through RPM ? (unless such a mod had already been made)
  9. I know how to convert all the parts in ksp into 3d models (blender) and do texture, simple unity import (.mu convertion) and of course 3d modeling, if you want help pm me Also I will only be able to start working from the 19th of June due to exams
  10. You should add a button to disable it in flight and in IVA
  11. Made a few try and made it to space but no orbit yet link to the album - - - Updated - - - Made it :-D (updated the album)
  12. Ok I've fixed that now - - - Updated - - - It might be also easier to place thanks for the advice
  13. That's the plan but for the screenshot I used a bi coupler and translated it frontward - - - Updated - - - Stock textures converted in png the rest is up to the uv map(made it myself thought)
  14. You drop the file you've downloaded in the gamedata file ( I might organise the files a bit better thought )