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  1. This is what I had in mind. Of course it's kind of tight with the angles to actually do this (25+60 <= 90) but even placing them slightly down the sides of the would be neat. Or just add another 5 degrees too.
  2. from what I'm seeing, can we only get the gear to bend in a positive direction at the top and negative at the bottom and vice versa? I wanted some side deploying landing gear, but it's looking like that isn't possible as flip inverts both of these axes.
  3. Just asked PorkJet about it on IRC, he's alright with the details being posted. The method you need for setting up the shader is as follows: Select the Material in Unity Material type is KSP\Bumped Specular (though if you don't have a bump map i suppose KSP\Specular is fine) Change the "Specular Color" to 196 196 196. at the top right of the screen is a small padlock, press the button to the right of that, then select the debug option. Now under Floats>Element 0> the name should be "Shininess", set the number below that to 0.4406686 remember now to press that button next to the padlock again and set it to normal, else you won't be able to export your part. And that's it! The "main colour" and "Rim fall off" apparently should be left alone and at the Unity default value.
  4. Try the cockpit texture. That's the wrong one. Although the cockpit may fail too since it includes an illumination texture, which this doesn't. Btw love the MK2 to 1.25m + x2 0.625m adapter. That's pretty much what I was planning to make when I started doing this, then changed my mind and made the nosecone. I've sent you a PM on the shader.
  5. For people having unzipping problems I'll need to know the program you're using and the platform. I've just had a friend of mine who is a mac user use both WinZIP and iZip on the file and had no problems at all. (He recommends WinZIP as the better program though)
  6. Sharing the source is a forum rule for posting your mods here. If it wasn't I wouldn't have posted my source at all, to be honest.
  7. If you're running a mac, then you need a third party unzipping program like Stuffit. The built in one on macs has had problems with my mods before, and I think it's because I use winRAR, but I'm not planning to change it since you'll run into this problem again for something else if thats the case.
  8. Porkjet took an interest, and thanks to his help this mod now has the correct specular values and light reflecting will appear correctly compared to other spaceplaneplus parts. The new version 0.2 has this change. It's also had a minor change that makes the flag decal invisible in the parts catalogue (as it'd just show as a blank flag anyway) You don't need to update, it's just cosmetic. Also, I realised I wrote SSP instead of SPP in the title. Oh well, can't change it now on KerbalStuff lol.
  9. For Subscribers in here I thought i'd drop a link to another mod just released today: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/98854-0-25-TT-s-SSP-MK2-Nose Pretty basic, just one part. But figured it was more or less essential if you make MK2 spaceplanes!
  10. Very simple quick mod I made messing around today. Apparently some people have wanted something like this, so here it is. A MK2 pointed nosecone. EDIT : Now with corrected shader set up provided by PorkJet! Click the picture above or the link below to get it! https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/308/TT%20SSP%20MK2%20Nose I've put some fuel in there equivalent to the MK2 short fuselage, it's got a higher drymass, but the drag figures for the cockpit its based on are lower than most parts anyway. Any thoughts let me know. Either way, enjoy it. Thanks to PorkJet for the shader settings, Taniwha for help with the mu importer/exporter and Krupski for making the MBM to PNG converter.
  11. I spoke to Taniwha and found the problem. The issue was that Blender 2.63 is not compatible and at least Blender 2.7 (Taniwha uses 2.72) is needed to run the .mu converter. The link might be handy for someone not using the conveter, so thanks for the input!
  12. Was just wondering, as I've been having a go with the .mu reader (and having no luck, it's just spitting out errors), has anyone managed to get a model for the new MK2 fuselage standard? It'd be nice to be able to make parts for it. It should technically be possible to rip any part from the game if the mesh vertices and faces are pulled via plugin to the debug log, then reconstructed into a OBJ file, but that's a really awkward way to do it that I'd rather if it's entirely avoidable.
  13. CC is an information tool. Just because someone can block it if they choose it doesn't mean it's dead. I'd still find it useful even if someone else can block it. It's as much a user information tool as a developer one. But it looks like I'm not going to convince the two of you currently posting at this time of that. I just hope if someone does decide it's really necessary to replace CC (and I really hope they do not as it is fine as it is now with or without this blocker) that they do not do something stupid like bricking the game to stop attempts to load out of date plugins or tools the developer sees as "intrusive".
  14. Only if, a significant quantity of users are actually using this. You think it's infallible right now? Even if it pops up do you think every last user who sees it thinks "TIME TO UPDATE" or that that specific mod is (and it may indeed not be) the cause of their problems? Heck, there's even been some threads where users have outright refused to post logs or even screenshots of their debug window but still demand answers to why things don't work. CC is a nice idea, do not get me wrong. But you're all acting like it's some magic bullet to user stupidity, and it's not. Compatibility Pop-up blocker changes nothing in that regard. Unless you think everyone has downloaded this and installed it to hide those nasty popups, to which I should ask again - did you install it? Has it rendered CC utterly useless to you now?
  15. There is really no reason why the drama here should exist. CC is an independent creation to Compatability Popup blocker. If a modder wants to create popups to warn the user and really absolutely must do that then they'd use CC unless they're absolutely and immaturely horrified a way exists to block it. (which would be really sad if so). Also again I still don't agree with your take on "but replaces aerodynamics!" so? There's been a lot of mods that replace or modify or surpass current game mechanics. I'm certainly not calling modders using CC retarded as you seem to be implying. But I am if they need to absolutely find a way to circumvent this tiny insignificant plugin designed for only one specific purpose. They could better spend their time on ignoring posters who haven't updated and complained (those posters will get backlash from users anyway who'll answer why it's broken) and just working on their mods instead of this stupid counter-counter attitude that's resulted. "no point in CC while this exists" is just ridiculous. Unless you think a huge number of people are downloading this to the point CC is circumvented on a huge scale. To which point I wonder, did you download this too?
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