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  1. "Welp, didn't need that part anyways..." and "*Explosion* Umm, might've needed that part..."
  2. Maaan, all this talk and such and I'm reading it and really wanting to get in on it; if only i could Nah just kidding, even if I wasn't able to test the latest dev versions, glad to still see this up and running for however-long it has been since it came out (long tracks I see you )
  3. Hey, is there a changelog for the newest version of Hyperedit? If so, can I see it? I want to know what's new since things have definitely changed.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^ If you run KSP 32-bit, you will have most likely run out of RAM (or memory). You will have to say goodbye to some of the mods you use or use a mod called 'Active Texture Management' alongside your current mods. If you run KSP 64-bit, its an unstable version due to the game engine KSP is built on, and its going to crash a lot, especially with mods.
  5. If you would like to run the 64-bit version of KSP on Windows: (TL;DR GO TO WHERE YOU MOD THE GAME) Go into Steam, right-click on Kerbal Space Program in your games library, click on 'Properties', click on the 'Local Files' tab in the properties menu, and then click 'Browse Local Files'. When you do this, you will be at the main folder (if you mod the game this should be familiar). There is the KSP_64.exe or whatever it looks like (I don't have 64-bit OS atm), and you will need to manually use this executable by setting a shortcut to it or adding it via the Non-Steam Games thing at the bottom
  6. Coming from 0.90, It seems that #1 can be implemented into the contract system in career mode, #2 can somehow (I'll let the devs decide that) fit into the current kerbal experience system, and #3 is almost basically using SCANSat to find anomalies and going to them, but here you want to give some sort of random event/element to the anomaly when you get to them/within a certain distance of it. I personally like the idea of all of these, especially #3, because going to an anomaly to date is like being a tourist (except that one with Ike) going to visit some cool thing. It would definitely be mor
  7. I can confirm that in Win 7 32 bit 0.90 the mod still works...alongside other mods as well (at least for me )
  8. Granted, but you can only bend yourself, which inundates you with immense amounts of pain. I wish for a tank (like an army tank).
  9. I can't wait for those long tracks, and the project overall sounds like it's coming along quite well. I'll probably try to see if the mod will work with 0.90, fingers crossed
  10. Heheheh, i think that Spongium Carbonate's formula would come from a proton sponge (no idea what that is) and carbonate: C14H18N2(CO3^2-) , which i would assume would mean that the equivalent of a proton in the kerbal universe absorbs the energy of the kerbal hitting the ground, thus proving that Spongium Carbonate is actually a thing in a kerbal Now back to smashi--er, testing kerbals with fast-moving vehicles on a runway
  11. Oh ok, that definitely explains how the tracks actually work in KSP, as well as the tracks aren't just one wheel I mean i knew that, the tracks have individual wheels...duh But yeah, thanks for explaining!
  12. Just a quick question, with the poll showing what people want, what do you plan to add to either this patch or 1.8? I mean, they're probably going to be tracks, but if so, what would some of them look like? If you don't mind doing another not-bad sketch. But, seeing as you still need to do things, just checking in because I love this mod and depend on it for a lot of things EDIT: Also, how does the track collision mesh and such work if its considered a wheel by KSP means? Unless a plugin defines it, then nevermind
  13. I think that you definitely should continue this...it's really good and I enjoyed reading it!
  14. Yeah, it would be easier to just create a part or something that would either store or generate snacks, although I personally like this and would be fine with a snack storage of some kind; not making it too tedious.
  15. This looks really interesting, I see a lot of potential for this! I'm gonna try it out right now.
  16. "I survived!" said no kerbal ever.
  17. Sry for not responding, I had lost internet for whatever reason, if you still need me, please let me know.

  18. Yes, there is. It's the desert planet; you need to check Nova's development album here to keep up to date with all the planets.
  19. We don't even know what any of those are, until Nova lands there and shows us (if he ever will). It looks like the dark spots are mini-storms to me. That would be a little harder to get to the moons one by one like that, but that would be cool.
  20. Here you go: And also, if you want to help with the plugin project, here's a download link: Download
  21. Oh wow! That tank looks as if it were real! Sure thing! Let your imagination run free! I also have some other parts for my plugin project thing that needs a bit of texturing....mind to help?
  22. Thank you so much. I will hold this responsibility with care and my life...no matter what it takes. I am in your gratitude and will help all who need it.
  23. As for what you said, the update to 0.16 is going to take a while to update all the fuel tanks and engines, but it's just a matter of getting the perfect mix, even though that's what takes the longest, considering we have Specific Impulse (isp) in the engine cfgs now...
  24. Lol, would love to see your velocity and pics once you both do that, will be funny and nice to see. But, it has to be 0.16. Thats why I allowed cfg-edits and mods. I currently have mine going and it is using a solar sail part I made, it's going at about 210,000+ m/s right now. Gonna post a pic soon...
  25. Aren't we supposed to be trying to design interplanetary rockets too? Because I have one, but I'm too lazy to take a pic, so I'll do it tomorrow, and plus it's almost 2 in the morning, so see ya!
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