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  1. I agree, its the polish that makes a game really pop and stand out. And as KSP gets nearer to the end of its Beta phase, that is the time where things start getting polished.
  2. A option to do this would be nice. instead of forcing it on everyone, you could choose if you want random starters.
  3. no, EA have nothing to do with Humble Bundle. If it did, there would be EA logos all over the place and mentioned in the Terms of service a million times.
  4. "Currently there is a limitation in the game where recovering uncontrolled debris (with no probe core or pod) appears to return zero funds. However, if you check your funds counter the recovery funds should be awarded." So this means all these boosters and stages i attach parachutes too i do get money back from afterall, even if it doesn't show it on the mission end screen?
  5. I'd like there to be some experiments that you do on a space station, get bonus points for doing them while in orbit and that take quite awhile to complete.
  6. well they had 2? proper astronauts in that, for the others, do it kerbal style, put them in a space suit and strap 'em in!
  7. wow thats brilliant, very awesome indeed! would like the craft file for that!
  8. Since we are technically beta testers, its kinda the right thing to do to restart after each update. Otherwise we'll miss out on any early game bugs.. although it doesn't apply to KSP as much as a more linear game.
  9. Heres one i made quickly. The Mun to represent space, the bright blue for visibility, the little explosion graphic represents how missions normally end and Jebadiah represents the cuase of most mission ends lol
  10. umm, i'm sure they are the stock small solar panels, there is just 12 of them. I can fit 3 of them along one of the long girder parts, just as in that image.
  11. Very nice parts, I'm downloading them right now! Thanks to Roxette for putting it on dropbox while the main link is down.
  12. I think they are powerful as they are for gameplay reasons. Just as is the scale of the planets and such, for gameplay reasons.
  13. I made my signature back on 0.13 ? something around that time
  14. I attempted my first ever kerbal recovery and return from the Mun... i managed to get my rescue ship to the mun, AND landed safely, just 3km away from my stranded kerbal.. but didn't have enough fuel to return, didn't notice i didn't have enough fuel until i'd run out.. the orbit i was left in, well, i put it on x1000 speed and within a week or so, it crashed back onto the mun
  15. I have drawn out my space station plans before, but i don't do it now, its always a lapse in concentration that sends my new part flying into the station, destroying most of it and at that point i rage quit and threw my drawn plans into the bin lol
  16. I'm only counting my career mode landings, Only the Mun so far
  17. Its clearly a fungus found between the toes of jeb kerman!
  18. A sucessful, first time landing on the mun, without using mechjeb didn't return though will build a rescue ship soon.
  19. My definition of a base is any structures that do not have wheels, legs or engines therefore doesn't move. Doesn't mean mobile bases arn't possible for me, just means i'd need to build some sort of vehicle to move the base piece by piece to wherever. Wether the base is a single, large building or many smaller ones close together doesn't matter. kerbals have spacesuits on
  20. The good thing about a game like KSP is that, its not a super easy game, you need to put time and effort and lots and lots of trail and error into it. This i think, deters the "CoD generation" from playing it, and joining the community. (not that all CoD players are impatient whiney brats mind you) It takes a certain level of maturity to enjoy a game like KSP, and that is reflected apon the community too.
  21. Can someone post their designs for a kethane miner, refueling space station and a transport ship. I'm trying to build a mining operation on Minmus where i'll have several mining rigs, where a transport ship will transfer kethane from the rigs, to a orbiting station where it'll be converted into fuel/oxi. I'm really not good at designing stuff, everything i've built so far has failed terribley. I'm using Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) instead of docking ports, even without having to line up docking ports, i'm still failing. So i would be very interested in seeing other peoples designs, especially if they fit into the 3 step process i'm trying to build, mine>transport>convert. Edit: ok, just found the kethane designs thread in spacecraft exchange, i was looking in genral discussion where the screenshots thread is xD
  22. I haven't had any crashes that were the fault of the game (my computer is a bit messed up ) Loading times are a bit poor though, freezes briefly during the loading screens, and while transferring between sphere of influences.
  23. I landed a scientific lander on the Mun. not special at all, but it was for me, first time without mechjeb, first time using a skycrane style landing method, first time using the smaller lander legs without snapping them off.
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