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  1. I use mech jeb when i first started to use it i took it for granted, as a result it made me terrible at the game. So i took the option to not use it but only for orbital info and craft details. and somtimes skipping orbital accents as i find that kinda monotonous. I am getting back to been good with the game and its so much more rewarding getting somewhere and halfway back....... And yes it dose look kinda haunting but beautiful at the same time
  2. I carnt wait to see how Jebs scrap yard will look like. (as mentioned in some of the rocket parts description) I imagine its got some sort of runway and something that looks like a airplane boneyard. Then at one end there is a rocket launch tower made up of wooden pallets scrap bits of metal and gaffer tape. With some sort of notice from the planning department cos jeb don't play by the rules and never got planning permission for the tower. I also hope he has an old 50s style trailer as a home. numerous smoldering creators around too
  3. ARRRRRRRRR its starting to lag like a dogs arse for me...
  4. dam hangovers I've missed inflating it started watching at 20'000 ft. We gonna do a game on when he jumps to the nearest hundred? I say 123'400ft wonder if the Aliens are watching this?
  5. WOW i never even considered on putting those MK2 on the side like that. This has inspired a load of designs i wanna try. Am trying to make a 100% plane that can get to a Planet that looks good and practical. My hats goes of to you sir
  6. Ahhh i was going on what i remember at school, when you are at that age when you take everything literally. The jet stream goes all around the globe. Anywho it seems it been rescheduled for Sunday. Hope this time there is not a truck load of lag this time
  7. So they cancel it cos its a bit drafty. Now thats where am confused.. what happens when that balloon hit s the Jet stream???
  8. the live steam is a cool its been a sweet sunrise
  9. Been looking forward for this for so long.
  10. Somtimes Kerrang radio when the presenter starts to annoy me i mostly put on some Tool, Iron maiden, Deftones, Faith no more, Pearl Jam. whatever really.
  11. Omega500


    kurtjmac (a youtuber) did a live steam of this far lands or bust thing over 3 days to raise money for childs play. In those 3 days he had some of the guys from KSP on, and they let it slip it will be on steam, they didn't say when or anything. But comon the game is still in alpha i doubt it will be in beta when its out on steam, am quite sure that it wont be on steam till at least 1.0. I also hope that when it does come out it will be on Steam workshop also. I dont mind which ever way I have it running on steam for the overlay so i can take screen shots.
  12. Dont use mech jeb for auto assent land orbital maneuvers ect. It will take a lot of the fun out the game. I use it for orbital info and other info as i find it easier then pressing M and back all the time.
  13. And he is nice to look at.
  14. Obv. you havent seen my Man cave then there beer bottles in there from my house warming party 7 yrs ago. I have a sign above the door saying No self respecting Girls aloud
  15. In the film Wall-E when he gose into orbit and you see all the junk, I was like its cartoon they exaggerating, Would seem they wasnt